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Ben Folds Five – Song for the Dumped Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is hysterical

Ben Folds Five – Selfless, Cold, and Composed Lyrics 18 years ago
this is THE BEST song. i think it applies perfectly to a lot of relationships. sometimes you just want someone to "throw me a right to the chin
just one sign that could show me
that you give a shit"

Ben Folds Five – Fair Lyrics 18 years ago
ever notice that it sounds like chickens are singing right after the chorus... lol... its an awesome song! the best part is

Every couple nights or so
You know you pop into my dreams
I just can't get rid of you
Like you got rid of me
Ohh but I send my best
Cause God knows you've seen my worst

i can really relate to it.

Ben Folds Five – Evaporated Lyrics 18 years ago
this is such a good song. when he sings "and i poured my heart out" it makes me want to cry. i love this song. ben puts so much of himself into his music, its amazing.

Ben Folds Five – Battle of Who Could Care Less Lyrics 18 years ago
i love this song. "whatever and ever amen"... its so brilliant.

Ben Folds – The Luckiest Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is soooooooo beautiful. i love it. just the way he describes his feelings... and the part where he says:

Next door
There's an old man
Who lived to his nineties
And one day
Passed away
In his sleep
And his wife, she stayed
For a couple of days
And passed away

I'm sorry, I know that's a
Strange way to tell you
That I know we belong
That I know

it just makes sense to me. i completely understand.

Sheryl Crow – The Difficult Kind Lyrics 18 years ago
for sheryl crow, this song is alright. :)

Sheryl Crow – Soak Up The Sun Lyrics 18 years ago
this song sucks... nothing else to it. it lacks any musical substance.

Ben Folds Five – Army Lyrics 18 years ago
I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I HEART THE PIANO!!!! its so beautiful

Ben Folds Five – Where's Summer B.? Lyrics 18 years ago
awesome song!!!! soo good... definitely one of the best ones. i love the piano!!!

Ben Folds Five – Magic Lyrics 18 years ago
this is such a beautiful song

Howie Day – Disco Lyrics 18 years ago
i don't really understand this song... but i love it....

Howie Day – Secret Lyrics 18 years ago
i love how he shows progression... car turns right i'm into turns left i'm into should know i'm into you.... its horrible when two people have a deeper attraction and just can't get it together and the worst part is not knowing whether you should make the first move or not... "anxious love gets so obsessed". HOWIE DAY IS A LYRICAL GENIUS

Matthew Sweet – Sick Of Myself Lyrics 18 years ago
i like this one.....

Semisonic – Secret Smile Lyrics 18 years ago
not oral sex at all..........

My Vitriol – Always Your Way Lyrics 18 years ago
THIS IS WAYYYY UP THERE ON THE FAVORITE SONGS LIST......this makes me think of all my relationships....all i want to do is see mv sing this.

Yellowcard – Rough Draft Lyrics 18 years ago
this and that michelle branch cover are my favorite songs EVER by yellowcard... EVER... :)

Yellowcard – October Nights Lyrics 18 years ago
this is such an awesome song!!!

Dashboard Confessional – So Impossible Lyrics 18 years ago
i love this song sooo much!!! just the wanting to get to know you part of the beginnings of a relationship. its so exciting, and this song puts it awesome.

The Ataris – In This Diary Lyrics 18 years ago
this makes me think of my summers.... i love it. it also makes me look forward to next summer! :)

The Ataris – The Boys of Summer (Don Henley cover) Lyrics 18 years ago
this is an AWESOME cover song. i love it. definitely good. definitely.

Something Corporate – High and Dry (Radiohead cover) Lyrics 18 years ago
andrew does such a good job singing this cover. if you watch the AOL sessions, you can see the emotion he puts into it, just like he does with all of his songs. if anyone cares or wants to hear this song, fast forward about 12 minutes into the AOL sessions... or just watch the whole thing.

Relient K – Forward Motion Lyrics 18 years ago
this is such an awesome song...can these guys get any better? i think not.

Relient K – Mood Ring Lyrics 18 years ago
i love this song! it completely makes sense, and its hysterical! and we do all know the girls he is talking about.... but we all have our days! :)

Relient K – In Love with the Eighties (Pink Tux to the Prom) Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is great... pink tuxes rock....and so does relient k

Something Corporate – When It Goes Down Lyrics 18 years ago
i love this song!!!! :)

Something Corporate – (Hurricane) The Formal Weather Pattern Lyrics 18 years ago
this song is amazing! its amazing live too!

Something Corporate – Little Lyrics 18 years ago
the chorus to song explains so much. and when it says "little holes in parachutes won't leave you falling/if they do/its because you want to land" it gives me hope. it means, little problems won't kill you, unless you want them to bring you down. a feeling everyone can relate to. andrew is a goddamn lyrical genius.

Something Corporate – Konstantine Lyrics 18 years ago
andrew opened up the boston show (2/12/03) with this song. its so beautiful. i was seriously 4 feet away, and just the emotion in his voice and on his face was so apparent. i sat there not wanting the song to end. i can't think of a song that better describes a rocky relationship, but a powerful relationship. the piano is beautiful, the lyrics are beautiful, and the band is amazing. "its always you/and my big dreams" says it all.

Something Corporate – Ben Franklin's Kite Lyrics 19 years ago
the piano in this song is incredible... and you can tell that andrew put his sould into this one. just like konstantine.

Something Corporate – If I Die Lyrics 19 years ago
i can totally relate to these lyrics... not wanting to be the one that is the loser hanging around and not realizing it over..soco is the best at everything. i went to the boston show at the roxy.. i wish andrew sung this one! but the concert was still the best ever!

Something Corporate – Plucked Lyrics 19 years ago
this is an awesome song! by far one of my favorites... i love the piano...its definitely the best part. andrew is so amazing! :)

Yellowcard – Everywhere (Michelle Branch cover) Lyrics 19 years ago
i love the cover and hate the original... what does that say? yellowcard rocks.

The Movielife – Hand Grenade Lyrics 19 years ago
i first heard this song on a dtr compilation cd.... its so good! probably TML's best. i think everyone can pretty much relate to it.

Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down Lyrics 19 years ago
this is the best dashboard song by far. the lyrics show complete emotion... pure lyrical goddamn genius

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