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The Beatles – I'm Only Sleeping Lyrics 17 years ago
If you're tripping, waiting to sleep, the visuals are still around and i heard it's hard to sleep. "Staring at the ceiling, waiting for the sleepy feeling" means the ceiling is tweaking him out a bit and it keeps him up. he's pissed about waking up cuz i hear dreams are awesome when u trip, and everyone thinks he's lazy cuz he wont get up, but he thinks they're crazy cuz he is obviously tired from tripping.

Semisonic – Secret Smile Lyrics 17 years ago
listen to this guy's chemistry's loaded with subliminal sex shit. this guy is realllllly talented and reallllllly horny i guess, cuz this song is NO DOUBT about oral sex. if u don't believe me, just read these lyrics and realize, this guy seriously likes talking about sex in other albums.

NOFX – Linoleum Lyrics 19 years ago
blienk is right. but i think sic n twisted is too. why couldnt it be a kid who finds out he has nothing cuz he drinks so he leaves his house? or why not something not so deep like a kid simply getting money for drugs any way he can? personally i believe its a homeless person by the last 8 lines.

Matchbox Twenty – Dear Joan Lyrics 19 years ago
k what this song is REALLY about is two friends of rob thomas'. one was a crack addict and the other was his girlfriend. the song is sang from the addict's point of view.

NOFX – Louise Lyrics 19 years ago
I live by this song. I played it for my girlfriend and when she hated it i had to dump her. dumb slut. if she doesnt want the 4 luggage locks on each side of her labia, i dont want her as a girlfriend. sometimes i think about killing people...another good point this song makes is it doesnt matter what your color be cuz deep down we all brothers and we are all sons of abraham. shalom.

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