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Greenwheel – Shelter Lyrics 16 years ago
its a hott song eh.. duno the meaning tho -_-

Greenwheel – Holding On Lyrics 16 years ago
deanmond i like the way you posted the lyrics =D

Audiovent – When the Rain Lyrics 16 years ago
isn't this song just called "rain" ?

Audiovent – When I Drown Lyrics 16 years ago
i can't believe no one has posted anything on this song yet... i think this is one of audiovent's greatest songs...

Audiovent – One Small Choice Lyrics 17 years ago
this song is great... audiovent is an amazing band

Weezer – Only in Dreams Lyrics 17 years ago
the meaning in this song is very hard to decipher... heres what i think it means (this is kind of confusing so bare with me..)

"She's in your bones
She is your marrow
And your ride home
You can't avoid her
She's in the air
In between molecules
Of oxygen and carbon dioxide"

these lyrics seem as if he's describing a dream... we all know that a girl can't physically be in your bones but thats what dreams are all about... the exagerate things and it seems the only thing he could think about is this one girl...

"Ask her to dance
She says 'hey baby
I just might take the chance'
You say 'It's a good thing
That you float in the air
That way there's no way
I will crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces.'

here it also seems as if he describing a dream... maybe one of his fantasies is to be with this girl.. and sometimes in dreams, you try to find unrealistic ways to solve your problems... he was scared to step on her feet and this problem was solved (unrealisticly though) - this is also what dreams are all about...
now about the instrumentation at the end.. in my opinion its as if the building up of the guitar and drums is showing the final moments before his fantasy is fulfilled and about how the guitars stay loud and rythmic til the end when they get quiet and he finally wakes up...

this is the first time i've actually put an effort into deciphering a song meaning... someone tell me if i'm right or horribly horribly wrong.. thanks :)

Dave Matthews Band – What Would You Say Lyrics 17 years ago
i also love this song but i am completely lost about its meaning.. i agree that it does have something to do with life but theres more and i can't seem to understand it either... some help... ?

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