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They Might Be Giants – S-e-x-x-y Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm fairly sure it is she wants to be a man.

And I'm fairly sure the song is about androgeny. Or having 2X and 1Y chromosomes. Great tune though.

For other androgeny tunes, check out "Androgenous" by the Replacements!

Prince – Cream Lyrics 17 years ago
Prince has an androgynous quality to him, he is most certainly not gay. He's all about the ladies.

Prince rocks too hard for words.

The Commodores – Brick House Lyrics 17 years ago
Saying a woman is a brick house is like saying she's large. She's got that ghetto booty. More cushion for the pushin, to paraphrase Spinal Tap.

Odes to the big girls have been around forever.

DVDA – I'm So Ronery Lyrics 17 years ago
wow, these lyrics are extremely far off.... for the correct ones, go to

And it isn't DVDA, if anybody it's trey Parker, or Kim Jong-Il if you prefer

Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage Lyrics 17 years ago
BTW, it isn't Jack White singing on the song.

And sure they're a novelty act, but no more than The Darkness.

And The Hives all have weird names too. Dr. Matt Destruction? Chris Dangerous? Nicholaus Arson? Vigilante Carlstroem? Those are pretty crazed names.

Electric Six – Gay Bar Lyrics 17 years ago
Gotta love a nonsensical song that's not about being gay or being straight. It just is. And it's weird.

The Presidents of the United States of America – Highway Forever Lyrics 17 years ago
This is my second favorite song off the album, mainly because when they played it live, they dedicated it to me and my buddy Nick. That was sweet.

Number one on the album is Shreds of Boa though

Eww Dude Seriously – Can You Picture That? Lyrics 17 years ago
This must be a horrible of The Electric Mayhem's orginal.

The Electric Mayhem, for the uninitiated, are the band on the Muppet Show. Members being, Dr. Teeth, Floyd Pepper, Janice, Zoot, and Animal.

The Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love? (Feat. Justin Timberlake) Lyrics 17 years ago
Don't go knocking Justin, he makes some fun music. Not necissarily good, but fun to listen to.

And he does a great job on this song, not trying to be center stage. If I didn't know, I wouldn't be able to tell it was him.

Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls Lyrics 17 years ago
The best booty song of all time. Though "Big Bottom" and "Baby Got Back" are up there.

Nerf Herder – Mr. Blue Sky Lyrics 17 years ago
Yeah, ELO did it first

Nerf Herder – Jenna Bush Army Lyrics 17 years ago
No, I don't think she's that hot. The other Bush daughter is better looking, and she's not very attractive either.

Nerf Herder – Mr. Spock Lyrics 18 years ago
yes, great song

although it is "man lizard" and "cold and green"
and i know this because i'm a Trek fan
and now I'm waiting to be beaten up

The Coral – Spanish Main Lyrics 18 years ago
it sorta just sets the theme for the album, that's teh extent of its "meaning"

Mya, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim, Missy – Lady Marmalade Lyrics 18 years ago
THIS SONG IS A LOAD OF CRUD!!! Well at least, by these artists.

Do yourself a favor, grab Patti LaBelle's version, one of the best soul singers of all time.

The Coral – Dreaming Of You Lyrics 18 years ago
its new, sorta. they're gearing up to release their second album in the UK, while we just got their first album here in the US... good stuff, i like the whole sea chanty thing they go goin' on. i wish i were a pirate...

Led Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop Lyrics 18 years ago
Its definately a Hobbit reference. One of Bilbo's stops on the way to the Lonely Mountains was the Misty Mountains. It's where he met Gollum and consequently found the One Ring.

But the song isn't really about the Hobbit, its more of a metaphor.

Spice Girls – Wannabe Lyrics 18 years ago
It's not a good song, but strangely addictive

Dropkick Murphys – The Gauntlet Lyrics 18 years ago
I went to school with one of the guitarists. I remember flipping through the channels and coming to MTV and they were playing this video (yes, I couldn't believe it either) and I saw Marc Orrell playing frickin' guitar on frickin' MTV. Anywho, I do like the song, mad quality.

The Beatles – Twist and Shout (The Top Notes cover) Lyrics 18 years ago
this was their first hit, although it is a cover of The Isley Brothers

The Flaming Lips – Christmas at the Zoo Lyrics 19 years ago
Best Christmas Song Ever

The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?? Lyrics 19 years ago
This song is just an absolute work of art... why can't all music be this good?

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