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Silverchair – Untitled Lyrics 19 years ago
@Kez: what kind of argumentation is that? Just because Ana`s song is obviously about anorexia, that doesnt mean this one isn`t.
"another body down"
"a portrait of my skeletal gain"
"selfish and hungry"
"feed me the pain"
"escape reality with new pain"
All sounds very much like an eating disorder, while "all i can think of are ways to die alone" "negativity`s a state of mind" etc. describe the depression wich usually comes with an ed.

Silverchair – Miss You Love Lyrics 19 years ago
I agree with LAbaby, some time ago, I realised, that most of the Neon Ballroom songs can be seen as more or less directly referring to the Anorexia of Daniel. And apart from Ana`s song this is one of the most obvious.
"remember today
ive no respect for you,
but i miss your love..."
-he still feels like he needs, what the anorexia gave him, but herealised, that it costs him to much and that its not good. He still doesnt feel "normal" ("not too sure, how im supposed to feel")
"Its gonna hurt, but I love the pain" etc..
he sees, that "its just a fad part of the teenage angst brigade" and still he somehow misses the feeling...
Therefore i think its about the beginning of the healing process

Die Toten Hosen – Hier Kommt Alex Lyrics 19 years ago
though its kinda old, its still the fuking best song of the band! Its just great!

Die Toten Hosen – Steh' Auf Wenn Du Am Boden Bist Lyrics 19 years ago
i love the Band, but i cant stand this song, but its just because i dont like motivating lyrics.... :)

Silverchair – Black Tangled Heart Lyrics 19 years ago
I always flet, that hes dividing up his self into different layers in this song, like his `normal` self ("heard"?) is bound by the anorexic self, which controlls everything and takes it whith it to the ground. Like he becomes a "thing", his body wont allow as much weight loss as the anorexic self would want and so it "breaks" his "fall" somehow.
And on the other hand at the point he wrote this song the falling hat its attractions like "maybe departure`s good / Makes room for more".......
I dont know, but i dont think the "love" hes speaking about is love to another person..... but i don know, might be all rubbish.

Manic Street Preachers – Die In The Summertime Lyrics 19 years ago
why the hell hasn`t anybody commended on this one? pfffff ;)
Actually its one of my fafourites, i dont know, maybe its insane, but it makes me happy! :)

Manic Street Preachers – 4st 7lb Lyrics 19 years ago
I especially love the end, i mean, im not jet quite sure if i like the manics music, but i definitely am absorbed by their lyrics, but in the end of this song thei both work together perfectly.... "self worth scattered self esteems a bore...."

Muse – Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want (Smiths cover) Lyrics 19 years ago
no, the original is by the Smiths. I like the original and i`d really like to hear the muse version - i haven`t yet...

Muse – In Your World Lyrics 19 years ago
its so sad

Muse – Fillip Lyrics 19 years ago
*lol* jeah, maybe. why not. but on the other hand this might be no lovesong at all.

Muse – Feeling Good (Nina Simone cover) Lyrics 19 years ago
I heard that "feeling good" underlines some terrible advert in germany at the moment. I haven`t seen it myself, but it must be really arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!

Muse – Screenager Lyrics 19 years ago
I cant believ no one posted on this one!
It`s so whaaa!
Its so great and so sad and so beautiful.
But it makes me sad to know, that there are people who know and write such songs...

Muse – Micro Cuts Lyrics 19 years ago
I LOVE this song. It`s great, it expresses this kind of emotions so, so wha! i cant say.....
it`s insane, it`s dramatic, it`s honest, it hurts.
Its about selfhatred andself destruction, it`s about destruction and the related emotions and sensations, and its got so great metaphores *g*..... (im not sure if "micro waves me insane" or "blackboard scratched with hate" is better.... :) )
I just love it.

Muse – Hyper Music Lyrics 19 years ago
Well, in fact i always understood it similar to you all, but focussed on society.
"golden skies" and "space race" just seem to me to mean the ideals society tries to dictate on us, but he doesn`t want that but at the same time feels "not worth", which shows, that society already fucked up with him.....

well might be this, might be something compleatly else - I just find it intresting, how everybody here finds basically similar explanatories, but which always seem to be according to the situation of the writer.... kinda shows how subjective all those interpreting is.... *smile*

Muse – Shine Lyrics 19 years ago
It`s terrible, its such a kitsh and uugh... no. I love Muse but this song i really cant stand.

Muse – Nature_1 Lyrics 19 years ago
I can`t help myself, i just like it :)
but everytime he sings "you are a natural disaster" I feel like hes talkin to me..... ssss

Muse – Cave Lyrics 19 years ago
I´m not sure, if its actually an eating disorder (though it might be), but I agree, that it definitely has to do with mental-health issus and the wish just to hide and somehow to arrange with it all all alone.
Though on the other hand there´s always the wish not to be alone and to communicate and to be understood aswell. I believe the "come in my cave and i`ll burn your heart away" indeed means that he wants someone around to share the feelings with - although he doesn`t want to show that and thus show vulnerability. Therefore he puts his wish into a thread, so he can be honest without having the risk.
Or something like that. *smile*

Muse – Map of Your Head Lyrics 19 years ago
Well, just use your imagination.
It`s about having a hangover and being wakened by your mobile-phone (the "liquid control" is the LCD-display and the whole thing "gives live to a soul", for the phone is the means of communication, by which the "soul" expresses itself and thus becomes `real`).
have you never had a hangover or what? ;)
Of course he`s in a very bad mood and all people will or are going on his nerves - well, you probably know what i mean. Therefore he doesnt want to speak to anybody, especially not to the person on his phone, who quite obviously isn`t very sensitive regarding his condition and won`t stop telling things he really doesn`t want to hear in that situation.
I mean, hes naked despite "socks and a phone" - quite a good explanation why he`s "freezing" - and he`s "losing his way", which leads to the conclusion, that it must be a REALLY bad hangover that makes him lose his way in his own place (or is it a hotel?).
And you have probably noticed, that you become very sensitive towards noise when having a hangover?
That`s exactly what makes the person in the song feeling, that the someone on the phone is "screaming like their world might explode".

Pretty easy and obvious, don`t you think? And according to what one gets to hear about Matt this song probably is autobiographical.

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