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The Dodos – Undeclared Lyrics 8 years ago
I can't find it anywhere, but that's definitely Death Vessel singing the second part, right?

Sleater-Kinney – Hot Rock Lyrics 8 years ago
Or maybe it was inspired by 'The Hot Rock.' Just a thought.

Frankie Valli – Beggin' Lyrics 8 years ago
Frankie Valli's Beggin': Great song or the best song?

The Pilooski edit is even better.

Les Savy Fav – Rome (Written Upside Down) Lyrics 8 years ago
It is blue "light" special. It's referring to the old K-Mart sales - "Attention, K-Mart shoppers," - that sort of thing.

Cass McCombs – A Comedian Is Someone Who Tells Jokes Lyrics 8 years ago
Who are "they?" The Cass McCombs?

Incidentally, things aren't meaningless just because you don't understand them.

MC5 – Miss X Lyrics 8 years ago
One of two songs on High Time credited to brother Wayne Kramer (the other is Poison). Lyrically, it's another song about wanting to fuck somebody, but musically - holy moley - what an incredible song. Truly one of the high points for a band with a lot of them.

Spoon – Advance Cassette Lyrics 9 years ago
Good on you, Loser. I always thought it was an Advance Cassette as in an advanced copy. You're right, though: Those old buttons on car stereos did say "Advance Cassette" and that makes a lot more sense for the song.

Jimmy Eat World – Untitled Lyrics 10 years ago
I was so excited when i saw this because i thought someone had finally deciphered the Untitled on the Static Prevails Demo. Not today, i guess.

Braid – Hugs From Boys Lyrics 11 years ago
It's a lover's quarrel following a particularly uncomfortable party for our protagonist, mr. nanna. We've all been there, bob.

Braid – Yawn London Lyrics 11 years ago
I'm sorry you had to catch me
Watching your sister pee

I wish there was a listing somewhere of all the bands that show up in between songs.

Ghostface Killah – Back Like That Lyrics 11 years ago
Theodore, nigga! Thodore, nigga!

The Promise Ring – All of My Everythings Lyrics 11 years ago
I was listening to this album (Very Emergency) today, and i finally put it together for the first time in all the years i've owned and listened to it. The whole album is incredibly upbeat and happy, describing a really great relationship (most notably on Living Around and Happiness is All the Rage) and a general sense of adventure and fun (The Deep South or Jersey Shore) until you get to this song, and the entire mood of the album is dismantled. Suddenly the relationship ends, and the wide eyed view of the world Very Emergency introduced is torn away for a more melancholic atmosphere, in the same way we all start to see things differently when we get out of an important relationship. It's an amazing sense of narrative that most albums never bother with; it's usually all positive or all negative, and it's really rare for an album to change it's direction at all, but especially so late on the disc. Such a captivating story device The Promise Ring employed here, and i didn't even notice the first hundred times i heard it.

Braid – Eulalia, Eulalia Lyrics 11 years ago the presents of an eight year old
model planes and model everything
in the presence of an eighteen year old
in a sense innocence makes you tense
in the presense of an eight year old
writing cursive on loose leaf paper
in the presence of an eighteen year old

i will be waiting for you loligirl
the little girl that i knew loligirl
and if you're waiting for me loligirl
yeah and if you see me loligirl

bring back the boy i used to be

Q And Not U – The More I Get The More I Want Lyrics 11 years ago
And what wit you have!

Thunderbirds Are Now! – 198090 (Aquatic Cupid’s) Lyrics 12 years ago
Interestingly, in the original demo he says "I'm 24- they're over 30" which makes a lot more sense to me than saying he's "barely born".

Well, i guess it wasn't that interesting.

Wu-Tang Clan – Dog Shit Lyrics 13 years ago
Fuck is y'all niggas Soul 2 Soul?

Low – Lullaby Lyrics 13 years ago
Seems to be a song about how writing music (or anything, really) about someone can have some harsh emotional consequences for the party involved. Interesting especially because this is on Low's first album. Maybe Mimi is directing this to Alan?

Fugazi – Break-In Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah, but "she's working on another skin deep inside" and "she can't get outside, she's the covering" is pretty clearly referencing unwanted pregnancy.

John Lennon – Power To The People Lyrics 13 years ago
Black Eyed Peas are smarter then they get credit for, and probably smarter than they let on themselves. I'm not really a fan, but i think they get judged on their fan base's intelligence more often than their own.

Anywaaaay, you're right- this is a song about a socialist revolt. "Capitalism is organized crime", etc. etc.

Devendra Banhart – Quedate Luna Lyrics 13 years ago
"Pero el mundo es tuyo, esta noche eres mía"

...Though the world is yours, tonight, you are mine.

That's all a couple introductory spanish classes are going to give me.

Wu-Tang Clan – Can It Be All So Simple Lyrics 13 years ago
It was always more simple "back then". Years from now you'll look back at this as the glory days.

Against Me! – Cavalier Eternal Lyrics 13 years ago
Going through the motions.

Wu-Tang Clan – As High As Wu-Tang Get Lyrics 13 years ago
Yeah, that's true- i heard that too.

Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Revolution Lyrics 13 years ago
This song really bothers me. I've never minded the 5% undertones in Wu-Tang's music, but this is just so blatant it honestly irritates me. Especially that little anti-evolution rant. If you want someone to take you seriously, you probably shouldn't ridicule scientific fact.

Iggy Pop – Butt Town Lyrics 13 years ago
Fun Fact: Butt Town is literally the worst song ever written in recorded history.

Fugazi – Instrument Lyrics 13 years ago
"What loss could weigh..."

Definitely seems to be referencing death. Maybe in the context of a war?

U2 – Trash, Trampoline, and the Party Girl Lyrics 13 years ago
It's actualy extremely self-explanatory, haha. It shouldn't take too big a stretch of the imagination to assume what the party girl wants, should it? And we certainly all know what he wants. And from that, we can conclude that the narrator does not want what they want to happen at all.

Rites of Spring – End On End Lyrics 14 years ago
So, i think i know what this song is about, really specifically. Or at least, i know what part of my own life it makes me recall. There's this period right after you break up with someone you were very involved with when you realize the person you spent the majority of your time with is now spending it with someone else and you have nothing at all to do. All the time that used to be spent with someone is suddenly now spent alone and empty, without purpose, and End on End is about that period of boredom and depression that results from that.

The Residents – Godsong Lyrics 14 years ago
That's an interesting perspective, but i don't agree at all. I think it's much more straight forward than that, and the god song is named so because its about humans invention of god (rather than the other way around).

Sunny Day Real Estate – Friday Lyrics 14 years ago

Rites of Spring – Persistent Vision Lyrics 14 years ago
It could just be the state of mind i'm always in, but i'm pretty sure he's talking about the end of a relationship, obviously one he didn't end. He wants to forgive and forget and, most importantly, move on with his life, but he can't stop thinking about the girl in question.

Rites of Spring – Drink Deep Lyrics 14 years ago
Love is arbitrary.

Rites of Spring – Hain's Point Lyrics 14 years ago
I love this line:
"I could walk around--fall in love with a face or two
But it wouldn't be you--no it wouldn't be you"

Simply because it explains my experience with relationships perfectly. It's like you know it's over and you know you could just as easily fall in love with someone new, perhaps someone better for you, but it's so hard to start again when all you can think about is where you are now.

Embrace (US) – Building Lyrics 14 years ago
This is the wrong Embrace. The good one from D.C. in the 80's. How isn't there a section for their lyrics yet?

Minor Threat – Little Friend Lyrics 14 years ago
There are situations i've been involved in that hurt me though i honestly don't know why they would. I think that's what he's talking about; when things that shouldn't matter really upset him and he can't figure out why.

Minor Threat – Out of Step (With the World) Lyrics 14 years ago
Sometimes i wonder if my obsession with d.c. hardcore has anything to do with the music at all, or if it's just because it's the only music i've found that expresses my opinions on the subject. Either ian and i are crazy, or everyone else is, but i relate to this song probably more than any other song ever.

Jimmy Eat World – New Religion Lyrics 14 years ago
A peer to peer file sharing software is where you're most likely to get this.

Are there any other jimmy covers aside from firestarter? Because they're both absolutely brilliant.

Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' Lyrics 14 years ago
This song is the best work of nearly everyone involved.

Shellac – Doris Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't think she's dillusional, just trying to deal with the hardships around her.

Shellac – My Black Ass Lyrics 14 years ago
From the first and last verses, it seems to be about slavery. But in the second he talks about Gary Cooper. What's that about?

Pixies – Tony's Theme Lyrics 14 years ago
La La Love You is not a joke. It's about promising love for sex.

As for this: I don't have a clue. I like it though.

The Smiths – Death at One's Elbow Lyrics 14 years ago
This is what i thought:
Morrissey loves this girl who really loves Glenn. Morrissey is sad, and the frustration renders him hateful, so he's the one who wants to take a hatchet to poor glenn's ear.

But then again, i can more than relate.

The Dismemberment Plan – Ellen and Ben Lyrics 14 years ago
I like how this song illustrates that sometimes the more in love you are with someone, and the more involved you were with them, the harder it is to remain friends afterwards. I don't know why that is, but it does pan out that way occasionally.

Wu-Tang Clan – Tearz Lyrics 14 years ago
The song sampled is "After Laughter (Comes Tears)" by Wendy Rene. And it's good.

Songs: Ohia – Steve Albini's Blues Lyrics 14 years ago
So, i heard that it's about Jason wanting to work with Albini but not getting the chance or something like that.

Neil Young – Cortez The Killer Lyrics 14 years ago
Ars: The fact that it's over twenty minutes long _is_ it's greatness.

The Cure – Plastic Passion Lyrics 14 years ago
I don't think it's about vibrators, although that would be awesome.

I've always thought it was about petty love that has no real significance. Thus the name.

Either way, i think it may very well be my favorite Cure song, as weird as that is.

Rites of Spring – Patience Lyrics 14 years ago

"I can't sing this song without wondering why-
why these skies won't fall"

The Dismemberment Plan – Following Through Lyrics 14 years ago
It's interesting how each of those interpretations were so different, and yet i can see all of them within this song. That's pretty cool.

The Dismemberment Plan – The Face of the Earth Lyrics 14 years ago
I guess i always just assumed it was a clever metaphor for a relationship ending without any clear reason.

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