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Circa Survive – Close Your Eyes to See Lyrics 13 years ago
The line about "type in your code and say a prayer" made me think about the television show "Lost" and made me analyze the rest of the lyrics to see if this is secretly a song about Lost.

311 – Down Lyrics 13 years ago
This is seriously the worst shit ever

Cuz we're dope kid change like a chameleon and the
Channel whenever that wack show real world is on


Bad Astronaut – One Giant Disappointment Lyrics 14 years ago
It's very clear to me that this song is mostly about drummer Derrick Plourde, of Bad Astronaut and formerly of Lagwagon.

The "I saw more than hands with splinters from sticks, it made me sick" line gives me shivers every time.

This song is more emotionally charged than any song I've heard Joey Cape perform, in my opinion.

The Sound of Animals Fighting – There Can Be No Dispute That Monsters Live Among Us Lyrics 15 years ago
No seriously this song fuckin sucks. Whenever I'm listening to this album and I hear "Neeeww musiiic.." I just pretty much skip the track.

Atreyu – Shameful Lyrics 15 years ago
These lyrics are pretty much wrong.

Atreyu – Ex's and Oh's Lyrics 15 years ago
"btw: i was talking about "shameful"
the chorus is basically the same structure as "ordinary story"; "start over" x2 and "here's to"="i propose a toast"."

Are you retarded? How does "Gather the faithful and propose a toast to the epoch of indifference" sound the same as "Here's to lowering caskets blah blah"

I'm a huge fan of the song Ordinary Story and see absolutely no resemblance whatsoever between the two choruses. I do agree that if I looked I'd probably find some musical similarities between certain songs when it comes to In Flames and Atreyu but definitely not those choruses.

NOFX – No Way Lyrics 15 years ago
This is indeed a cover song. It was originally done by a group called The Adolescents.

CKY – Destination Undefined Lyrics 18 years ago
Jess wrote the lyrics to this song, in case you were wondering.

CKY – Knee Deep Lyrics 18 years ago
Deron wanted to do this song because nobody had ever done a 1 line song before.. I personally think it's amazing. A 3 and a half minute song with 1 line repeated throughout, but the song isn't repetitive at all.

CKY – Drunken Freestyle Lyrics 18 years ago
They are right. This is Drunken Freestyle, which is different from the Chinese Freestyle. These lyrics are all more or less accurate.

CKY – Frenetic Amnesic Lyrics 18 years ago
Deron said this song is based on the movie "Memento".

Even though he hates that movie.

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