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A Perfect Circle – Diary Of A Madman / Lovesong Lyrics 14 years ago
um... this was not on Mer de Noms...

live bootleg...

what a great way to cover a song too.

A Perfect Circle – Vanishing Lyrics 14 years ago
blah blah, okay "" right? but i don't care if there is a meaning to this song or if there isn't. whatever. this song is awesome. the first time i ever really sat and listened to this cd i got stoned to all hell and when this came on... it was like everything just got still. i didn't look for the song's meaning, and frankly i don't think there is one, but i swear, if you smoke pot, put it on when you're high and... i dunno, meditate or something. you'll find yourself in the clouds. its beautiful.

Hopesfall – The Far Pavilions Lyrics 14 years ago
man, this song hit me like a brick. the "bad friends" theme totally applies.

so here's my story of why this song affects me.

there was this girl i started talking to. for the sake of story telling we'll call her ashley, and my friend christian. me and ashley hit it off pretty well. a few weeks into it i started getting really interested. christian was my best friend. i stuck by him and defended him when people would talk shit about him. he's a pretty weird kid. an only child and back in the day he would rarely leave his house. so i stuck up for him and never ever had a bad thing to say. anyways, so i was in austin for 3 weeks. the minute i leave, christian goes after ashley and persuades her to believe that i am a bad guy. he said all these things about me to make everyone hate me.

some friend. he is only out for personal gain and he would step on anyone's back to get what he wants. now, its a month after i got back from austin and i've totally gotten the short end of the stick. ashley and i are friends now and nothing more (...which sucks...) and i haven't seen christian since the night i got back into town.

so, this song went to a mix cd i made i labeled "Hate Anthems" and i can't help but blast my stereo whenever i hear it. i loved christian like he was my brother and now "i stand on this hill alone, never turning back, in hopes that the past will fade."

i still get so mad at him when i think about it. i want to punch him in the face and stab him in the back like he did to me.

Hopesfall – Escape Pod For Intangibles Lyrics 14 years ago
but what the hell are they talking about?

Incubus – Megalomaniac Lyrics 14 years ago
the album is politically charged though, and eveyone knows it. maybe he's talking about TWO PEOPLE AT ONCE...omg.

The American Analog Set – Aaron And Maria Lyrics 14 years ago
i jsut heard about this band not too long ago, through the Home V ep by ben gibbard and American Analog Set's Andrew Kenny... really good stuff...

Death Cab for Cutie – Company Calls Epilogue Lyrics 14 years ago
see, what happens is in the beginning of the album, he meets a girl and falls for her, but feels that the relationship is going to be doomed... and the album goes into the whole "oh shit i'm doomed" theme, then the road trip with "Lowell, MA" and "405" then Company Calls, where he's venting because the girl he fall for is going to get married... then the epilogue where he wants to get piss drunk and crash the party...

Death Cab for Cutie – Company Calls Lyrics 14 years ago
we have the facts and we're voting yes is a story dude... he's telling a damn story. if the character gets drunk, then he gets drunk. its his story.

Death Cab for Cutie – Lowell, MA Lyrics 14 years ago
lowell, MA, hometown of Jack Kerouac

Death Cab for Cutie – Title Track Lyrics 14 years ago does a really good review of this album and goes into the songs' meanings.

this song is like half/half. the first part is them talking at the party, the second half goes to them getting physical.

Dashboard Confessional – Living In Your Letters Lyrics 16 years ago
"Breathe deeply from this envelope it smells like you and I can't be without that scent.
It's filling me with all you mean to me."

When I first heard this lyric I could do nothing but cry. It made me think of my ex-girlfriend who lives in North Carolina. I happen to live in Texas.

She visited me for Christmas vacation one year for a week. That's when I realized that I loved her. Everything about this girl was perfect. Her personality, her body, her face, her smell, her taste in music...Then came the day when she had to go back home. That same day I had to go back to school. When I came back home, I walked up to my bedroom, which was where she slept (i bunked up w/ my little brother for the week) and I was overwhelmed with her scent.

I cried right there. I can't help but to think of that now.

From Autumn to Ashes – Cherry Kiss Lyrics 16 years ago
this is the first song I've heard from FATA and I absolutley loved it and found myself wanting more. The heaviness of the music and screaming lyrics along side the acoustic breakdowns explain me all too well.

The Get Up Kids – Mass Pike Lyrics 16 years ago
i just love people that are like "i'm so much more emo than you becuase i listened to this band since day 1"

this song is a great song. the first two lines describe me too well.

my first GUK song was "10 Minutes." I didn't start listening to this style of music until halfway through 10th grade (last year).

AFI – Morningstar Lyrics 16 years ago
talk about emo...


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