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Radiohead – Kid A Lyrics 19 years ago
I managed to stumble across the live version of this song. Totally rocked the socks off the album version. He goes an octave high on "Standing in the shadows" and the musical aspect of it is a lot more better to listen to. I know what they were trying to get with the album version, but I think it's better live.
Oh, and it's gotta be about drugs.

Ben Folds – In Love Lyrics 19 years ago
Though most of this song is William Shatner blabbing on, it all adds up to a disgruntled male at the end of a relationship we would see a lot in these days. The chick is some new age emotional person, trying to figure Billy out... and he's just playing a lot with it, because he wants some loving.
Me and my cousin used to "say" along to this song on the bus. It was kind of scary that we knew all the words.

Ben Folds – Hiro's Song Lyrics 19 years ago
Yeah, this could be a lot of people in this day and age. I really like when he says, "But she's an infant, he can damn well have her!" And then it has a goofy drum fill, obviously to signify what the drum programmer does. Also, the shouting, BRING IN SOME MORE SHIT! Is always nice to have. I love it when they rock.

Ben Folds – Still In Love Lyrics 19 years ago
I love Billy Shat. I love Benny Fol. And I loved them together. The laughter is the best part, because Shatner's all being serious style, and Ben just can't contain himself. This is a follow up to "In Love," obviously... and since that was about him not being in love anymore, this was about him thinking, "Wait a minute, ok, maybe I am still in love with you? Wait, nevermind. I'm not."

Ben Folds – Not The Same Lyrics 19 years ago
Saw him do this live, but I was really excited when I saw him on Conan. The way the backround people did the backup vocals, it was just... I dunno, something about it game me a really awesome vibe. You know, the part where he goes, "You see them drop like flies," And they go, "Yep, dropping from their bright sunny skies, yep, knocking with this look in their eyes, yep, you see them drop like flies" It was just really cool. I guess you had to see it. But yeah, you guys all got the idea. Saintdaddy, I think you were talking about Hiro's song.

Cowboy Bebop – Fantaisie Sign Lyrics 19 years ago
This is such a beautiful song. The singing and the instruments and that drum beat are just great together. In this song, everything the character sees represents her lover. Everything is about him, she can't think about anything else, him and her, forever, always.

Cowboy Bebop – Wo Qui Non Coin Lyrics 19 years ago
When I first heard this song, I thought it was beautiful. The last note is so wonderfully sung and presented, with the flute riff underneath it. I think it should be pointed out that half way through this song, the lyrics become written in French, as opposed to Japanese. So that should be noted for the last half, as it is romanized incorrectly. The translation is something about a dog, and it was with the girl always, and then she lost it, and it made her sad. To me, the song always made me think of some sort of enticing, gripping passion and romance between two people that made the outside world nonexistant... but obviously I was a little off.

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