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Nirvana – Something in the Way Lyrics 18 years ago
Actually, according to Krist Novoselic, some of Kurt's other childhood friends, and his sister, he never lived under that bridge because it's impossible to live under that bridge. Ever been to Aberdeen? Under that bridge there is nothing but mud. It's metaphorical, so learn your fucking trivia.

Jack Off Jill – Lollirot Lyrics 18 years ago
I think this song is basically about the music industry, the verses being about the fans (Hard rock queens, skinhead/evil boys) And the part about being candy covered on the outside, well I don't know if any of you know this but the music industry is a bitch on the inside, everyone's in it for the money, but they keep it looking glam on the outside.

Jack Off Jill – Clear Hearts Grey Flowers Lyrics 18 years ago
Your mouth is like a funeral
Where words go to die

(Someone spreading lies?)

Your mouth is like an open sore
Where words blister and die

(Spouting untruth?)

I think she's just angry with someone who fucked her around.

Jack Off Jill – Working With Meat Lyrics 19 years ago
I think this is about how media desensitizes kids to the dangers of drugs, unsafe sex, what have you, to the point where they don't know why it would be wrong.

Jack Off Jill – Media C-Section Lyrics 19 years ago
I think this song is about the music industry and how it kills the true meaning when artists try to express themselves. They obviously tried to fuck Jessicka up the ass at one point or another....

Jack Off Jill – Girlscout Lyrics 19 years ago
This song is (apparently) about a girl she had a relationship with (kissed by a star) and it wasn't as important to Jess as it was to the girl at the time....but Jessicka regrets hurting her.

::with a halo in my hand::

Jack Off Jill – Author Unknown Lyrics 19 years ago
I agree with the bible thing. I think this is a song about goD. I mean, some of Jessicka's songs are deeeep but I think this one is just right out there. She's also written quite a few songs about goD. And I agree with what I think she's saying.

Jack Off Jill – Angels Fuck Lyrics 19 years ago
Sadly, JOJ broke up a coupla years ago, but Jessicka's new band (Scarling) should be releasing some stuff soon....and it's Jessicka's voice and lyrics so damn straight it'll be good. I greatly enjoy this screams with pain.....but at the end it screams 'it will always hurt you fucking asshole' as well as 'fuck you'. I think this means that the pain never leaves, but she lives with it.

Jack Off Jill – Surgery Lyrics 19 years ago
I agree with you there, Martyr, with a few additions. the 'cut away this empty' line is something I've felt before. After a difficult ending to a difficult relationship, there is an emptyness, a void, where there is no pain but there is nothing else to replace the pain you felt. You feel like cutting away at yourself to take out the empty space. The repitition of 'I can change' suggests that she felt that if she was given a chance, she could turn herself int o a different person, a person worthy of his love. Or maybe I'm self-relating too much.....

::with a halo in my hand::

Jack Off Jill – Lovesong (Cure Cover) Lyrics 19 years ago

Jessicka has that rare ability to put vast amounts of raw emotion into any song she sings. The distortion in the song (heard if you listen to it really loud) adds to the quality of the song. The way she sings it does speak of love but she also sounds almost sad, as though she's only remembering feeling like that. Then again, we all relate songs to ourselves when we say what they mean.

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