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Apoptygma Berzerk – Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next To Me) Lyrics 19 years ago
*electronic* BAAAAAAAAAAA *fizzles out*
Androids are not meant to love electronic sheep.
Haha :)
anyways, electronic voice is awesome

Covenant – Speed Lyrics 19 years ago
The chorus of this song seems to refer to some person the artist is trying to crush. A person who is annoying him to insanity. Then he demands that the person bow before him, and kill the person. Then he asks for some "special power" to guide his sword to kill this person, or make him think to do otherwise. This song is absolutely great for dancing, as with all EBM music by bands such as Covenant. Good stuff!

Icon Of Coil – Former Self Lyrics 19 years ago
It sounds like he holds little control over his mind. He wants some person to help him, or else he'll kill himself.

VNV Nation – Rubicon Lyrics 19 years ago
What a beautiful song. I am yet again amazed by VNV Nation's moving words. It reminds me of how my ex-gf treated me. I got dumped, and I thought long and hard about what I did wrong, but I searched nonetheless. This song depicts the pain so well! I love VNV Nation!

KMFDM – Power Lyrics 19 years ago
Great KMFDM music, they're good at pointing out society's flaws. "An eye for an eye, that's all we've got" Muahahaha. KMFDM forever!

Pantera – Planet Caravan Lyrics 19 years ago
this is a nice change to Pantera's usual style. I've been told it's good sex0ring music. I think it's great music for winding down or reading. Pantera powah!

VNV Nation – Honour Lyrics 19 years ago
This reminds me of the "Code and Measure" of the Solamnic Knights in DragonLance. Kinda says we have to fight, for it is our duty, it is our lives. We must not fail. Good stuff, and I really like VNV Nation

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