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BT – Shame Lyrics 18 years ago
looking at the lyrics and listening to the song, i keep getting images of the girl in the song taking heroin in my head. perhaps he is talking about that?

Pink Floyd – Money Lyrics 18 years ago
Though with fitting to the whole desires for money, could it be possible that PF was talking about americans in general? I mean, america IS the most money hungry country in the world, or i should say the society is. Could PF actually be diggin on american culture? This is just a theory. ANy thoughts?

Queen – The Prophet's Song Lyrics 18 years ago
I find this song to be a wonderful example of Queen's style of engineering. Great stereo effects, vocal layering, and pseudo-acapella choruses make this song a treat.
I recently picked up the DVD audio release of A Night at The Opera, and the new engineering of this song is jawdropping! Queen is made for surround sound! I highly recommend this album to anyone interested in music.

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