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Pete Yorn – Closet Lyrics 10 months ago
Upon a few listens I always thought this was about a girl named "Billie" that was gay and the person in the song was trying to talk her through coming out of the closet. But upon further listening it sounds like an abusive partner. He "lost control" which could mean a lot of things but it the "beatings" line undoes anything very innocent. Unless Pete is using the voices throughout the song to indicate Billie\'s experience as a gay person through different lenses of being bullied.

Maroon 5 – Back At Your Door Lyrics 8 years ago
I agree that it's about a guy that is now alone. It sounds like he just got too comfortable in the relationship and took the woman for granted a little bit. She needed more and he's miserable without her. Although the song hints at both of the them being to blame for the relationship in some way, arguing often:

"Now, every evening is a bitter fight
And I'm eating home alone on a Friday night"

He's having trouble with this. He keeps winding up back at her door looking for another chance. Unfortunately the outcome doesn't look so good which is why the process is ongoing. He keeps going back looking, searching but comes up empty and confused. This leads to heartbreak.

This song hits home for me, especially the:

"And I know what your friends say
"He's just wasting your love and time"

part. Women really listen to what their friends say when a relationship is falling apart sometimes.

I always thought Adam sang:
You put a train right through me and not You penetrate right through me

Passenger – Let Her Go Lyrics 9 years ago
This to me, is obviously a breakup song.

He is remembering her now that they are no longer together. He realizes he loved her, while he was maybe unsure or didn't realize it while they were still a couple.

There is a lot of truth to this song, since a lot of people don't realize they were really in love until after it is over. We miss what we no longer have. Sometimes in relationships, people take significant things for granted until it's too late to go back.

He is taking responsibility for the relationship ending with lines like:
And you let her go

Maybe one day you'll understand why
Everything you touch, oh it dies

You don't truly know happiness until you've seen the pits of despair. I thought he was singing "You only know your lover when you let her go" which also makes some sense. It seems you learn a lot about someone during the breakup period too. Sometimes it's even more telling than the relationship itself.

The song alludes to the fact the protagonist is still reeling from the breakup. It's fresh because he has an attitude that paints the relationship as better than perhaps it really was. People have a tendency to idealize the past.

Glen Phillips – Thankful Lyrics 9 years ago
I would agree Mitchious05 is off on the meaning. I don't hear that at all.

What I hear has more to do with the state of the world and us as temporary creatures here. This particular section gives the most evidence to my interpretation:

White dwarf, red giant
It's empty in space
And where there's matter there's violence
I never got it, I never got it before

The protagonist is constantly coming to terms with what it all means, existentialism, and speaks out against his (and all of our) eventual fate in dying. His language ultimately fails him in this case because who can possibly explain the complexities of life, death, and why we're even here?

Although having said all of that he comes to the not so bitter conclusion that "we have a lot to be thankful for". It's a bit tongue in cheek maybe, but also very true if you consider his ability to live before dying.

Maroon 5 – Stutter Lyrics 9 years ago
Seems pretty self explanatory but the song appears to be about being infatuated with a girl yet she's not there for him.

Much like a lot of other M5 songs this involves the protagonist of the song to needlessly pursue a romantic interest while in the process hurting himself.

"You're just a fantasy girl, it's an impossible world"

Really sums up that this pursuit is very unlikely, but he can't help but go there and try. I suppose sometimes the chase can be fun but in this case it's definitely one-sided.

Dave Matthews Band – Pay for What You Get Lyrics 9 years ago
I think some of the comments are really good reads and great interpretations but others seem way off.

Pay for what you get refers to making sacrifices for whatever it is we want or do. No matter what path you take in life often we end up "paying" in another area. Here Dave refers to working and in the process, losing his girl. He is getting in essence what he paid for; working his fingers to the bone" (an illumination to his career aspirations). The phrasing has a double meaning- he gets paid monetarily (thru work) and the spoils of being professionally successful but it's at a hefty price. He loses his relationship because of his lack of attention to its importance. He ultimately regrets the outcome but sarcastically quips "surprise, surprise" as he obviously could of seen it coming.

Spoon – Who Makes Your Money Lyrics 9 years ago
Here is my take on the song. Who makes your money is chanted as somewhat of a reflection on who is actually benefiting from the work carried out. It's not worth it. This is obvious with the lines-

And all your love, there it goes
It's come to hate

The ownership no longer belongs to the person actually "getting" the money because they are losing something much more valuable.

Spoon – Is Love Forever? Lyrics 9 years ago
I agree with the other comments. Family won't leave, because the love is unconditional. They will always be there- "If they can't find me they won't leave without me now or ever."

However the song also evokes love within romantic relationships as well. His ex-girlfriend asks "Is love forever?" The song plays with the idea that it is and isn't at the same time.

I have often pondered this myself when thinking back on a failed relationship. I have a hard time believing love really completely dies with the demise of a relationship.

Pete Yorn – Paradise Cove Lyrics 9 years ago
This is good. Really good interpretation!

Pete Yorn – Ice Age Lyrics 9 years ago
I think "ice age" refers to being frozen in time so to speak. He is reminiscing about when they were both younger and how it can carry on, as they are both still in love with one another. The beginning of the song refers to new beginnings- "knocking down old Hollywood". It almost seems to me as though this couple is old and one or possibly both are dying. The summer years part sounds like an afterlife, in which everything is great again- "When their playing our song". The part where he is saying "I want to go back" suggests that he is still alive while his significant other isn't. It's an incredibly bittersweet song.

Pete Yorn – Turn Of The Century Lyrics 9 years ago
Much like everyone has said, this song is really sad. He's obviously lost someone he loves and it's hard to deal with. He wonders what the future will bring. Much like after you break up with someone, you wonder these things- will I see them again? Will we ever speak to each other again? Often the answers to these things is 'no', which is very sad when you think about it.

Taylor Swift – Red Lyrics 9 years ago
What a perfect song. My favorite lines are:

Losing him was blue like I'd never known
Missing him was dark gray all alone
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met
But loving him was red

She has a hard time forgetting him since she loved him. There are so many nice little metaphors throughout the song that string back to her feelings.

"Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street"
A Maserati is a really nice (and expensive) luxury car, so driving it down a dead-end street sort of defeats the purpose of it- no one will see it.She relates the car to her love because she is very proud and wants to show her love interest off, yet it saddens her as it's not going anywhere. It's a disappointment.

I love the juxtaposition within the lines.
"Fighting with him was like trying to solve a crossword and realizing there's no right answer
Regretting him was like wishing you never found out that love could be that strong"

If there is no "right" answer there isn't much to fight about, which is defeating.
Regretting him also seems backwards, since you typically wouldn't wish that you never found out that love could be that strong. She doesn't regret the relationship but in fact longs and wishes things had been different.

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Something's Always Wrong Lyrics 9 years ago
In life there are times when you love someone but the relationship is not meant to be. That is this song. After trying and trying it fails relentlessly- something's always wrong.

Pete Yorn – Undercover Lyrics 10 years ago
I agree with LiveUrLife. The lyrics here are so ridiculously incorrect though.

He's loving her like the one he used to know because they used to be together, probably dating but have drifted apart. He's having a hard time letting go of her. He thinks he could love her like the sister he never had because it's a deep unconditional love like one has with a sibling, but this is in addition to his romantic feelings for her as well. I think the song says "and you held and you tried" (not what the lyrics here say at all) showing that they both have previously tried to make the relationship work in the past but for whatever reason (probably her never having time for him now), can't make it work.

Amazing song.

Maroon 5 – Payphone Lyrics 10 years ago
Calling from a payphone also is a signal of distress and emergency in this day and age. Adam has said this about the song. For example if you called a loved one from a payphone, you'd probably be stranded somewhere and not just calling to say "hey". Finding one might be the hardest part though.

Phoenix – Lasso Lyrics 10 years ago
This song I feel is easier to decipher than others have commented.

This girl doesn't know what she wants. She is looking for something, in which the guy wishes was him. This is what the "lasso" represents. A lasso is a roping tool used by cowboys to catch cattle. He wants her to catch him.

The lines:
"Trying to follow your ideal
Oh sorry but your so called life
It is such a waste"

Represent his resentment for her overlooking him. It could also mean she has a lot of potential left untapped. Her "so called life" is essentially a roadblock in his pursuits of her. He doesn't seem to think her excuses are justified.

Maroon 5 – Payphone Lyrics 10 years ago
I agree with Dfeeds.

To expand on that, I think the relationship came to an end and he's coming to grips with the reality of the situation. A part of him wants to believe in "fairy tales" however he is much too jaded for that now. It just won't work, as she "thinks it's too late to make it". He wants to have a go at it for one last try but it is unfortunately in vain. She wants nothing to do with him. He gave her everything and lost himself, while she moved on. He wishes she cared, even though he said he doesn't. He stills seems to be stuck and in disbelief that she really is done.

The payphone is a metaphor for reaching people he cares about. People that will help him out of this mess. It reminds me of not knowing anyone where he is, and having relied on his partner for his emotional connections. It could metaphorically mean his past self before all this drama dragged him down. He needs to get in touch with the past to let go of his present situation. He is unable to, as he wasted all of his time and energy on this girl. The song relates a lot of wasted time. He is left destitute with only questions of why and bittersweet memories.

John Legend – Everybody Knows Lyrics 10 years ago
"Everybody know but nobody really knows"
Refers to how everybody knows that two people break up but they don't really know the reasons of how or why.

He seems to not be able to get over the end of a relationship.

"And I hope one day you'll see nobody has it easy"
Reminds me of a girl that thinks she is the only one with problems. No matter how hard the guy tries to make it work and talk, she uses her "issues" as a crutch. He resents this, especially after trying so hard to no avail.

She leaves him by following the advice of others. He isn't sure if this is really what she wants, which makes it all the more difficult.

I've lived this

Sugar Ray – Even Though Lyrics 10 years ago
Surprised no one has commented.

I think this song is self explanatory but I feel as though it describes what I'm currently going through. It seems like the girl in the song isn't the affectionate type. I see them as possibly being girlfriend and boyfriend. Her actions make her boyfriend uncomfortable within the relationship. Since they don't talk about their problems (or much at all) he only fears he's "losing her". The "lying" part in the song I think represents her facade that nothing bothers her. And perhaps it doesn't, although she isn't completely truthful in maintaining her part in keeping the relationship afloat. She may claim she does try, but he disagrees. He is doing all of the work, which makes him doubt if she cares at all. When he says "Even though there's always something with you" he acknowledges she always has an excuse. This "something" could be good or bad, but regardless of what it is they don't make the necessary time for each other like a healthy relationship should.

Sara Bareilles – Gravity Lyrics 10 years ago
She has said that she wrote this song after her first heartbreak

Phantom Planet – One Ray Of Sunlight Lyrics 13 years ago
I think this song goes back to trying to make a relationship work. The two have struggled but maybe if there is something to be happy about it will also bring their relationship back to life. One ray of sunlight may be all they need.

"Try all you want to
I'm gonna try too"

If it's going to work they're both going to need to try.

"Then I know that this isn't the end
Maybe we can be happy again"

Just hopeful for a turnaround; before it's too late.

The Goo Goo Dolls – Here Is Gone Lyrics 13 years ago
'untruewords' you got it the best. exactly how I see the song. great interpretation.

Britt Daniel – I Am The Key Lyrics 13 years ago
This is a Lee Mavers (The La's) cover Britt does live.

Dave Matthews – Oh Lyrics 16 years ago
This isn't a Dave Matthews Band song. It's Dave Matthews.

John Mayer – Not Myself Lyrics 17 years ago
I agree with you rscott50. When I first went to college I wasn't myself for awhile. Things are different now, but their are always times when you don't feel like yourself or want to be someone else.

Jack Johnson – Times Like These Lyrics 17 years ago
Jack was referring to America and what sort of happened following 9/11. He's what he said about this song in an interview. His own words:

"A song like “Times Like These” is about as literal as I like to get. When it comes to the part that says, “those for peace and those for war, God bless these ones, not those ones, but these ones have made times like these” – basically, I was thinking of Hiroshima. Just after September 11, you started seeing “God Bless America” everywhere you look, and for a second it’s understandable. Maybe you even need a little extra blessing when something like that happens. And then it just starts to get carried away. How could it happen that we drop a bomb on, what is it, 200,000 innocent people? It’s just trying to say, “Remember, in the name of our country, horrible things have happened in the past, too.”

The The – This Is the Day Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is in a Dockers commercial.

The Beatles – Baby You're a Rich Man Lyrics 17 years ago
It's a mix between unfinished songs of John and Paul. The first part of the song John wrote, while Paul wrote and filled in the rest. By the way, John for as much as I know, liked Brian Epstein. All the Beatles were devastated when they heard of his death. I think John felt sorry for Brian, b/c he never had a true companion/lover.

The Beatles – You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) Lyrics 17 years ago
Correction- it was John not Paul in my previous post. Originally it was going to be a Four Tops type of song but later it became sort of a joke song.

The Beatles – Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey Lyrics 17 years ago
It was about John and Yoko not drugs. He refers to Yoko as 'monkey' in the song. While they were together everyone else seemed paranoid except for John and Yoko, who were in love. It's about how everything is open and clear when two are in love. John was also to say on occasion that nothing could be truly hidden.

The Beatles – Yes It Is Lyrics 17 years ago
Lennon had said that this was just him trying to rewrite "This Boy". Although I think Yes it Is, is a better song.

The Beatles – Oh! Darling Lyrics 17 years ago
Seems more of a John type of song, though. Great job nevertheless

The Beatles – Do You Want to Know a Secret Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is actually written from the viewpoint of the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein which was also gay. Brian would sneak off to lofts with different love interests from time to time. I think around the time John wrote the song he had recently found out about Brian's sexuality. John had initially no intent of George singing it but later came around to the idea.

The Beatles – You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) Lyrics 17 years ago
Paul found the phrase of the song in a phone book or ad of some sort, if I remember correctly.

The Beatles – Maxwell's Silver Hammer Lyrics 17 years ago
Paul wanted this song to become a single at the time it was released badly, but it never was. It was the most expensive song done on Abbey Road.

The Beatles – Don't Bother Me Lyrics 17 years ago
I don't think any of the Beatles were too crazy about this one. Unfortunately George Martin didn't feel George Harrison had it in him to create songs that rivaled Lennon/McCartney. Later on, however he was proven wrong when Harrison wrote 'Something'

The Beatles – Dig a Pony Lyrics 17 years ago
Dig a Pony is a great song imo. I've heard Lennon thought the song was trash when asked about it. I think he's feelings toward the song had more to do with how it was recorded and the performance, rather than it being really bad. During the making of the Let It Be album, it seemed John grew bored with his songs. This being one of them unfortunately. Across the Universe also suffered the same fate. I still really like this song though. Actually the 'Let It Be' album is one of my favorites.

Sarah McLachlan – Blackbird Lyrics 17 years ago
GlitterGlue- it did and can be found on the I Am Sam soundtrack. Sarah McLachlan's version Tuesdayz_gone was referring to that is. Of course not originally done by Sarah.

Otis Redding – Scratch My Back Lyrics 17 years ago
Originally done by Slim Harpo

Otis Redding – Stand by Me Lyrics 17 years ago
A Ben E. King song.

The Wallflowers – If You Never Got Sick Lyrics 17 years ago
Sorry, that's how the lyrics are listed in the liner notes that come with the CD. I corrected the part before the chorus and the other verse. I think I got the words right, but it's hard to tell.

Joe Cocker – Isolation Lyrics 17 years ago
Originally done by John Lennon.

Sugar Ray – Is She Really Going Out With Him? Lyrics 17 years ago
I forgot to mention that this is originally done by Joe Jackson.

Dusty Springfield – If It Don't Work Out Lyrics 17 years ago
Written by Rod Argent of the Zombies when Dusty asked him if he could write her a song.

The Zombies – Hung Up On A Dream Lyrics 17 years ago
This was the guitarist Paul Atkinson's favorite song off of Odessey and Oracle.

It's also commonly described as the Zombies flower power song. I think it's the most 'psychedelic' the band ever got with a particular song.

The Zombies – If It Don't Work Out Lyrics 17 years ago
Rod Argent originally wrote this and gave it to Dusty Springfield b/c she liked the Zombies a great deal. And asked Rod to write a song for her. He agreed and this is what he wrote for her. The Zombies were bummed at first b/c Rod told them he was just going to give the song to Dusty. They thought it would have been a potential hit for them. Later they recorded it and it's on their box set- Zombie Heaven. While it never became a hit song for the Zombies it did sell well for Dusty Springfield.

The song describes how relationships sour even if one person still wants to pursue it. He desperately hopes for the day that things will be as they were, when they were in love, but the reality of that ever happening is slim. He contemplates how it will be if it doesn't work out for him.

Dusty Springfield – The Look of Love Lyrics 17 years ago
Burt Bacharach wrote this song.

The Zombies – Don't Go Away Lyrics 17 years ago
I really love this song. What I like most is how the harmony breaks in and out so smoothly throughout.

I think it's about the uncertainty of one that he loves. He wants to believe she loves him like she did at night but he knows when day comes he won't be so sure anymore. I think in the back of his mind he knows but doesn't want to admit and confront the reality that she'll go, and he'll soon be alone.

The Zombies – I Don't Want To Worry Lyrics 17 years ago
This was a Chris White home demo that never was released. It's a really good song. It's just about not wanting to have to worry during a relationship. He's saying if he can't have fun with her like he did at the start they should end it b/c they're not happy anymore.

The Zombies – It's Alright With Me Lyrics 17 years ago
Written by Curtis Mayfield and not the Zombies. The band covered it live. The lyrics are a bit different compared to the Impressions version of the song.

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