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Built to Spill – Girl Lyrics 16 years ago
i'm still waiting to find a nice girl.


Dashboard Confessional – As Lovers Go Lyrics 16 years ago
oh, man.

i am in this situation right now.
she doesn't get that people don't click and like each other as much as we do all that often -- so what's the sense in waiting?
she's being a weenie.

i tried to talk to her about this the other night, but then i realized that since i'm 23, it's probably in bad form to quote dashboard confessional while in bed with an incredibly hot woman.
and i couldn't get my own words out.

it sucks.

Stars – Elevator Love Letter Lyrics 16 years ago
this reminds me of lying in bed next to the girl who is currently consuming all of my thoughts and feelings.

we were over at her house on a lazy sunday and had both just called into our jobs for the next day. she was doing some work (so she could send it in) and i was working on a crossword puzzle -- and it was intimate in a totally unphysical way.
and she was playing this CD and when this song came on i thought to myself, "in this moment, everything is so perfect."

i get transported there every time i hear it.

The Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else but You Lyrics 16 years ago
You're a part time lover and a full time friend

Sums up the whole song in a line. What every relationship should be.

The Moldy Peaches – Nothing Came Out Lyrics 16 years ago
Oh god...this song is just too cute for words. It really is.

And this is so how I feel right now. I've been trying to make my move on this poor girl for quite a while now but I can't quite get the words out of my mouth. It's driving me nuts.
And I keep thinking to myself that she's probably holding hands or the like with someone so much cooler/prettier/whatever-er than me. While I'm trying not to get too deep into friend zone.

James Blunt – You're Beautiful Lyrics 16 years ago
I won't lie. I am hopelessly, pathetically in love with this song.
And I relate to it SO MUCH more than I wish I did.

Damien Rice – The Blower's Daughter Lyrics 17 years ago
I love that it moves from "I can't take my eyes off of you" to "I can't take my mind off of you." It follows with how you see someone and you think she's beautiful and you can't stop staring...and then at home alone you're still thinking of her.
Even when it's not just about her physical beauty anymore -- you can't take your mind off of her.

MeShell NdegeOcello – Beautiful Lyrics 17 years ago
...this song reminds me of when I'm curled up with my girlfriend. I'll open my eyes and see her staring at me with this soft smile. She says "You're so beautiful..." and my heart softens and falls apart.
That's what this song is. A soft, gentle undoing of the singer.

I love when she just lets her voice trail into a whisper -- as if she can't even keep singing about this incredible person before her. Her throat goes dry and her voice comes out barely audible. It's what I feel when I look BACK at her.

The Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else but You Lyrics 17 years ago
My girlfriend put this on a CD for me. I cannot stop listening to it. It's goofy-sweet, starry-eyed...that kind of smitten that rarely comes around.

Beck – Debra Lyrics 17 years ago
my girlfriend seranaded me with this song last night.
yeah...i don't know what to make of it, either.

Beck – Go It Alone Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm probably wrong, but I think this song is about realizing that you're no good for other people...that maybe you should take a break from interacting with them -- that you're some kind of liability.

Love it -- Beck just continues to put out great stuff.

Jets to Brazil – Sweet Avenue Lyrics 17 years ago
well, I still say it's about love.

3 years after i first heard this song and i've finally met someone who is...this for me. even if it doesn't work out, she still awakened something within me, a profound capacity for happiness that i wasn't aware i had. i'm so at ease but so excited and amazed when i'm with her. this song is just...from me to her, i guess. we even had our first kiss under an april moon, for crying out loud!
she is my sweet avenue.

Indigo Girls – Power Of Two Lyrics 17 years ago
the closer i'm bound in love to you
the closer i am to free

that just sums it all up. i'm reminded of the rilo kiley lyric "i am flawed if i'm not free." this is someone who has found a real kind of love -- the kind that doesn't keep score, that doesn't cause anxiety or make you feel weighed down. this is a lucky, lucky person.

The Weakerthans – Reconstruction Site Lyrics 17 years ago
I love that he's realizing how little good being miserable does you. It's a lesson that's taken me 22 years to learn.

Ben Kweller – Falling Lyrics 17 years ago
want to hold you like never before, 'cause
we're falling and i love you more and more

he is so on the mark with human emotion. which probably comes from being human

The Cranberries – Dreams Lyrics 17 years ago
Man...I always thought I knew what this song meant to me, but now I've met this girl who totally makes all of this ring so much clearer. I have spent most of my four years at college avoiding a real relationship at all costs. Sure, I develop feelings for people and one time I even fell in love...but nothing ever REALLY comes of it. I've never felt the need to commit to someone, or to have someone commit to me. Then I met this girl. We've been "seeing" each other for about two weeks now, and I'm just completely fucked up over her. For the first time I've found someone who I honestly wouldn't mind having around most of the time. For the first time, I don't want to be with anyone else. For the first time, I REALLY don't want her to be with anyone else. She's the type of person I came to college hoping to meet, and until now...she's "what I couldn't find."
Of course, the downside is that in about 40 days I'm moving 1200 miles away to start my real life. God...timing sucks.

The Rentals – The Love I'm Searching For Lyrics 17 years ago
the one i know i should be with (he knows i should be with him, too)...well, he lives a long, long way away from me. he's the one who got me turned on to this song.

furthermore, i think this song is about realizing that the perfect love which you've been envisioning for yourself likely doesn't exist. it's a hard dose of reality -- there is always some obstacle (like distance in any sense of the word) to overcome.

Azure Ray – Displaced Lyrics 17 years ago
Am I making something worthwhile out of this place?
I am displaced.

Those lines resonate so deeply with me, in my last year of college. I'm wondering if I've used the past four years to my advantage, if I've REALLY spent them as best I could. I'm wondering if I will always feel transit.

Azure Ray – Safe and Sound Lyrics 17 years ago
imagining what it would be like if the person with whom you are infatuated chose to want you back. this song has an incredible dreamlike quality, and IT sounds wet from the rain.

absolutely stunning.

The Faint – Posed to Death Lyrics 17 years ago
easily the best part of this song (while the lyrics are all kind of great and wonderful) is the opening. every time i hear it, i have to stop and sing/shake along.

The Faint – Worked Up So Sexual Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this woman enjoys the power she derives of making men (and probably women) at this club WANT her. That's how I would feel if I were a stripper. But, you know, I'm not.

Anyway, this song is awesome and a guaranteed dance party.

OK Go – Get Over It Lyrics 17 years ago
"Aren't you such a catch? What a prize!
Got a body like a battle axe... "

Love this song. It is one of my favorite to listen/scream to as I drive down the highway. I get so fed up with all of those people so wedded to their own misery, who think it makes them distinct. Pffft. Get over it.

Death Cab for Cutie – The Sound of Settling Lyrics 17 years ago
um...why would you want to dance to a song about "settling" for something at your wedding? seriously...

he settles for what he knows how to do, for what he knows he can get. he can't wait to grow up, so maybe he won't be such a scared little boy anymore. he wastes hours with regrets.
but he seems surprisingly okay with all of that.

Death Cab for Cutie – We Looked Like Giants Lyrics 17 years ago
I love the frantic, dangerous, naughty feel that this song has to it.
That's what mind-blowing secret sex with your ex in the back of a car will do.

Death Cab for Cutie – Tiny Vessels Lyrics 17 years ago
"I wanted to believe in all the words that I was speaking
As we moved together in the dark."

I think those lines sum this song up to a tee. I don't think he has PURPOSELY used this girl. He wanted (they both wanted) it to mean more. He wanted it to be right. And he's disgusted with himself when he finally reaches that moment where he realizes "it was vile and it was cheap."
Stunning. Every aspect of this song is just...impeccable.

Jets to Brazil – You're The One I Want Lyrics 17 years ago
everyone seems to have omitted the lines:

"and it's hard to leave you
but it's harder to believe you
when you smile
crooked style"

love it.

Coldplay – Warning Sign Lyrics 17 years ago
you panic and look for reasons to push someone away. you keep your eyes peeled for "warning signs." you hurt someone.

then days, weeks, months later, you WILL have a moment where you realize how much you've just messed up and what you've missed out on because you were busy being scared.

Her Space Holiday – Something To Do With My Hands Lyrics 17 years ago
I only have three words to discuss this song:

Her Space Holiday – Sleepy California Lyrics 17 years ago
This is the first Her Space Holiday song I heard. My roommate and I were in my car and just stopped conversation to listen. An exceptional song. Facing tragedy, he's facing his own inadequacies and shortcomings.

Rilo Kiley – The Frug Lyrics 17 years ago
she wants to make her positions and capabilities known before getting involved with someone. she keeps listing all of her good qualities, all of her abilities but has to keep reminding "look, i can't do this one thing...but let's not let that stop us from enjoying each other."

i love the almost-ending so much where she repeats "I cannot fall in love / I'll never fall in love / I cannot fall in love / I cannot fall in love / I cannot fall in love / I cannot fall in love"

The statement "I cannot fall in love" starts to sound less like something she's not capable of and more like something she has to remind herself NOT to do, something she won't LET herself do.

The Magnetic Fields – When My Boy Walks Down The Street Lyrics 17 years ago
Completely in awe of this wonderful person who has landed in his lap...

The Magnetic Fields – Grand Canyon Lyrics 17 years ago
This is a song about losing love and trying to find it again with the same person. It's saying "I'm not that special...but you loved me that way before, so just try again."
So beautiful.

Neutral Milk Hotel – The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 Lyrics 17 years ago
As we would lay and learn what each other's bodies were for

And this is the room
One afternoon I knew I could love you
And from above you how I sank into your soul
Into that secret place where no one dares to go

Poetry doesn't get much more beautiful than that...

Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea Lyrics 17 years ago
could this song get more perfect?

the more i listen to it, the more i love it.

Simon and Garfunkel – The Only Living Boy In New York Lyrics 17 years ago
"half of the time we're gone but we don't know where / and we don't know here"

this song does it for me -- everywhere. driving through the rain, baking out in the sun, sitting inside staring at my wall, snuggling close to always fits and it always feels right. half of the time i wonder if i'm the only one in the world left with any kind of soul.

Matthew Good Band – Weapon Lyrics 17 years ago
the first time I heard this song was during an episode of Queer as Folk (an, um "intimate" scene) -- so that scene always sticks with me when I hear this.
i'm very much enjoying the interpretations here, though.

Blessid Union of Souls – Scenes From A Coffe House Lyrics 17 years ago
this is how every breakup should be.

Jet – Look What You've Done Lyrics 17 years ago
absolutely a beautiful song.

Tommy James And The Shondells – Crimson and Clover Lyrics 17 years ago
God...I'd forgotten all about this song until I saw the film Monster. What a perfect song for the first/only real love scene of the movie.

Her Space Holiday – My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Lyrics 17 years ago
man...I cannot imagine what it would feel like if my girlfriend and my best friend got together. it would be like this song, though.
and even when you try to move on...just ouch.

Her Space Holiday – Tech Romance Lyrics 17 years ago
I think we've all been here. You care so much for someone and see that person involved with someone "who will never care enough." You'd do anything to change things and sit and dream about how things could be different, and how you could be the best thing that ever happened to that person, but in the end you know it's "just another film that won't get made."

Spoon – The Way We Get By Lyrics 17 years ago
I don't think it's about a couple at all.
I think it's about a group of folks -- late teens to early twenties. I think they hail from a small town and want to shake things up, so they all meet up and smoke. "Never wake up on our own" could refer either to the fact that they all bed each other while under the influence and wake up (naked!) next to someone they don't remember doing or else they wake up/sober up when cops come to bust things up.
I don't know, all I do know is...
a. I love it
b. I can shake my tail to this song like you WOULDN'T BELIEVE!

Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman – Come What May Lyrics 18 years ago
on sad, lonely nights like tonight...this makes me cry.

The Smiths – I Know It's Over Lyrics 18 years ago
two years after my previous post, this song still hits disturbingly close to home.
i hate this.
(love the song)

Rilo Kiley – Pictures of Success Lyrics 18 years ago
plus...being sick of pretentious jerks. awesome.

Melissa Ferrick – Drive Lyrics 18 years ago
hah, not-quite-a-year-later, now that I'm out...

I can safely say.
This is a great song for fucking.
Not lovemaking -- fucking.

The Weakerthans – Reconstruction Site Lyrics 18 years ago
it's a kind of oddly hopeful song.
he wants to be happy, and feels ready to be happy...

Murder City Devils – Boom Swagger Boom Lyrics 19 years ago
this is the best song to listen to while driving around. it turns me into a sex kitten - for serious.

Ben Kweller – In Other Words Lyrics 19 years ago
kekekeke. minimi made me laugh so hard.

I love this song because it says "it's okay to ignore your problems." Life has become too much like the television show The Real World, where everyone overanalyzes every little thing ad nauseam. As someone who's continually being treated for severe depression and a whole host of anxiety problems, I can affirm that ignoring your problems, pretending they don't exist can make you feel temporarily better...and sometimes that's worth everything. It can make you feel beautiful and perfect.

Third Eye Blind – Never Let You Go Lyrics 19 years ago
"that girl is like a sunburn i would like to save"

is one of the best lines i have ever heard.

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