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CKY – Familiar Realm Lyrics 16 years ago
A few of my buds have already started complaining that this song is too poppy.

I absolute love it, and am starved for some new Camp. So to my friends, and to the others I know who will tout the same "too poppy" complaint...

If you've seen cKy then you know that their live sound and energy is something only worthy of experience, and can never be described. The songs become something other than you could even imagine.

If you haven't seen cKy... then shut the fuck up until you do.

fuCKYou all! 28th!

The Mars Volta – Miranda, That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore Lyrics 16 years ago
In regards to Miranda being her or her daughter.

L'Via is the daughter of Miranda

"L'via hija de miranda"

A Perfect Circle – Annihilation Lyrics 16 years ago
"what major war have we fought without changing presidents?"

Almost if not all of them.

The Haunted – Nothing Right Lyrics 16 years ago
That's weird I just bought Revolver last night, and then I clicked randomly on the last comment feature and it brought me here!

A Perfect Circle – Fiddle And The Drum Lyrics 16 years ago
Great opening and closers to this album huh?

The whispering starts it off and sets a tone very creepy. The ending of it is SO pure when it's just the voices. The voices all together seem like SO many people who protest this war all praying for the same goal of peace.

A Perfect Circle – When The Levee Breaks Lyrics 16 years ago
When I first heard about this cd I was disappointed that it was predominately covers. But when you realize... APC doesn't do covers, they MAKE their own songs with existing ones. It's truley incredibly, and I think to not only convey someone elses message, but to also convey your interpertation well is brilliant.

A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums Lyrics 16 years ago
Yeah botchedeuphoria you tell him! Damn you for having opinions! Oh wait a second...shiiiit they never said that NO bands have political songs. They said they dislike it when bands do! Oh damn... nice flexing your internet muscle.

Anyway. Maynard himself has read so many interpertations of his songs and he says that they are often so wrong. But the point being is that people are trying, they're thinking, they're forming their own opinions and THAT is the real point.

There are a lot of brilliant interpertations of songs, and I love how Maynard will never really give you a straight answer. So many other bands give straight out interpertations, and in some instances that's fine. Maynard wants everyone to flex their intellectual muscle (not internet).

So guys keep up the interpertations and refrain from the "no you're wrong!" Remember what it says above the text box here... "What does this song mean to you?"

Sparta – While Oceana Sleeps Lyrics 16 years ago
They performed this on Conan Obrien and it embarassed me how awful it was.

I love sparta, and this is my favorite song from Porcelain but Jim just ruined the song on that show.

311 – Other Side Of Things Lyrics 16 years ago
Get the 311 Day 04 DVD and skip straight to this song. SA's does not miss a single note in it.

Seeing 311 day 04 was one of the most amazing things I've ever done with my life.

311 – Damn Lyrics 16 years ago
"We ain't no nudist Buddhists named Whutus"

311 – Reconsider Everything Lyrics 16 years ago
How many times will they do the same thing?
How did they get programmed to, your following?
Everyone’s locked up in their suffering
The only way you can tell is reconsider everything

What if the truth is that there is no truth
The only thing I can prove is there is no proof
Don’t be so sure that your source is correct
People believed it before, before they had checked

How many times can they tell you
Til you just give them their way
How many times can sell you
Til you let them have their say
Every time you will ignore your
Heart it will come back twice more
Never deny your own instinct
Reconsider Everything

Everybody want something they control
Some just want grass some they want gold
Either way does it feel good or feel low
Taking you down not fast but real slow

Rebellion done for it's own sake
Does not a true free thinker make
To go against for it's own sake
You're still controlled by the course that the other man takes

Reconsider everything, reconsider everything
Reconsider everything, reconsider everything
Reconsider everything, reconsider everything
Reconsider everything

Correct lyrics

The Mars Volta – Concertina Lyrics 16 years ago
Please make me look stupid... I can't find this trading section. Link me, or perhaps it's not there anymore?

Converge – Concubine Lyrics 16 years ago
"Not that you should really care me, lyrics are the tiniest part of the Converge experience. "

I respect your opinion fully and I understand what you mean. If you were looking towards converge's music for lyrical sensibility you're fucked. But to me I absolutely love Jakes writing style. The albums are like a book in itself, and it just amazes me eachtime.

The feeling and the emotion they put forth makes it all worth it.

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Sunshine The Werewolf Lyrics 16 years ago
How BRUTAL is this song? I love the violin part in the background. Oh my god I need to go punch things now.

Dillinger has helped me through more than a few lady problems. And damnit how awesome is this vocalist now.

The Mars Volta – Concertina Lyrics 16 years ago
They have re-recorded versions? Damn I haven't heard those. Any idea where to get them?

The Mars Volta – Cicatriz ESP Lyrics 16 years ago
These lyrics were posted originally as the demo version. The real sloooow one that was called Eat The Sun/Cicatrix/Cictariz/State Your Preference. So everyone saying the lyrics were "HORRIBLE" that's because they were a different song.

And yes TMV are very selfish, it's the jazz in the band. They do what the want to do, and you can either love it or hate it. But that's what musics about, if you do it for yourself and only yourself you'll never compromise your integrity. It's the same reason Omar and Cedric left At The Drive-In. They didn't want that anymore.

And some of you have probably heard that the new Mars Volta album is called "Frances The Mute" and they've been working all summer on it. I am on absolute pins for this new one.

Anterrabae – Nevertheless She Was A Mess Lyrics 17 years ago
One of two opening acts I've ever enjoyed. They're going to be a very very good band in a few years. This album shows what they got.

I am a huge fan of the writing in this band as well.

Killswitch Engage – Rose of Sharyn Lyrics 17 years ago
During the summer of 2003 Sharon;a friend of mine, a co-worker, an amazing person to have met, passed away. She died alone in her car due to alcohol poisoning.

This song really has a lot of meaning to me and to KSE I commend you for writing this song.

We'll see you all again some day Sharon. We all miss you.

311 – Slinky Lyrics 17 years ago
The band does not like this song. They won't play it anymore.

Really really old 311 makes me laugh, because it's fun and goofy. They really have made a huge change from Unity to Evolver. Wow.

311 – Outside Lyrics 17 years ago
I love Converge and DEP, and I like PTW. And 311 is also another favorite band of mine. So what? Are all your hXc friends giving you a hard time about it? A little musical diversity never hurt anybody.

Drive Like Jehu – Do You Compute? Lyrics 17 years ago
It's a great "fuck you" to anybody who has ever told you their opinions that you couldn't give a shit about. I've applied to many a person many a time.

I bought Yank Crime right before we were on our way to see The Mars Volta. It was like DLJ opened for em, but too bad they're not togther. They definitely definitely were ahead of their time, and it is a god damn shame they're not making music together anymore.

They remind me a lot of At The Drive-In circa Acrobatic Tenement, do they not?

Blink-182 – Dumpweed Lyrics 17 years ago
I love all you whiney kids that freak out about somebody that obviously is just trying to get a rise out of you.

Chill out...

At the Drive-In – 198d Lyrics 17 years ago
"although im sure you guys are right i just wanted to share what came to mind whenever i heard this song, esepecially after reading the comments for one armed scissor. " - Carlos 21

Hey. It says above "what does this song mean to you?" Even when a lot of us are trying to figure out what cedric meant, we should always take the time to explain what it means to us. So hey, good for you for thinking outside that stupid cliched box. Because you know what, your explanation fits really well, and I still can't see the gravestone thing really.

At the Drive-In – Porfirio Diaz Lyrics 17 years ago
I hate this song. I find it to be utterly awful.

The lyrics on the other hand I enjoy. I go to a college prep school, a little rich kid haven, where literally almost all of the kids first cars are better than a car my parents will EVER buy for themselves.

So yes I can relate to this. Very much so.

At the Drive-In – Ticklish Lyrics 17 years ago
It's really hard to figure out a lot of the songs from Acrobatic Tenement becuase Cedric and the rest of the band were so fucking high when they recorded it. All in one night mind you. If you've ever wondered why the whole cd kind of sounds the same, well there are no distortions, no effects because they were using somebody elses equipment.

So back to the lyrics. Cedric was stoned out of his mind and didn't have any of his lyrics with him so he was trying to remember them while singing it.

Interesting eh?

At the Drive-In – Autorelocator Lyrics 17 years ago
Catacuache. I agree that these songs should have made it farther than they had. Extracurricular is one of my favorite ATDI songs. But I guess it's cool because it has a certain feel to it, like if you know the song, you can say you know it because you have one of the rarities.

Man I REALLY love Extracurricular. I really need to give this song another chance.

At the Drive-In – Catacombs Lyrics 17 years ago
I am pretty confident but always have the potential to be mistake...

This song and the song "Catacomb" are infact different. Catacomb appears on one of the ATDI vinyl's. And Catacombs is what appears on the ROC import.

At the Drive-In – Extracurricular Lyrics 17 years ago
This song puzzles me greatly. It is one of my favorites by the band, but it really leaves me wondering.

I do know if you read the lyrics like it were a story for a movie, it would make one sick horror film.

At the Drive-In – Grand Mox Turkin Lyrics 17 years ago
It's off of "Hell Paso"

311 – Offbeat Bare Ass Lyrics 17 years ago
It isn't the best of songs, but hell it's great watching them have so much fun playing it. I love this song really.

I don't really get where the hell SAs verse comes into the flow of the song, but I can never forget how much I laughed when I heard him make farting noises the first time I heard this.

311 – Loco Lyrics 17 years ago
If you haven't seen 311 live you're missing out. If you haven't seen 311 at 311 day, you're missing out totally.

Sparta – Mye Lyrics 17 years ago
Where was Austere and/or Wiretap recorded?

I've always had this idea about the reference to "projects through mansion doors" being about The Mars Volta. They, if you didnt know, recorded iwth Rick Ruben in a mansion that is said to be haunted. Actually at one point one member of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers went into the bathroom and just walked out because he felt so creeped out by a presence.

Well reading the lyrics again Jim says "small flat in a smaller town." Could this be where they recorded?

Converge – Jane Doe Lyrics 17 years ago
How was At The Drive-In an example of hardcore Crying Of Cold? No... just because Cedric yells it's not hardcore. ATDI is my favorite band ever. So props to knowing them and presumably liking them.

As for this song, I will go out of my way in the car just to finish this song all the way untill the last note. Wow.

Converge – Concubine Lyrics 17 years ago
It's great to see a bunch of Converge supporters here. I am one of the only people who I know, that knows and enjoys converge.

I was blown away the first time I heard them after a band practice one day. I got the album the next day.

311 – Taiyed Lyrics 17 years ago
I always pronounced the title as "tayed" but my friend Eric seems to think that is's said like "tie ed" like "tired" but saying it without much of an R sound. Boston accent stylee.

311 – Juanbond Lyrics 17 years ago
"People kept writing into us and asking 'What the FUCK is Juan Bond?'"

I went to 311 day this year and Nick said that this song is called Juan bond because when they made the instrumental for it "because it had latin beats", somebody said "this is like the spanish version of james bond."

At the Drive-In – Star Slight Lyrics 17 years ago
"sailing all alone, guided on by starslight
nowhere is my home
inside of my mind "

His mind is set free and his thoughts will direct him. The thoughts he has are of his own and it is he and only he who will come up with his own ideals, opinions, and thoughts.

"we've paid that shoeshine boy
whose buff has no smile
he spits on your tip-toes
and you keep hugging folklore
like it's out of style, out of focus
harum scarum "

We have all let somebody else at some point polish a thought for us. They've made the decision on what we were to do because you were afraid of stepping outside the cliched box.

"we promote this cover, discover"

Discover...yourself and your own mind.

"and you know your insides true
better than i do"

These lyrics are somewhat flawed, where as it is more of a question, Jim actually does say "do you know..." at a few points. The other time's it is like he is directing somebody to know themselves.

Pretty simple song, great opener. Great cover by The Impossibles as well check that out.

CKY – Flesh Into Gear Lyrics 18 years ago
PLEASE please please let "star 9" be just joking. If not please just find a bridge and jump off of it. I wish you a hard fast landing.

CKY – Close Yet Far Lyrics 18 years ago
Why dont you listen to their fucking albums and find out?

CKY – Destination Undefined Lyrics 18 years ago
Correct. I like how mourning spelled Idiot wrong. Very hypocritical

The Mars Volta – Cicatriz ESP Lyrics 18 years ago
Hey who the hell changed my (i was yacantfademe) lyrics to Cicatriz ESP

These are the lyrics to the demo version the new ones are a bit different. Somebody should change that back again.

Atreyu – A Letter to Someone Like You Lyrics 18 years ago
The chorus sounds so punk (the guitars) it adds a cool aspect to the song

Metallica – We Did It Again (feat. Ja Rule and Swizz Beatz) Lyrics 18 years ago
This song I heard it and it sounded like somebody took any stupid Ja Rule song (minus ashanti for once) and a really bad metallica song and played them right over eachother into a mic and said it was a new song.

The new album is so disappointing and it embarasses me. They need to stop.

Poison the Well – Nerdy Lyrics 18 years ago
"I would have to agree with downpour and muzzy, that it is purely ridiculous to deny that it requires great skill to sing with this much emotion. "

First off I'd be curious to know if you sing or if anyone who agrees with that statement is in a band. Making your voice filled with emotion IS a talent. Let's see do you hear Britney Spears doing it? No. Axl Rose? Yes. Go listen to the old GnR albums and youll hear it.

And people think people turn to screaming because they cant sing. For me, screaming out different notes is harder than singing ever will be.

And seriously shut the fuck up its just all opinions anyway. I like it - you dont. Whoohoo.

Atreyu – A Song for the Optimists Lyrics 18 years ago
You nailed it Thricefold. I would love to see them two tour together again.

CKY – Disengage The Simulator Lyrics 18 years ago
The riff IS amazing. That is what got Chad interested in joining the band.

CKY – Fat Fuck Lyrics 18 years ago
I read the lyrics to it somewhere once and when you read them it all makes sense. I'll have to find them again.

CKY – Close Yet Far Lyrics 18 years ago
thank you refinehatelove everyone needed to know that because we didnt already.

The song is about a person who is afraid to leave their house and they watch life go by through their window.

CKY – Shippensberg Lyrics 18 years ago
Actually Deron said that this song was "not my idea"

CKY – Shippensberg Lyrics 18 years ago
The song is about a band driving to Shippensberg to get on the radio. I think Deron said he didn't write the lyrics or something like that.

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