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Modest Mouse – 3rd Planet Lyrics 19 years ago
yeah, and man, like uh, dude bro, when he says the universe is shaped like the earth, man, it means it's round. The universe is round, get it? The earth is round, and the universe is like the earth, so the universe is round. GET IT?

Seriously though, who else thinks that America's education system is crumbling? I've heard teachers say the same kind of things as CONTROLDbyhatred. Something's wrong.

And how can anyone help but love Isaac Brock? American genius; rather, genius who is wholly American and locked into it.

Elvis Costello – Welcome To The Working Week Lyrics 19 years ago
why do people always talk about songs like they're actual experiences of the musician?

This song is about how busy life is. family had to kill to survive. the singer doesn't feel like any of it is worth it. I hope it don't kill you. everything is read about in books. He's too busy for relationships even, and we all know how much that blows the big donkey dick.

why why why is this corporate ladder so far-reaching? I wish I was a millionaire...I don't really want to work...DAMN IT. someone donate money to me. Candesvara.

Elvis Costello – Beyond Belief Lyrics 19 years ago
This is stone-cold genius. Tom Waits and Bob Dylan are great, and I know people already give Elvis a lot of credit, but he deserves it a lot more than Dylan. Dylan writes great narratives but often things become repetetive or meandering, and the musical edge pales in comparison with Costello. Long live the king.

Death Cab for Cutie – We Laugh Indoors Lyrics 19 years ago
To me personally, the song is about letting impersonal ideals and morality get in the way of real love.

The narrator's caught between his anger over her being, well, a whore, and this real feeling that in spite of it all he still love this woman. The whole thing is about contrasting the happiness of being with her with the anger at her cheating. The laughter indoors vs. the big city noise; the angry accusations; waiting for the direness to pass again into happiness. But they're packing her things...

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