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Newsboys – I Surrender All Lyrics 16 years ago
God digs us! Period! And well crafted for not having steve . It was awesome live on Jenny Jones, anybody see it? Anyways the song speaks volumes on Gods everlasting love for non-deservants.

DC Talk – Alas My Love Lyrics 16 years ago
kevin has a strange story telling ability that i also possess. When i first heard the poem i was relieved that there was someone out there that could write provacative poetry w/o rhyming. what an awesome way to remind us of the Son's sacrifice.

DC Talk – Heavenbound Lyrics 16 years ago
HILARIOUS! I was 6 when this came out and i still remember every word on the CD. Never judge the music on this album, it's a great witness tool no doubt. This song reminds me that you gotta start somewhere and to never be ashamed of your past, no matter how corny! huh-huh- heaven bound. huh-huh-Hilarious!

DC Talk – What Have We Become? Lyrics 16 years ago
Eerie and simple. This song is amazing . T- and the gang out did themselves. My fav DCT Song EVER! Greatest lyric also... Angel w/ no wings... Kingdom w/ no king! Too bad no airplay.

Newsboys – Spirit Thing Lyrics 16 years ago
Dum-Dum-Dum...Dum-Dum-Dum I'm referring to the beat and not the song. My fav NB song. Sometimes the best answer is not to have one.

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