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The Offspring – Want You Bad Lyrics 19 years ago
Is this supposed to be punk!??
I hope the new album isn't like this cos the real punk fans will just walk away

The Offspring – Self Esteem Lyrics 19 years ago
True, true
This is what the Offspring used to stand for before they sold out. This song make great listening

The Offspring – Pay The Man Lyrics 19 years ago
The best song on Americana and its the one the wannabees never listen to

The Offspring – Living In Chaos Lyrics 19 years ago

The Offspring – Gotta Get Away Lyrics 19 years ago
This has got to be my favourite Offspring song ever. The meaning isn't too hard to see ,and when you're feelin low its great to sing along to.They need to write more of these.

The Offspring – Baghdad Lyrics 19 years ago
They should re-release this song now.Someone might actually listen to it.
aka. Mr President

The Offspring – Nitro (Youth Energy) Lyrics 19 years ago
Why can't the Offspring write songs like this anymore??
Songs that have meanings, not "i want you, a twatoo, i want......."

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