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Sufjan Stevens – The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us! Lyrics 16 years ago
Leg warmers tended to be worn by women though, so I think the narrator is a female character.

Sufjan Stevens – To Be Alone with You Lyrics 16 years ago
It's about Jesus.

Pink Floyd – Nobody Home Lyrics 18 years ago
I think this song describes how every guy feels at some point in their life.

Lou Reed – Kill Your Sons Lyrics 18 years ago
When Lou Reed was in his teens, he got electroshock treatment because of his homosexual tendencies at the time.

Lou Reed – Romeo Had Juliette Lyrics 18 years ago
Romeo and Juliet...New York style. A perfect opening for the album New York, Lou Reed's letter to his degrading home city.

Cake – Shadow Stabbing Lyrics 18 years ago
This one has me baffled...all I can really tell is that some guy is writing something...I think.

Van Morrison – Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile) Lyrics 18 years ago
Another Van Morrison song I like, just has all the right elements that make a great song.

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl Lyrics 18 years ago
Whoa...I have never heard anywhere about this song about being anal sex...but I have to agree, it's definitely not one of Van Morrison's strongest, it just happens to be his most popular.

Van Morrison – Gloria Lyrics 18 years ago
There's just something about this song, that I can't put my finger on, that just makes me really like it.

Van Morrison – Bright Side Of The Road Lyrics 18 years ago
This was the first song that really got me into Van Morrison. Very upbeat and uplifting song.

The Beatles – Glass Onion Lyrics 18 years ago
Actually, Scrambled Eggs was the original name for the tune to Yesterday. Badfinger Boogie was the original title of With A Little Help From My Friends. When the band Badfinger was being formed, Lennon went to them with an idea of a name: Glass Onion. But they didn't like the name, they ended up picking the original name of With A Little Help From My Friends: Badfinger Boogie. So John just ended up using Glass Onion as the title for a song.

The Beatles – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Lyrics 18 years ago
When I think of comparing celebrities, I definitely think of comparing John Lennon to Britney Spears or Pamela Anderson. Bottom line is, I still don't think that Lennon wrote it about LSD (I have never taken drugs in my life and I've written some really weird shit because it amused me), but I won't rule out the possibility that that is what it's about. Kinda reminds me though of how people are saying that the Wizard of Oz (the book version) was written as a political tract, when there's nothing to substantiate that that was Baum's intention, and when in fact Baum himself said it was a children's story in one of his forewords and wasn't meant to be deeply analyzed. My whole point is, you can take any song or piece of work and twist it into anything you want by just pointing out a few parralels (like how my friend is trying to convince me that Hobbits are potheads--they smoke all the time, they eat all the time, and they hate travelling.)

Pink Floyd – The Final Cut Lyrics 19 years ago
I always saw it as Roger on the verge of suicide, reflecting on his life. Since he and Caroline went their seperate ways, that's probably what it means by "would you sell your story to rolling stone" and the other lies. Even though he's no longer with her, he still cries out for her. Anyways, that's my interpratation.

Graham Nash – Military Madness Lyrics 19 years ago
This is such a great song, and it's perfect for what's going on in our country right now.

Pink Floyd – The Fletcher Memorial Home Lyrics 19 years ago
You have it right regb. Roger is criticizing peace destroyers who then send people to die for their conflicts. The name Fletcher Memorial Home is a very sad origin indeed. The name Fletcher was part of Roger's father's name, full name being Eric Fletcher Waters. These are the kinds of people that sent Roger's father to die out there in the war, people who had nothing to do with the conflict, people who really wanted no part of fighting but were doing it out of duty or whatever else was implanted in their minds by the politicians. These are the people that treat life as something that can easily be tossed aside. Reagan and Haig represent our government, Mr. Begin and friends are Israel, Mrs. Thatcher and Paisley represent Britain, Mr. Brezhnev and party is the former U.S.S.R., McCarthy represents hatred, Nixon represents corruption, and the anonymous latin-american meat packing glitterati represent Venezuela.

Pink Floyd – When the Tigers Broke Free Lyrics 19 years ago
The true story of Roger's father and what happened to him at Anzio.

Pink Floyd – Have a Cigar Lyrics 19 years ago
It's about the way the record industry treats music. They don't care about anything but making a buck off the music of musicians they don't even know. And from what I've heard, that legend about the record executive asking "Which one is Pink" is factual.

Pink Floyd – Goodbye Cruel World Lyrics 19 years ago
Yeah, it is annoying when it's considered a suicide song. It even made the list of top 100 songs to kill yourself to.

Pink Floyd – Goodbye Blue Sky Lyrics 19 years ago
The song is about the loss of innocence as a result of war, the blue sky being innocence, and the battle that you could say it is about is the Battle of Britain.

Pink Floyd – Eclipse Lyrics 19 years ago
No matter what we do, it will always be in tune with the sun, meaning that everything will be all right in the end. Unfortunatly, the sun is eclipsed by the moon, the moon, especially the dark side of the moon, is all the things in life that cause horrible things. Money, war, etc. Then after the song ends, we find out, if you turn up your speakers, that the entire moon is dark, so that no matter what, this metaphorical moon will always be a problem if we continue to let it eclipse the sun.

Pink Floyd – Dogs Lyrics 19 years ago
The Dogs are cutthroat business men who will do anything to achieve their means. But in the end, everything they've done in life is all for naught because they will either become "just another sad old man, all alone and dying of cancer" or they'll be pulled down by the weight of the stone. The stone is the dirty tricks they pulled throughout their life to achieve everything they want, but just as karma works, they are dragged down by all of that. Kinda like the corporate scandals where the guys at Enron are being dragged down by the weight of their stone.

Pink Floyd – Breathe Lyrics 19 years ago
Paradox, Pink Floyd already did a movie soundtrack prior to DSotM...twice. Obscured by Clouds and More. Also, I think this song is about birth. A new man is born, but right from the beginning he is taught what the world is really about and that hard work is the key to life, that you must work and work and work, like how are workaholic society is.

Pink Floyd – Brain Damage Lyrics 19 years ago
A man's final descent into insanity. The whole album itself was posing the question "Can everyday life make you go insane?". The themes expressed in Time, Money, Us and Them, and so on all lead up to this when this normal person finally goes insane from his normal life. And for the record, I've never heard anywhere that DSotM was about Syd. Wish You Were Here was of course. All I've ever heard about this album is that the members of Pink Floyd wanted to know if everday life can make you go insane so they stopped people on the street and asked them questions, then they put them on the album. Trivia note: Paul and Linda McCartney were among those interviewed but they weren't put into the album because they thought that they sounded "too average".

Pink Floyd – Bike Lyrics 19 years ago
If Syd had a meaning to this song, then he's very good at covering this up. The only clue I kinda have is that a friend of mine once told me that the part about Gerald the mouse is about Germans. That does seem kinda plausible since Germans were called Gerries.

Led Zeppelin – Tangerine Lyrics 19 years ago
One of the best breakup songs I've ever heard.

Everclear – Queen Of The Air Lyrics 19 years ago
This song isn't based on a true story. But considering the kind of places that Art grew up in, a story like that would not be uncommon. And what's happening in his song is that he is having this nightmare of this woman jumping off the bridge when he was three. All his life he was told that his "aunt" Virginia just disappeared one day, whom he looks a lot like. He discovers, as he continues ot have the nightmare, photos and headlines hidden away that talk about a woman committing suicide. Then all his memories come back to him, and he now remembers that his "aunt" was actually his mom, and that she committed suicide by jumping off the bridge.

Everclear – One Hit Wonder Lyrics 19 years ago
Yep, Art is asking the 'one-hit wonders' if they can really handle it all since many artists tend to become corporat controlled. Loopy is either a bandmember or the name of the band, the pretty machine is probably fame, and the monster is probably the music executives

Everclear – Learning How To Smile Lyrics 19 years ago
I believe he remarried aicguy.

Everclear – Father Of Mine Lyrics 19 years ago
Art Alexakis' father did indeed leave the family when he was just a kid, so there ya go. The song doesn't really need any explanation, since Art writes a lot of songs from experiences in his life and the meanings are pretty obvious.

Everclear – Everything To Everyone Lyrics 19 years ago
The song is about two kinds of people that are "everything to everyone". The first kind are the ones that always make themselves the victims, in order to get attention, to make themselves "everything to everyone". The other kind is the opposite. These are the kinds of people, usually with large egos, who attempt to exert some kind of superiority in things, to make themselves feel like they are big people, so that they are "everything to everyone". Kinda like that macho bullshit.

Everclear – Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison cover) Lyrics 19 years ago
The problem is, you can't just look at a cover song and then compare it to the original in the same view point. Cover songs are meant to be seen in a different view. When a song is covered, the artist puts a little bit of their touch into it, while still paying homage to the original artist, that is if they even care about the artist they covered. Looking at it from a different perspective, it's not a bad cover.

Everclear – Amphetamine Lyrics 19 years ago
Yeah, there's probably a double meaning to this song. Busman hit it right with amy being a short term for amphetamine, but it also maybe about a girl named amy who is the kind of girl that magazines love to glorify but ended up with a hellish life and got fucked up by amphetamines, the irony being in her name. That's my little theory anyways.

Everclear – AM Radio Lyrics 19 years ago
Yep, nostalgia for the less technological 70's, before the disco era, and back when music was music.

Roger Waters – Three Wishes Lyrics 19 years ago
I think it's a song that says don't dread on the past. You can try to fix the past all you want, but you'll forget about the present. What Roger is wishing for is inspiration, the people in Lebanon to be happy, and for his dad to have never died at Anzio. But in the process, of dreading on the past too much, he failed to take action on the failing marriage with his second wife. His road leads onto glory, but he's missing something. The love of his wife. At least Roger is close with his son Harry, who just finished touring with his dad, and his daughter India, who tagged along on the tour, he at least is still close to them.

Roger Waters – Too Much Rope Lyrics 19 years ago
The Bob mentioned is Bob Ezrin's betrayal of Roger in favor for the money that the False Floyd, the Pink Floyd that continued on without Roger, was pulling in. That and it's about how we've just fucked ourselves up and are almost devoid of true emotion now that killing is entertainment, war is a past time, and religion is a joke.

Roger Waters – The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range Lyrics 19 years ago
It's probably George Bush Sr. Roger was very critical of the Gulf War. Basically all Roger is saying "Don't you feel brave that you're able to blow the shit out of country that has marginally effective airforce from the safety of an isolated country 3,000 miles away and then posting this all over the tv like this is some kind of fucking form of entertainment or a tv show?"

Roger Waters – It's A Miracle Lyrics 19 years ago
*begin sarcasm* Boy! Isn't it great how far companies have gone in pushing their products upon us everywhere? *end sarcasm* Roger is bringing up two kinds of miracles here. False miracles, those are the miracles of commercializing and organized religion, and true miracles, people being able to achieve something inspite of everything against them. The commercializing parts are obvious. They had sex in Pennsylvania, I believe that alludes to The Scarlet Letter, A Brazilian grew a tree is about the destruction of the rain forests for commerical gain and those who attempt to rebuild what has been destroyed by the corporations, and a doctor in Manhattan is probably about a doctor in Hell's Kitchen saving a dying man for free despite how ridiculous and expensive the health care system has become today. The Garden of Gethsemene is a religous undertone, The Lord said Peter I can see your house from here is probably about the religious fundamentalists that care more about getting into heaven than anything else so they basically believe that they have some kind of house reserved for them up there in heaven. The farmer in Ohio is about the plight of farmers. Roger just hates Lloyd-Webber. So all in all, the song is about real miracles versus the false miracles of commercial civilization and religious miracles.

Roger Waters – Amused To Death Lyrics 19 years ago
Yep, or to put it more bluntly, "we've fucked up as a race, destroyed any culture we had by watching tv, fucked up spirituality, and then destroyed each other". And of course, since we are one fucked up race, aliens can't find any explanation for our demise and come up with their only explanation. That we just amused ourselves to death when our culture embraced war as entertainment and destruction as a way of life.

Roger Waters – The Tide is Turning (After Live Aid) Lyrics 19 years ago
Yeah, you bastard politicians and destroyers, the tide is turning. The song sums it up well. BTW, the Billy that is mentioned is the Billy of the album's storyline and Sylvester is Sylvester Stallone. Originally there was an extra lyric that Roger took out because he didn't want to be sued by Sylvester Stallone. Basically in that lyric, he was demeaning Sylvester and his "mediocrity" and "macho bullshit"

Jethro Tull – Cross-Eyed Mary Lyrics 19 years ago
GAnthony is right. Ian Anderson has presented up with another character in his concept album. Aqualung and Cross-Eyed Mary are the products of an organized religious driven society which seeks to become the gods they create and alienate those they see as inferior. Aqualung and Cross-Eyed Mary are just guilty of being themselves, and of living, as they religious society goes about its ways. By the way, the album is very anti-organized religion as you see, but it's pro-god. Listen to the song Wind Up from the album if you don't know what I mean. Anderson had real problems with "the bloody Church of England" as he put it.

Jethro Tull – Aqualung Lyrics 19 years ago
This song is a prelude to the concept album Aqualung. Being the first song, we are shown a man named Aqualung. He has been alienated from society, and people think he is a dirty old man, but the following lyrics cast him in a different kind of light. What the album Aqualung is about is how organized religion, specifically the "bloody Church of England" as Ian put it, reflects on our society and alienates people that society doesn't want, thus making those in religious power their own gods. The album is a very pro-god anti-religous establishment album. Men create this all powerful god in their image and give him what they deem to be his powers, and then twist it around all the time. Since organized religion creates god, the can twist it every which way. The lyrics on the album are preluded by this message

1 In the beginning Man created God;
and in the image of Man
created he him.

2 And Man gave unto God a multitude of
names,that he might be Lord of all
the earth when it was suited to Man

3 And on the seven millionth
day Man rested and did lean
heavily on his God and saw that
it was good.

4 And Man formed Aqualung of
the dust of the ground, and a
host of others likened unto his kind.

5 And these lesser men were cast into the
void; And some were burned, and some were
put apart from their kind.

6 And Man became the God that he had
created and with his miracles did
rule over all the earth.

7 But as all these things
came to pass, the Spirit that did
cause man to create his God
lived on within all men: even
within Aqualung.

8 And man saw it not.

9 But for Christ's sake he'd
better start looking.

The Who – Won't Get Fooled Again Lyrics 19 years ago
My guess it's just another part of the lost storyline of the failed Lifehouse project. Since Baba O'Riley was the prelude to this dystopian world, this song fits well in with the theme of Lifehouse.

The Who – Behind Blue Eyes Lyrics 19 years ago
My interpratation of it is this: Behind Blue Eyes would've been part of the Lifehouse project had Lifehouse not imploded upon itself. Since Lifehouse was going to be about a dystopian world, which is what Baba O'Riley is about, it's the prelude of the story in this world, perhaps the song Behind Blue Eyes was about one of the characters. Perhaps a character that seems bad on the outside, but that's not really him on the inside. Behind blue eyes, he's just a lonely and sad person who has become fed up with the dystopian world they live in.

The Who – Baba O'Riley Lyrics 19 years ago
The Who's Next was originally going to be part of a huge extravanganza project with involving film, technology, and live rock n roll. The complexity of it all caused the project to just implode upon itself from the beginning so the best songs were brought together for The Who's Next. The song Baba O'Riley is about the dystopian world that the characters of Lifehouse would've been set in. The song's title came from the Townshend's twin inspirations, Meher Baba and Terry Riley. Baba O'Riley was merely a prelude to the story of Lifehouse.

Cat Stevens – Father And Son Lyrics 19 years ago
The classic story of the younger generation who are ready to take on the world with their ideals and what they know inside their hearts vs the older generation that have lived enough to understand what the world is about and that living a simpler life, away from the true pains of the world, would be a better path to take than tackling the world head on.

The Beatles – Because Lyrics 19 years ago
While relaxing at home, John heard Yoko play the first movement to Beethoven's Piano Sonata No 14 in C Sharp Minor (Moonlight Sonata). Intrigued, he asked her to play the same chords in reverse order. She did, and this was the inspiration for "Because."

The Beatles – Across the Universe Lyrics 19 years ago
Many people have asked what the phrase "Jai Guru De Va Om" means? Before The Beatles studied under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India, they met him in England. Traveling with the Maharishi was his guru, "Guru Dev." John Lennon liked the name and decided to use it in this song. It is nothing more than another Guru's name. Just John Lennon playing with words again.

The Beatles – Yesterday Lyrics 19 years ago
Weezer, Frank Sinatra said that Something is the greatest love song ever written, which he gave no credit to George for, not Yesterday.

The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps Lyrics 19 years ago
First of all, in Strawberry Fields Forever John is saying cranberry sauce, not raspberry. Second of all the "fifth Beatle" was not Billy Preston. The fifth Beatle was John's close friend Stuart Sutcliffe. In the band's early days, there was at one point five Beatles. Paul, John, George, Pete Best, and Stuart Sutcliffe. Stu died. Third of all, there are no "Paul Is Dead" "clues" in this song at all. And last of all, the song is a love song. George got the title "gently weeping" when he became very enthralled with I Ching. He liked that concept of chance so he picked up a novel and the first two words that he saw were "gently weeps".

The Beatles – The Long and Winding Road Lyrics 19 years ago
Technically weezer, this isn't the Beatles last album. Abbey Road is. The disappointment and despair of the Get Back sessions led the Beatles to try and attempt one more album before they broke up, which was Abbey Road. Let It Be came out after Abbey Road though because a different producer was working with Let It Be and he just screwed it all up, especially on the overdubbing of the Long and Winding Road.

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