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Bad Religion – Ten in 2010 Lyrics 18 years ago
By the way...they wrote this song some time ago, and now they're estimating that there will be 8 million people in the year 2020...8 in 2020 isn't quite as catchy, though.

Bad Religion – The State of the End of the Millennium Address Lyrics 18 years ago
Ha ha, I feel bad for poor idiot yuppie kids who go to a BR concert and don't understand this song...I bet they get beaten with their own shoes... (This rant brought to you by the story from my friend of some yuppies at a BR concert...they thought punk was "cool")

Reel Big Fish – Thank You For Not Moshing Lyrics 18 years ago
Yeah, this song is definitely not about posers, or if it is, that's not the main idea of the song. This song is actually about how RBF hates people moshing at their shows. They'd rather people just enjoy the music and not beat up people in the pit. Pits seem kinda stoopid to me, I mean, let's run in circles and hit each other, YEAH! WOO HOO!

Reel Big Fish – Boss Dj (originally By Sublime) Lyrics 18 years ago
comparing this version to the sublime version is apples to oranges. They both have their strengths, sublime had more emotions to it, but this song makes me wanna dance. Both are great, so there.

Barenaked Ladies – It's Only Me (The Wizard of Magicland) Lyrics 18 years ago
the "I'm the me in monogomy" line is actually correct, quite cheeky, aye? It's just one of those darn silly songs by BNL.

Martina Sorbara – Claudia Lyrics 18 years ago
This song is so's about a girl who sees another girl as just plain petty and needs to wake up to what's really going on. This girl just worries about rock 'n' roll. The first girl (song's voice) is jealous cuz she has all these worries and because of them she's not like Claudia and she can't dance like her. Poor Claudia.

Jason Mraz – You and I Both Lyrics 18 years ago
Tee hee, I watched a performance of this on and before he sang it, he said that it's about a girl who had left her lover/boyfriend in his bed to make him eggs, but when he woke up, he thought she had left him, so he wrote it from that perspective.

Barenaked Ladies – Wrap Your Arms Around Me Lyrics 18 years ago
"I concede you were right about this place/I can make a perfect likeness of your body if I trace" gee-darn, that rhyme is so perfect it'll take days to get that out of my head!

Barenaked Ladies – Lovers in a Dangerous Time Lyrics 18 years ago
this song always makes me just look at my generation as a whole. I'm 15 and my generation just seems like its caught up in a world of anti-depressants and angst. We're the prozac nation, it's obvious. Everywhere I turn, my friends are confession depression and saying they don't like their lives. To feeling anything close to love is extremely dangerous, people tell us we're too young to know love or to get wrapped up in anything like it. We have to fight to keep our relationships. I doubt this is what BNL means when they sing it *I know they didn't write it*, but it certainly hits home for me

Barenaked Ladies – Too Little Too Late Lyrics 18 years ago
alright, the line "record and play, after years of endless rewind" I've always thought it was "we couldn't pay, after years of endless free wine." And I've seen it like that on some websites, and some websites like this way. I'm confused.

Anyway, I think this song is about being in a relationship where the other person just isn't content with you some of the time, and absolutely worships you sometimes. It's written from the point of view of a guy or a girl who just want to make the other person happy, but doubts the other really understands them as a person.'

There's my two sense, and I agree, Steven Page for president!

Barenaked Ladies – Break Your Heart Lyrics 18 years ago
anyone else melt within the first few seconds of the song when Steven sings "the-a-aaaa..." and then just sings normally? I just love that part!

Barenaked Ladies – Hidden Sun Lyrics 18 years ago
first post...yep, virgin...ewwww.

Anyway, this song is about his fight with cancer...lukemia to be exact, I'm pretty sure it was lukemia. Sorry, I'm a stickler for details on these things and wanted everyone to get it straight!

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