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Yes – South Side of the Sky Lyrics 16 years ago
yeah, funny, hardly anyone noticed this song...

anyway, one of my fav yes songs, one of my alltime favs too. love the melody, love the drums (the DRUMS!!! Mr .Bruford couldnt play that better), love the guitars (Squire/Howe/Wakeman), love the transitions between "moods" here, Mr. Anderson's voice... it all fits so perfectly together, all so well balanced. theres so much music in it...

Yes – And You And I Lyrics 16 years ago
when modern bands want to write about love, they usually say "i love you baby, ur hot baby, i wanna make love to you baby" and other funny shit like this. Yes is one of the very, very few original bands in this particular respect (pretty much in others too). I just couldnt agree more with gigiuz - "All complete in the sight of seeds of life with you" is in my opinion one of the greatest things you can say to sb you love, esp in the context of the rest of the song. Everything in this world, including the world itself, is only complete with that person. or in other words, without that person, the world is incomplete.

concise, original, meaningful. brilliant.

Guns N' Roses – Think About You Lyrics 16 years ago
lol ok my mistake :D well then just swap the name axl with izzy:D

Mr. Bungle – The Girls of Porn Lyrics 16 years ago
i fkn love this song - everyone tries to be profound these days but hardly anyone knows how to be original. i think a song about jerking off is very original :P

Faith No More – Last Cup Of Sorrow Lyrics 16 years ago
a great song - i agree with jimbojoe and karl. anyway i love album of the year, i think its their greatest album (i didnt say it WAS, i said i THINK). even though its not as tweaked as angel dust or king for a day, it took the band to the next level with the array of subtle means of expression they used there - before that it was good music and kickass lyrics, all very precisely put together. album of the year, apart from good music and kickass lyrics, had an extremely moody atmosphere woven by all the tiny bits not to be found quite anywhere else (take opening sound in stripsearch, or how the synthetizer descends towards the end of the song etc...). the band were dealing with new media here and the album lacks that precision found in previous albums, just liek in the case of gnr's appetite for destruction vs use your illusion.

my opinion anyway

Agents of Good Roots – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Lyrics 16 years ago
and yeah, it is a paul simon song. love that voice!

Agents of Good Roots – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Lyrics 16 years ago
i heard two versions with steve gadd on the drums, omg that guy fuckin owns the world, hes no1

Guns N' Roses – Sweet Child O' Mine Lyrics 17 years ago
this song is about what you want it to be

Guns N' Roses – Ain't It Fun Lyrics 17 years ago
yeah, definitely good music here... funny, ive never heard any ohter band making a good gnr cover...

Guns N' Roses – 14 Years Lyrics 17 years ago
well, howbout this and that: 14 years of excess (...) spent with ussless, worthless, ever-whining and moaning bitch? does that matter? gnr is fuckin great music and that music is gonna be around for the next couple of milleniums, thats all that really matters!

Guns N' Roses – 14 Years Lyrics 17 years ago
i think the song pretty ambiguous, just like any song, and you cant say that its about this and not that.

Guns N' Roses – Think About You Lyrics 17 years ago
you can either love sb or not - true, real, genuine love is a non-gradable state. if i love a girl, i dont love her better than the other girl who has good looks but is of no signifficance to me, i love the one that i love and simply do not love the other. axl sais he loves the girl best just as many other people do when they get infatuated. they feel very elated and confident and say loads of things they have no clue about (like "ill be with you forever" and stuff like that). but it does not mean axl (and the rest of the "i love you best" people) trurly loves the woman. maybe one day, but not at that moment. it may sound crude, but it would be his testicles taking over his brain that make him say things like that.

Alice in Chains – Again Lyrics 17 years ago
So does the school thing lol

Guns N' Roses – Bad Obsession Lyrics 17 years ago
Women and drugs - two really hazardous, bad bad things. And very, very addictive.

Guns N' Roses – Think About You Lyrics 17 years ago
Just one question: can you love somebody better or best?

Guns N' Roses – Breakdown Lyrics 17 years ago
One of my favs. If not THE fav. It is a bit depressing, but i guess the whole Use Your Illusion is... Apetite for destruction was like years of childish craziness and lack of responsibility, whereas UYI (esp. II) is a bitter plunge into the reality of adulthood with all the duties and problems. And the song is all that - it is the very summary of that plunge.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 18 years ago
I meant "your_mom", sorry for that.

Lamb – Lusty Lyrics 18 years ago
How come there are so few bands like "Lamb" - bands that create unique, beautiful music coming staright from the creator's soul?

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics 18 years ago
I agree with "my mom" - who cares? The text in the "::add your comments::" box sais "What does this song mean to YOU?" - every song meaning is subjective, it means exactly what you think it does; it's there for YOU, and if somebody tries to question your opinion on it, it is THAT person who is wrong!!!

Guns N' Roses – Sweet Child O' Mine Lyrics 18 years ago
like i wrote, this is the way i see it, even though i might be wrong

Guns N' Roses – My World Lyrics 18 years ago
I love the Lighter! I absolutely adore that lil "click"!!! Hail to the Lighter!!!

Guns N' Roses – Ain't It Fun Lyrics 18 years ago
Yeah... ain't it all fun...?

Guns N' Roses – Don't Cry Lyrics 18 years ago
I know a lot of people are gonna hate me for this, but i think "Don't
Cry" is one of those catchy songs they made only to advertize their
stuff - i always skip it.

Guns N' Roses – Anything Goes Lyrics 18 years ago
This song has a very deep meaning... deep all the way to the liver.

Guns N' Roses – You Ain't The First Lyrics 18 years ago
What would you say to a girl who kept feeding you with Iloveyous while
at the same time doing another guy? What would you say to make her
suffer, to get your revenge? Well...

Guns N' Roses – Coma Lyrics 18 years ago
To me it is a warning against being too selfish.

Alice in Chains – Again Lyrics 18 years ago
I'm not really sure about the rape, i mean if it was a rape, would it
be repetetive? ("You made a fool out' me again, again again
again again again again again and again...") I think this is a
relationship between two people (most likely a marriage) where one
side is constantly being mistreated in a way or another. Just my
opinion. Anyway, it's one of my favourite songs of all. The extremely
unique rhytmical pattern intertwined with spectacular, let's say, word
play along with perfect harmony between the two here clearly show how
incredible creative Jerry is and Layne was, and how well the band
understood eachother.

Rest in Peace, Layne, we all miss you.

Guns N' Roses – Sweet Child O' Mine Lyrics 18 years ago
How about this: Axl misses the times when he was a child, because he
has made some wrong decisions in his life. The girl might be an
imaginative projection of his innocence (maybe even childhood), a
suggestive image of something he had lost forever, summoned from the
depths of his memory. He is never getting all this back, and has to
cope with it. "Where do we go?" could mean a cry of a confuzed man who
came to face the fact, that regardless of whether certain things are
gone forever or not, life goes on - the poor man has to move on
with the life, even if he doesn't know where to go. I know this is
probabely an overinterpretation, but hell, that's the way I feel about

Guns N' Roses – Think About You Lyrics 18 years ago
I think, "Think about You" is the definition of infatuation, or being
infatuated. The exuberant rhytm and melody are just like the feelings
you get when you fall in love - happiness, illusion of omnipotence,
thrill of the unknown etc... What do you do, when you fall in love?
Some people run around and yell "I'm in love!!!", some tell their
mother about it, some write poems; in general, different people do
million different unusual things. However, there is one thing everyone
ALWAYS does when in love: they think about the person they're in love
with. Day and night, hour after hour, non stop. They want that person
to know it. And if they pluck up enough courage to say I "Think about
You", and receive a similar response, for some time they are the
happiest people in the world.

Some people will call all this simply "love", accompanying the term
with expressions like "eternal", "forever", "untarnished" and other
such stuff. What they don't know is, that this "love", as they call
it, will wear off after a couple of months, as soon as their glands
cease to produce certain hormons. Love, about which Axl sings about,
is no more than involuntary reaction, a simple infatuation, or a
chemical reaction. Did you notice, that Axl does not call that "love"
but "loving"? (a hell of a difference to me) He does not sing about
deep, time-consuming relationship with a woman (which is the REAL
love), he sings about the most simple, yet beautiful and powerful,
reaction to a woman matching his preferences. Unlike artists like
Britney, Ricky Martin and the such, who pour all sorts of "loves" into
most of their meaningless songs, Axl is aware of what love is and what
it isn't.

Being simple, yet containing quite a profound message, this one is
one of my favourite lyrics all times. Combined with awesome music, it
can only have the highest

Guns N' Roses – 14 Years Lyrics 18 years ago
14 years of silence, 14 years of pain... Sounds like one hell
of a happy mariage, huh? It's damn miserable to have a woman
who believes you're hurting her by just being a husband.
Especially if that woman listens to her dumb friends who dunno
a thing what's going on beteeen her and her man, but always try
to give her profound advise on how she is mistreated, poor plus
on how she deserves more just becuz she's a woman. God damn, it
happened to me once, some really stupid people fitting their
nose where it doesn't belong and messing things up, so I kinda
feel this one.

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