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Wester – A Hopeless Romantic Lyrics 16 years ago
"I thought you were cupid, but I'm bleeding"

Gettin hurt by love is probably the worst pain anyone could go thru. this song descibes the feeling so amazingly.

"for it seems tonight, i was killed by love."

....this song is awesome

Wester – Poison My Soul Lyrics 16 years ago
i think its about loving someone so much that no matter what they put them thru, its worth it. meanwhile its killing the other person to admit its killing them to reveal their true feelings... its what i got out of it anyway- ... powerful..

Wester – Never Good Enough Lyrics 16 years ago

The All-American Rejects – Your Star Lyrics 16 years ago
, its that sort of song that strikes tears, amazing.

The All-American Rejects – The Last Song Lyrics 16 years ago
Funny how we need a 'corrected' version of a song that has the exact lyrics in the cd case...

American Football – The Summer Ends Lyrics 16 years ago
im at a loss of words...
its truely great to see people helping each other..
and its amazing how songs like this bring satisfaction to difficult times...

Days Away – Rasberry Perfume Lyrics 16 years ago
"im so sick of playing she loves me, she loves me not"... how true is that.. Its a truely relaxing song- i do agree, its simply beautiful.

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