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Hey Mercedes – Eleven To Your Seven Lyrics 16 years ago
11 to your 7 represents train numbers. Bob has to take the number 11 train to her number 7 to come to see her. Domino!

On The Might Of Princes – The Water Vs. The Anchor Lyrics 16 years ago
i must agree with dennydawger, and i want to hump him just a little as well, i love this song and this band because its so obvious they wrote their lyrics in the heat of the moment, and most likely drunkenly

Chocolate – Remember The Time Lyrics 17 years ago
This is such a sweet song, exactly how i am feeling right now. Fuck girls, although what would music be without them?

Armor for Sleep – The Wanderers Guild Lyrics 17 years ago
Great song, all about giving up on people, in my mind. Armor For Sleep has definitely caught my attention. Bomb ass band.

Park – Clue Me In Lyrics 17 years ago
aMbEr~ hope i capitalized that right! It's called a metaphor babe, look it up in a dictionary sometime. This song has amazing lyrics, just because they don't scream out meaning and actually make you think doesn't mean they "aren't the greatest". Also, Yellowcard is on Park's label, not the other way around!

Saves the Day – Rocks Tonic Juice Magic Lyrics 17 years ago
Ok, lots of f'in comments here, so maybe this was already said, but let me say what i think the last lines of this song mean: "You and I are like when fire and the ocean both collide"
I think this is representative of fire and water, and how they are considered opposites, and couldn't possibly survive together, but then when you put the sun (fire) and the ocean together, you get a beautiful sunset on the horizon, something beautiful beyond words that came out of what seemed like two feuding forces. Just a though, no matter what, sweet song, amazing band. Keep shaking your ass Chris, but get a haircut hippie!

Five Iron Frenzy – Handbook For The Sellout Lyrics 17 years ago
I totally agree with dennydawger, all hi bitches must and should be fucked. Canada rocks and anyone that fucks with it will feel the wrath of ninjas and Five Iron Frenzy! Fuck Canada!

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