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Glen Phillips – Simple Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this is about life and marriage in particular getting complicated to the point where it is no longer simple as it was in the beginning. When it comes down to it "You’re simply all I need "

Glen Phillips – Cleareyed Lyrics 10 years ago
Has my favorite line on Winter Pays for Summer
"Beyond the past, beyond the fear, the simple act of being here"
I met my now wife a few days after seeing Glen live & we had a turbulent long distance relationship so those lines mean a lot to me.

Bobby Vinton – I Love How You Love Me Lyrics 10 years ago
My favorite is Jeff Mangum's version (no 'tease me' portion). I loved this song enough to propose to my wife with it. I even wrote some extra verses to it.

I love that when you're around me it is always brighter
I love how you found me without even trying
I love the way your touch can send me to my knees
But darling most of all I love how you love me

I love how you comfort me when inside I'm crying
I love how you make me smile without even trying
I love the way how I never knew you made me complete
And now I can't live without you
I love how you love me

You read me & heed me
I know that I love you believe me
You hold me & console me
You are my one & only

You could never have told me how much that you care for me
Because darling it's obvious
Darling it's plain to see
All of the holes in me you fill in perfectly
All in all I love you. You love me.

Tripple Seven – Far Lyrics 10 years ago
This is about a Christian struggling to put his knowledge into action.

Mars – Olive scaling meek. Lyrics 10 years ago
I wrote this song as a gag letter in a Christmas card I tried to send to a friend. "To Whomever It Concerns"

My favorite line is "Cradle me in your have."
It speaks volumes of materialism being the basis of love or comfort

Toad the Wet Sprocket – All I Want Lyrics 10 years ago
to me this song is about the joy of life
the hope and invigoration of taking in the outside air on a breezy day

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Walk On The Ocean Lyrics 10 years ago
The lines "we don't even have pictures just memories to hold that grow sweeter each season as we slowly grow old" has personal meaning to me because my family didn't have a camera as I was growing up

Toad the Wet Sprocket – One Wind Blows Lyrics 10 years ago
Lines from this song have personal meaning to me as it took me a while to find Bread & Circus. I was 18 when I got it which is about the same age as Glen when he wrote it.

Wouldn't know any more than home And couldn't see much further > I still lived at home

Bundled up and packed away we shiver still > I had poor heating in my house at the time

Laying face to wall Plaster tells me nothing > The room I lived in was not painted & my bed was in the corner

But I sense a movement somewhere else And 'though it's far away Bundled up in safety here I shiver still > I had just met my future wife who lived far away. I felt happy and safe because of the love but I shivered still because we were apart

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Janitor Lyrics 10 years ago
Sleeping in the drum is like the idea of a product called "Janitor in a Can (Drum)" but once you use it you become the janitor because you are the one cleaning

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Liars Everywhere Lyrics 10 years ago
I think this song is about how we lie to ourselves. "Here in my mind.." "Deep in my heart.."

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Know Me Lyrics 10 years ago
The first part of the song is another song called Humble

"I love an object a singular thing
Carried beside me and flaunted for me
I know I'm not holy just partially good
No time for my family or patience to brood
I want to be a great man
A hero, a martyr, immortal I'd stand
Well I haven't the guts to touch lepers or queers
Though I'm happy to waste away time with you here"

Toad the Wet Sprocket – Something's Always Wrong Lyrics 10 years ago
Here are the background lyrics (they do fit better when you add these lyrics with the main ones as they are sung

"Again we fail to meet and mend
The spaces safe between intents
We say too much and long been gone,
Oh but something's always wrong."

"Again we fail to make amends
And wend our way between intents
And looking back, not moving on
Oh but something's always wrong."

"Again we fail to meet and mend
The spaces safe between intents
We say too much, too long been gone
Oh but something's always wrong.

Glen Phillips – The Next Day Lyrics 10 years ago
Good intentions then success can lead to contentment then laziness.

I enjoy the lines "Awaken by degrees. Information as disease" they seem to point out how education has at times become indoctrination and accepting this information makes us seem important but yet we become just another drone of the system.

Glen Phillips – It Takes Time Lyrics 10 years ago
This is about a man struggling to provide for his family yet still spend time with them. In Glen's case his job is as a touring musician.
The line "I thought that time had only one way to go" to me may refer to him once being with the popular Toad the Wet Sprocket making good income to being a now lesser known solo artist touring to live.

Glen Phillips – I Still Love You Lyrics 10 years ago
I see this as a song from a man to his wife after years of marriage.
The worst being the smallest part, wonderful depiction of true love. Not the young uncertain love most artists write about.

Better Than Ezra – This Time Of Year Lyrics 10 years ago
One of my all time favorite songs. The lyrics are general enough for almost anyone to relate to & the music and mood is perfect

The Olivia Tremor Control – Inside Blasts Lyrics 12 years ago
OTC played this song live before they broke up (& it is was a million times better than CS's)

Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945 Lyrics 12 years ago
"And here's where your mother sleeps
And here is the room where your brothers were born
Indentions in the sheets
Where their bodies once moved but don't move anymore
And it's so sad to see the world agree
That they'd rather see their faces fill with flies
All when I'd want to keep white roses in their eyes "

The most chilling and tear jerking lyrics I've ever heard

Neutral Milk Hotel – Oh Comely Lyrics 12 years ago
I've felt the Goldaline portion of the song to be related to the hollocost portion 'I know they buried her body with others..'
where Jeff puts himself with Goldaline dying in a concentration camp

New – Tree Farm Lyrics 15 years ago
this song was improvised & has a very demoish sound. the music video of this song can be found at

New – What The Eat? Lyrics 15 years ago
this is simply Emperor MAR's voice reversed at 3 varring speeds of him saying his famous catch phrase What the Eat?

New – cP Lyrics 15 years ago
this is a pop song with a quick reverse symbol in it.
it is band member Eggroll's favorite instrumental

New – Lunch Fat Ryme Lyrics 15 years ago
this song has a classic "fat beat" done by band member Joenan
its an old school style rap song with lots of energy
(The Joe) wrote it at church camp while standing in the lunch line with anticipation.

Radiohead – Keep Strong (On a Friday demo) Lyrics 15 years ago
I think the song is about not selling out
keeping strong when standing by your principals

At the Drive-In – 300 Mhz Lyrics 15 years ago
those are the what he's saying backwards I reversed it once
atdi does sound like ratm except atdi has songs that actually sound different from each other

Radiohead – Say the Word (C-Minor Song) Lyrics 15 years ago
this song has never been released to the public in anyway
the other songs listed are real but also never released

At the Drive-In – Initiation Lyrics 16 years ago
great even long ago

he spells initiation in the background right?

Radiohead – Like Spinning Plates Lyrics 16 years ago
i took the backwards version & reversed it

sounds like upright bass

it is the main guitar melody in I Will

Radiohead – Creep Lyrics 16 years ago
so f'n special to me says that yeah you're special but you don't deserve to be special and I do

Radiohead – Treefingers Lyrics 16 years ago
its about chage from childhood to adulthood

fitting the Kid A theme

Radiohead – Where I End and You Begin. (The Sky Is Falling In.) Lyrics 16 years ago
it seems to be about Thom & GOD

there's a gap between
there's a gap where we meet

up in the clouds
parting the waves

makes sense to me

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