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Showbread – Mouth Like A Magazine Lyrics 14 years ago
one of the best live shows i've ever seen.

and the video... wonderful!

Relient K – Softer To Me Lyrics 14 years ago
this is my favorite song in the entire world.

The Used – A Box Full of Sharp Objects Lyrics 16 years ago
wow. he can *really* scream. they don't really remind me of finch though... i love finch.

The Pattern – Mary's Sister Margaret Jones Lyrics 16 years ago
talk about great lines! the first two lines are fabulous... this song is catchy, it's fun to listen to, his voice is great... it's short so it kinda hits you then ends and leaves you kindof waiting for more of the song to come... it's greatness. this is my new fun great band of the week. the pattern rocks!

Atreyu – Ain't Love Grand Lyrics 16 years ago
... well. i DLed the song because of reading these reviews. and gah. i wish i hadn't. this song totally lack emotion. the singing is alright, i like his voice... but the growling/screaming crap? thats horrible. if he could scream, the song might be cool, but he's... terrible. i do not like this song. or okay, i'll be a little nicer... i hate the "screaming" with a burning passion. the singing, drums, music, everything else is okay.. not great, but not bad. but the lack of emotion ruins this song. very dissappointing...

The Pattern – Fragile Awareness Lyrics 16 years ago
no comments? wow! i uhm, just discovered the pattern today and i must say, i'm thoroughly enjoying them. this song is upbeat and catchy... his voice is greatness. but honestly not the greatest song in the world, but it's GOOD. and good music is hard to find these days... yay for the pattern!

The Vines – Get Free Lyrics 16 years ago
these lyrics are pretty much correct for the old version of the song, not the album version... it IS i'll take a bullet for ya in the old one... but the get me far save me from part is wrong. and i'm too lazy to correct it. just know it's wrong.

the vines own but if one more person compares them to the strokes, the hives, or the white stripes, i will not be responsible for my actions. i have 3 of those 4 band's albums and they are TOTALLY not alike. and the vines are far superior... this song even has to be one of their weaker songs. and it's wonderful. ;p

The Vines – In The Jungle Lyrics 16 years ago
the you're never gonna get clean line is so great... it seems almost taunting, the way his voice sounds. this song is so fun to sing along with when you drive too... yeah. good song.

The Vines – Outtathaway! Lyrics 16 years ago
great great song... i adore the background vocals during the "now c'mon" part. lovely.

The Vines – Mary Jane Lyrics 16 years ago
only one intelligent comment on this song so far... gah, i'm shocked! this song is amazing. and gets very very stuck in your head.

i don't think i'll even try to interpret a vines song. i will say though, that i NEARLY agree with paranoidandroid83... almost the best vines song. i can't pick one though.

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