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Oasis – Live Forever Lyrics 19 years ago
This is probably my favourite Oasis song. I think it's about the immortality of music idols and how even if they do physically die, their presence and influence is able to be seen everywhere. That's what I got from the video clip anyway, and assumed that the brothers were (rightly) talking about themselves in this way. It's could also be about how people close to you are in your mind, immortal, and how you never want to come to saying a final goodbye to them.

Blur – Dying Isn't Easy Lyrics 19 years ago
This isn't strictly a Blur song. I think the song is on the soundtrack to 'Ordinary Decent Criminal' performed by Damon.

However, it is heart wrenchingly beautiful. The gospel singing adds that extra 'bit' the song, very effective and moving.

Suede – Still Life Lyrics 19 years ago
'Still Life' is one of my favourite Suede songs, and I think that it completes Dog Man Star perfectly. I love towards the end, when everything goes a bit quiet but then the song rises and bursts into a thousand pieces of brilliance. Beautiful!

Suede – Another No One Lyrics 19 years ago
I think the whole idea of having great songs as b-sides was just to be a bit different. Rather than just sticking the sort of 'second best' types of songs as b-sides, they've got these incredible songs that sometimes outshine the actual a-side. I see it as sort of giving something to the fans, rather than just sticking remixes and the like on the end of a single. Maybe giving the fans another reason to buy the singles, not just out of loyalty for the band but because there are killer songs on it.

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