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Pearl Jam – Grievance Lyrics 17 years ago
Nice quote, eigth. I agree wholeheartedly with Ed. It is definitely a song about a loss of independence in this country. "Progress. Taste it. Invest it all. Champagne breakfast for everyone." This is one of the best songs on Binaural and in concert. It just makes you want the world or something.

Pearl Jam – Present Tense Lyrics 17 years ago
I listen to this song whenever I'm worried about something from the past. The song speaks for itself: it needs no real explanation: "You can spend your time alone, redigesting past regrets, or you can come to terms and realize you're the only one who can forgive yourself. It makes much more sense to live in the present tense." This is one of the songs that makes No Code the best PJ album to date. Absolutely incredible song.

Pearl Jam – God's Dice Lyrics 17 years ago
I think this song is about the confusion between denominations of religion. It's about feeling trapped in a pre-ordination mindset, and how everyone has free will over their own lives. Nothing is set in stone, and we should not live by the hand of God's dice. That's what the song says to me, at least.

Pearl Jam – Bushleaguer Lyrics 17 years ago
It's pretty obvious what this song is about. Ed is infamous for hating Republicans, the corporate rich, and successful wealthy people. I don't care too much for Ed's liberal rantings, but politics aside, the song has a cool, eerie vibe to it. Good song, but a weaker track on Riot Act.

Primus – Tommy The Cat Lyrics 17 years ago
That is, of course, the king of American songwriting himself, Tom Waits doing the voice of Tommy the Cat. This song is awesome. It means nothing at all.

Pearl Jam – Love Boat Captain Lyrics 17 years ago
This song, I think, was most likely written as a tribute to the 9 people trampled to death in a stage rush at the Roskilde music festival in Denmark on the last day of the European leg of the 2000 Binaural Tour. "Lost 9 friends we'll never know two years ago today." It is also about receiving guidance or direction towards a positive lifestyle from a higher power, I think. Very powerful song, probably the best on "Riot Act."

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