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Emery – Walls Lyrics 14 years ago
once again I think this is a love song. he keeps revisiting a place that used to mean something to himself and a lover; he is locked up there and can't forget it. and he relives it all the time (the paintings on the wall). and she knows the way ("you've got the map") and he's waiting for her to remember while he drowns in depression and loneliness. but it's not to be... "wake from these dreams of you in my arms to the staircase where you hold my heart" he's dreaming in vain..... unable and unwilling to forget.

Emery – The Secret Lyrics 14 years ago
Here's my interpretation of the song, because I have been in a similar situation I think it fits: He is with a girl who he depends on utterly, but he has to take care of things in his life... meanwhile she thinks he doesn't love her, he fights this ("I told you I was too busy to see you, I would never keep a secret from you") but only half-heartedly, not enough to convince her, so she breaks up with him. He is resigned, tired, and too withdrawn to fight it, so he closes up inside and lets her go... and his new secret is that he doesn't want it to end at all, he loves her to death and needs her.

Ninety Pound Wuss – Premonition Lyrics 16 years ago
It seems to me that Jeff Suffering is reflecting on the lack of a spiritual basis in his relationship. "I forgot three makes a trinity. Three, a perfect union." The third person in any union would be God; with His blessing, the love of two will continue and flourish. Suffering stumbled... He fell for a girl that would betray him and break his heart, because she had no reason to stay (morals and commitment brought about by a relationship with God). Another beautiful hardcore emo song. I don't know if Suffering experienced this personally; however, it explains very well the necessity to find a mate who is moral and upright, and the ensuing sorrow of the one who fails to do so.

Ninety Pound Wuss – The Dawning Of This Night Divine Lyrics 16 years ago
This song breaks my heart everytime I hear it. "The cracks in your face" is make-up; the girl must have been superficial, and had no concept of commitment. He says it's his fault because he allowed himself to fall for such a girl. The screams and dark melodies in this song are so torturous and agonizing, and that is why this reminds me of the pain of being betrayed by your love, and of losing that love... This is hardcore emo at its best. I can't possibly imagine what torment Suffering endured that caused him to create such a painfully, emotionally violent, yet utterly beautiful, song, but it has helped me through my own seemingly endless, bleak emotional winters.

Ninety Pound Wuss – Unscarred Act Of Trust Lyrics 16 years ago
I love this song. Jeff here acknowledges that it is God's will that causes him to believe, that God is the author of faith and that God's grace guarantees eternal salvation. The second part about wisdom and knowledge... It's from Proverbs 1.

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