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Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Lyrics 16 years ago
duuuurrrrrrrrr durrrrrrrrrrrr durrrrrrrrrr

the teletubbies thing was quite obviously a joke. man, you guys have no sense of humor.

Rapist Kelly – World's Rappist Lyrics 16 years ago
clever, but you spelled rapist wrong.

Pixies – Levitate Me Lyrics 16 years ago
well, it seems like half of the pixies's songs are in some part, so it's definitely a possibility.

The Breeders – Cannonball Lyrics 16 years ago
this one?

Kim: I've just never connected music with books. Wait, that's not entirely true. "Cannonball" was inspired by the writings of the Marquis de Sade.

Q: What? "I'll be the bong in your reggae song" was inspired by de Sade?

Kim: Well, not that line specifically. But the message of the song as a whole was making fun of de Sade and his libertarian views that if he was better off than someone, then they were just fodder for him. Playthings. It was saying,"Come on, life's not a contest."

Q: So you're pretty much anti-de Sade.

Kim: Well, I don't know. Later on I found out he used to suck the snot out of people's noses, and I thought that pretty much ruled.

Sonic Youth – The Diamond Sea Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah. it's nearly 20 minutes long, but i never feel like it's dragging, you know? sonic youth owns.

Sonic Youth – Candle Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah. they're the best

just wondering, is "stupid mop" referring to thurston's hair? that's how i've always thought of his hair like that, a mop.

Aereogramme – Post Tour, Pre Judgement Lyrics 16 years ago
hmm. i really like this song.

At the Drive-In – Heliotrope Lyrics 16 years ago
actually, it's any plant (like a sunflower) that turns toward the sun.

Nirvana – Love Buzz Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah, the original's really weird.

and ya, kurt did steal a bit. the riff to come as you are borrowed heavily from a killing joke song.

Nirvana – Oh, the Guilt Lyrics 16 years ago
it was released on a split single with the jesus lizard. the clicks in the beginning are kurt flicking his lighter into the microphone (don't ask me why).

Shellac – Prayer to God Lyrics 16 years ago
steve albini's a genius.

Slint – Nosferatu Man Lyrics 16 years ago
creepy song.

Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia Lyrics 16 years ago
the first verse is just a little story thingy. the second verse is a little more vague, maybe it's from the crazy sister's point of view? great song

Sonic Youth – Psychic Hearts Lyrics 16 years ago
??? psychic hearts is one of thurston moore's solo songs, isn't it?

Sonic Youth – Genetic Lyrics 16 years ago
one of my favorite SY songs. it's too good to be a b-side...

it seems like it's a pretty straightforward love song. it's message seems to be 'seize the day, you never know what will come tomorrow'.

Sonic Youth – Junkie's Promise Lyrics 16 years ago
apparently, this song is about Cobain. not positive, but it makes sense.

Good Charlotte – My Bloody Valentine Lyrics 16 years ago
I hope you all know that My Bloody Valentine is a band. A very GOOD band. That you should all go listen to.

As for the song... eh.

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