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Moloko – Just You And Me Dancing Lyrics 14 years ago
The pleasure of dancing with someone, sweet and simple.

Voltaire – The Last Word Lyrics 15 years ago
This song is about someone who's been wronged by an ex lover. They're so depressed, they want to kill themselves. They think that's going to be their last word to the world, kind of a 'screw you, I'm leaving' last message. They carve out their lover's name in their arm, just so everyone knows exactly why they killed themselves. Then, in a moment of clarity, they realize that they can't forfeit their life in the name of the enemy. Instead, they're going to enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer while hoping that their ex dies a horrible, horrible death. They will remain to dance upon their grave. I love this message. Why sabotage yourself because of some a-hole, when it's so much better to enjoy life and hope that they suffer?

Disney – Forget About Love (Aladdin II: The Return of Jafar) Lyrics 17 years ago
Regarding your question - Aladdin #3, whatever the title of that was. King of Theives or something like that.

Lisa Loeb – Split Second Lyrics 17 years ago
It's about being scared to settle down with anyone because you're afraid you'll get hurt because of being burnt in the past, so you just make up your mind to leave. The person is very desicive, and she feels that if she wasted time making up her mind a car would hit her or something even worse.

Dar Williams – Northern Cross Lyrics 17 years ago
It's a song of longing and separation. Thinking about old memories in the wild underneath the Northern Cross which is a cluster of 5 bright stars forming a cross in the constellation Cygnus. This song was written originally by housewife from Pittsburgh, Leslie Smith.

Dar Williams about this song: "We came up with the arrangement for this while we were looking after Richard’s eleven-month-old son Martin, dangling our car keys and feeding him cappedpens. We didn’t pick up the guitar much because it proved to be a magnet for little hands and feet. It was then that we learned how lovely and stark Leslie’ssong sounded a capella."

Dar Williams – Fall On Me Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is about acid rain and how people are killing the planet while at the same time not wanting to deal with the issues and telling the acid rain not to fall on them. It's a R.E.M. cover.

Dar Williams – You're Aging Well Lyrics 17 years ago
Originally by Joan Baez, this song is about getting worried about where you life is headed. You hear all this crap from people, about how you should be living your life. Then you realize one day that this is your year, your life is just beginning, you're on the right track and you really are aging well, possibly because another wise woman has let you be yourself. When you realize that it's okay to break the laws that the signmakers made and be yourself its like you can finally hear all the music of life and it's a beautiful thing.

Dar Williams – When Sal's Burned Down Lyrics 17 years ago
I think it's "Are we the fools for being surprised".

The first verse is about how all the great things of the old days have faded away. Then it goes on to talk about Sal, who had this great place but he lost his 'throne' beause he burnt the place down for insurance money. He thought money would make it possible for him to throw some weight around, but he's just a sell out. The speaker is disgusted with the whole thing and misses the good old days when she could go down to that bar.

Dar Williams – What Do You Hear In These Sounds? Lyrics 17 years ago
What she had to say about therapy in an interview

"I knew that I was different from other college students, you know. I just thought when something hurts me, which was often, I can't recover from that comment for days. It just felt like there was no me there, to, you know, push up against anything anyone was saying to me. So I was sort of defenseless and that was very much the depression."

"A friend of mine was seeing a therapist and my sister encouraged me to go, you know, cause I said something like 'Do you think of killing yourself a lot?' or something and she said "Oh no.." And your told if anyone says that that you have to take that very seriously. And I think she was right to take it seriously so she said, 'you really have to go see a therapist'. And I went. And um, she said 'I think you're in deeper trouble than you think'. I remember feeling a little scared and a little relived at the same time. When I went back to her she said that again, she said 'I think this is what we call clinical depression'."

"The reason I credit therapy with so much and actually wrote a song about it and wrote a song about depression is that I would have just killed myself if I hadn't done it. I wouldn't be here today and I'd rather be here today and be humble about it then keep it a secret."

Dar Williams – Another Mystery Lyrics 17 years ago
On her last studio album, 2000's The Green World, Williams was already dealing with serious subjects. Tunes such as "And a God Descended" investigated the cult of personality common to gurus and politicians, while "Another Mystery" dealt with our fascination with form over substance.

"['Another Mystery'] came to me when I saw a woman walking down the street on a summer day, in a black coat, a perfect embodiment of despair and alienation," she recalled, "and suddenly I realized I knew her, and in that moment I realized it was all a stance, and I wondered who she was dressing up for.

"Today, many young women sit there and polish their containers, which cheats everyone of the person inside," Williams, a self-described feminist, continued. "It's the essence of sexism -- spending more time on the plumage than the real self. I've noticed this during my travels in Europe, too. You see people in the ruins of temples wearing comfortable clothes so they can appreciate the world, but you don't have to look like a model to appreciate the Parthenon. My goal is to have substance and enjoy things from the inside out."

Dar Williams – The Christians and the Pagans Lyrics 17 years ago
Liberal gay pagans and family-oriented conservative Chrisitans celebrating the holidays together.. sounds like my family. I love this! It's interesting because very few people even know about paganism let along write songs about it.

Dar Williams – The Babysitter's Here Lyrics 17 years ago
I'm torn. In one way I can see what Desaparecida is saying, though I have another idea. That the babysitter, though liberal, loved being innocent and babysitting with children. Her boyfriend wants her to go to college, to become one of the liberal free women that aren't little housewives. Though she really wants that old style wife's life she is so swept up by the woman's movement that she does what is supposed to be right and chooses freedom even though she still wants a family life instead.

Dar Williams – Ireland Lyrics 17 years ago
uh.. birth PLACE. opps.

Dar Williams – What Do You Hear In These Sounds? Lyrics 17 years ago
What she had to say about therapy in an interview

"I knew that I was different from other college students, you know. I just thought when something hurts me, which was often, I can't recover from that comment for days. It just felt like there was no me there, to, you know, push up against anything anyone was saying to me. So I was sort of defenseless and that was very much the depression."

"A friend of mine was seeing a therapist and my sister encouraged me to go, you know, cause I said something like 'Do you think of killing yourself a lot?' or something and she said "Oh no.." And your told if anyone says that that you have to take that very seriously. And I think she was right to take it seriously so she said, 'you really have to go see a therapist'. And I went. And um, she said 'I think you're in deeper trouble than you think'. I remember feeling a little scared and a little relived at the same time. When I went back to her she said that again, she said 'I think this is what we call clinical depression'."

"The reason I credit therapy with so much and actually wrote a song about it and wrote a song about depression is that I would have just killed myself if I hadn't done it. I wouldn't be here today and I'd rather be here today and be humble about it then keep it a secret."

Dar Williams – After All Lyrics 17 years ago
I think you're both right.

To me, this is about getting over bad suicidal thoughts, possibly because of a relationship that she just broke up from or just because she's trying to control everything and finding it out of her control. It wouldn't surprise me that she has a song about getting over depression, just look at The House That Pain Built and What Do You Hear In These Sounds? for other examples of this theme in her life. In her early twenties Dar was diagnoised with clinical depression and credits her recovery for the emotional depth a lot of her songs carry.

In the last part of the song, she's beginning to realize that there are more mysteries in life for her to find out. Though she's not exactly convinced at first (And when I chose to live/There was no joy - it's just a line I crossed/It wasn't worth the pain my death would cost/So I was not lost or found), she has a place in life and life did choose her.

Now she can see the beauty of her life for what it is, with the bad and the good mixed together.

Interviewer: Some of the imagery in the song is so powerful. You talk about a winter machine that you keep going through while everyone else is spring bound. Is that what the feeling was like?

Dar: Yeah. It just kept on seeming like people could have a hard time and then get over it. I remember I, on one of the worst night, and again this is such a melodramatic sounding thing, but I remember I thought 'maybe I should just end this'. And I remember I started to write a will and I realized I didn't have enough, as I describe in the song, I didn't have enough things to give away to justify the fact that it would be so painful for people. Just the fact of my dying would be, I knew, hard. So I thought 'Okay, well I guess that means I'm going to live and maybe I should go talk to somebody'. I went to go talk to a friend of mine to finally sort of say 'this is what I'm going through'. She came out of her room in tears, grabbed my hand and said 'Your just in time!' She had just gotten into a big fight with her boyfriend and I just thought, there's just something so alive and colorful. She'd gotten into a fight, she'd told him how she felt, she stuck up for herself, she yelled, she screamed. He yelled, he screamed. She's in tears.. she just seemed to be living in color. Where as I felt frozen, as if I wasn't even daring to present enough of my real self, if that was even there, to engage in that dramatic way.

Interviewer: Have you had any relapses or moments where you felt like you were in that level of depression or level of sadness?

Dar: No. It turns out that I didn't. Depression was definitely a threat and I remember thinking 'uh oh, I'm depressed'. Then I would just see something. I would see a beautiful branch backlit by the sunlight or I would see a river or a kid smiling in a carraige at the supermarket and I felt myself getting very emotional. I thought, 'My Goodness, this is so weird. I'm not going to the deepest darkest place. I'm going to sadness that finds relief in the beauty of the world'.

Dar Williams – All Men Are Liars Lyrics 17 years ago
Originally sung by Nick Lowe, this song is basically just an anthem for all those women who've been hurt by men and then became pissed off at their whole sex.

Rick Astley was a pop sensation discovered by the producer Pete Waterman. After that, Waterman's production team -- Stock, Aitken & Waterman -- took Astley under their wing, writing and producing such impeccably crafted pop singles such as "Never Gonna Give You Up". After two hugely successful albums, Astley grew tired of being labeled Stock, Aitken & Waterman's "puppet" and severed his connections with the team.

Dar Williams – The Beauty of the Rain Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is a bit confusing, but I'll give it a shot. In the first verse, there are two lovers enjoying a day in the rain. In the second verse, the girl says the the guy knows her deeply, because she showed him all her fears. But he knows there's something more though, and knows it'll keep raining down on them. In the third verse, she finally opened up more but he wasn't ready and thinks he's not ready to deal with it all. In the last verse, he knows there's a place he could be safe from love's storms, but he'll answer when she calls him because he'll take the good with the bad.

Dar Williams – Terrarium Lyrics 17 years ago
It's about going to a liberal college and learning all you can to save the world someday while joking around and doing all those fun college things. I love the part in the end where the army person tries to recruit the speaker's friend but she tears his business card apart. Really beautiful coming of age song.

Dar Williams – Stop Smoking Lyrics 17 years ago
Basically the reasons to try to quit smoking, possibly pot ("the flowers of the common man").

Jesse Helms was a senator who unashamedly supported his constituents, the North Carolina tobacco farmers. He said that scientists had not been able to established no clinical link between smoking and cancer, even though the had a lot of statistics that said otherwise.

Dar Williams – Starman Lyrics 17 years ago
This is a great sci-fi song and so not like Dar's usual style (probably since it's a cover). This is what it says at the beginning of the song:

Echo, echo, echo, echo..

It’s nine minutes till the new millennium
Earth children have successfully united
In a partnership for a drug-free planet
Notably with no socio-political or cultural replacement
for the drugs they’ve forsaken

Meanwhile on the 34th floor of Happiness Limited,
Barton Buck kicks back two xanax
With some scotch that he was going to give his doorman
He puts in a call to a newly acquired
Home thousand-watt radio station
He has a ticket giveaway for a new multiplex
At a suburban mall
There’s no answer

It’s eight minutes, forty seconds to the new millennium
And Happiness Limited has lost contact
with the youth of the world

Dar Williams – Spring Street Lyrics 17 years ago
Ironically enough, Spring Street itself has been renovated lately.

Dar Williams – Southern California Wants to Be Western New York Lyrics 17 years ago
Everybody wants to be someone else, but they miss the big picture that they should be happy with what they have.

Dar Williams – Road Buddy Lyrics 17 years ago
From an interview:

Gabino: Do you ever have gaps in your schedule where you'd spend three days in Winnipeg or something?
Dar Williams: When I was in Austin the last time I spent three days there. I had two nights of show and a day off. And I went to a yoga class, I got flowers for my room. I swam at Barton Springs. I went to Waterloo Records. I ran. I practiced. I watched a lot of TV. And I wrote a song. I had done that no TV thing. I was actually in Edmonton, and I said, "No TV, no radio, no books, no nothing. See what comes out." And I went crazy! And I wrote a song. I wrote "Road Buddy." And then I said, Fuck that. As much TV as I want to watch, and sure enough I got sick of it. And I wrote another song. "If I Wrote You." Which is superior. It's better than "Road Buddy."

later in the same interview..

You've been to Edmonton before. You wrote a song between Edmonton and Calgary...
How did you know that?

Because it's in...
Because it's in my little liner notes.

How? Were you driving? You couldn't have been driving to write the song, or did you stop to write it?
I stopped. I think it was that place that has the big tea pot hanging above it. Called Glenn's or something like that.

Is that in Red Deer?
It might be, it's closer to Red Deer than...

You stopped there and you wrote a song?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was there. And I had started to write it and had come up with this melody and then I took notes at the restaurant. It was all about the mythology of the road.

And you used the word "beautiful highway" to describe the song, and I, having been here...
Ew. I didn't, I didn't call it a beautiful highway. I'm sorry. It was February. I just drove up from Calgary today and it's quite pretty, but in February... I was also going through a thing where I wanted to see what my mind would do if I decided not to watch television or listen to the radio, and so I was kind of stuck with my thoughts, and it just took a yucky, a bad turn. But out of that void came a lot of the melody and the preliminary first material for Road Buddy, so unfortunately, that is the way to be creative, is to kind of find a sensory deprivation tank for yourself.

My thoughts...

This is about going on a road trip with someone. You think you're going to have so much fun with your friend, but you really just get on each other's nerves. I've had this happen to me actually. It sucks and then you're stuck thinking about your friendship with the other person.

Dar Williams – O Canada Girls Lyrics 17 years ago
I remember Dar saying something in an interview about how this song was about how Canada girls have more time to grow up because they're all covered in sweaters. So they are unhurried and have time to learn about themselves without showing so much skin to the outside world.

Dar Williams – It's a War in There Lyrics 17 years ago
it seems HOPELESS, not helpless in that first line

This song is about someone who is helping the speaker to deal very painful emotional problems. The person helping is sacrificing so much, helping to fight the war raging in the speaker's head. However, the speaker is still hopeless to help herself and will never give the person helping a medal, but she'll let him hold her and she might even love him someday.

This is one of my favorite Dar songs. Really beautiful and incredibly touching.

Dar Williams – Ireland Lyrics 17 years ago
And I cursed the hope of moving
A stone that would not heal <-- missing line
I left you all behind me

The speaker lived in war-torn Ireland years ago, but moved to America to get away from the place she hated. When she finally left though, she found she missed it and the anger was gone. Eventually she heard about her brother's death in the newspaper and decides to go back to Ireland because it might be wracked with a horrible war but that's the land she loves and that's where her family is.

Its a really beautiful song about loving your birthday and nation even if there's some bad things happening there.

Dar Williams – Iowa (Traveling III) Lyrics 17 years ago
There was a time when she was driving through Iowa and the hilly landscape really caught her attention. She said it was very curvy and reminded her of, and here she was dong the hourglass/woman gesture as if she didn't want to say then she just said, "You know, boobs." She thought it made you sort of take a step back. She said "I placed sort of an uptight narrator in that scenario so see what would happen". This song could have been called almost anything, but she was in "Iowa" so that's what it was called. She did say that it could not be called Wyoming because the "Grand Tetons would be just TOO much!"

This song does hint to her bisexuality. In fact, in an interview with a Toronto magazine, Williams finally let her fans know that she is in fact bisexual. However on May 4, 2002, she married Michael Robinson, an old friend from her college.

Dar Williams – In Love But Not At Peace Lyrics 17 years ago
When I first listened to this song, I thought it was about a love that was quiet and everyday. Just getting through the day together, not roses and tripping through the daisies kind of love. Now when I listen to it, I hear it as this woman who settled for a love that did not bring her any peace, and how it's not perfect. They call themselves lovers, but they know they'll still die alone.

Dar Williams – If I Wrote You Lyrics 17 years ago
The friends in the song drifted apart. Now one of them wants to reconnect because there's so much she wants to tell him, but she can't open up to him because she'd afraid of what he would think of the truth if she told him. She's afraid he'll reject her, so she says nothing.

Dar Williams – I Had No Right Lyrics 17 years ago
Another of Dar's wonderful anti-war songs. This one is about Daniel Berrigan, a catholic priest, poet, and anti-war activist.

During the Vietnam War he and eight others (including Tom Lewis and Philip Berrigan), who later came to be collectively known as the Catonsville Nine, burned 378 draft files in Catonsville, Maryland.

Despite being Catholic, he did not believe in the way the church had been running ("priests who broke the law") and sought to show the world that there were some priests who wanted to help. After the demonstration in Maryland the Catonsville Nine issued the statement: "We confront the Catholic Church, other Christian bodies, and the synagogues of America with their silence and cowardice in the face of our country's crimes. We are convinced that the religious bureaucracy in this country is racist, is an accomplice in this war, and is hostile to the poor."

He was later sentenced to three years in jail, but escaped the FBI by living underground for a few years though he still continued to give talks at rallys and demonstrations. He served his time when the FBI caught up to him years later and was finally released from jail in 1972.

Dar Williams – Highway Patrolman Lyrics 17 years ago
This song is about two brothers. They grow up together, but one of them becomes a cop and one of them becomes a killer. In the end, even though the first brother is very loyal to his job and the police force, he lets his brother get away to Canada. It's about how loyalty to your family is more important than loyalty to your job. It was originally written by originally by Bruce Springsteen in first person point of view ('I' instead of 'he') and it's also been covered by Johnny Cash.

Dar Williams – Farewell to the Old Me Lyrics 17 years ago
It's a song about transformation, changing and saying farewell to what you used to be. Though I detect this subtext of sadness in the lyrics, but that's just a part of changing.. leaving parts of yourself behind while you become more yourself.

Dar Williams – Calamity John Lyrics 17 years ago
This song has a real western feel. It's about a woman leading a boring life. Then she meets this wild guy, Calamity John. He's full of freedom, but also brings a whole bunch of drama and it's clear he won't stick around for long. Her friends tell her that he's not worth it and she should tell him to go. So she does, but realizes at the same time that by telling him to go she's shackling herself with the normal boring routine she had been used to but sick of. In the end she just does it all over again. Co-dependency at its worst and best.

Dar Williams – Bought and Sold Lyrics 17 years ago
This is basically anti-consumerism and telling people about how we're all just bought and sold in a capitalistic market.

If found this interview regarding the song:

OV: There's also an element of anti-consumerism in your work- especially on this album's "Bought and Sold," which is an anti-Wal-Mart song. What is that coming out of?

Dar: I just keep seeing people getting swallowed up and very into themselves. Consumerism is not worth it. It's just a carrot and stick that draws you down into Hell. You're never free and you're never defined from within.

OV: In "Bought and Sold" you say "I look up to the people who are less bought than I." Do you consider yourself bought?

Dar: In some ways... I certainly know people who are less "bought" than I am. I need to remember that.

OV: I understand you don't buy products from China? Except shower curtains?

Dar. YEAH! That's funny... yep, and a drain for my sink because everything was made in China and I needed one so. Actually I just got some lotion, and I actually knew it. It was from The Body Shop and I've already written a letter to them saying they shouldn't buy products made in China.

Dar Williams – Alleluia Lyrics 17 years ago
I used to think this song was about a new girl coming to live in small town America, but then I realized they were angels. Maybe she's making a comparison between the two places and the same people who find quiet life in a small town boring would find heaven boring as well. In the end though, they find love and happiness despite themselves.

Rasputina – Leechwife Lyrics 20 years ago
This is about a young girl learning a "special skill" for using medicinal leeches to suck the blood to heal patients. It's almost like an advertisement from older LeechWifes that are looking for some people to teach their skill to, giving the reasons why becoming a LeechWife would be good (You can create a demand
For this your special skill.), and how easy it is. Its depressing that back then they didn't know any better and if this technique did save any patients it was pure luck even though they thought it was a good healing method.

Rasputina – Mr. E. Leon Rauis Lyrics 20 years ago
I think this is one of their most beautiful songs. It's very clear cut what its about. But italso expresses one of the thoughts I've had since I was a kid: We don't get to leave much behind. A name on a tombstone, a photo to be found in an attic, but in a hundred years will anyone know who we were? Do we know everyone who lived back then? They're just names and faces and we'll never really know... (Was he somebody's
son? did he fall, did he try to succeed or deny
what he knew or things he had done?)

Rasputina – Transylvanian Concubine Lyrics 20 years ago
This is the song that brought me into the Rasputina world. I heard it on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was played at Drusilla's party as she danced around the room. At that moment I thought it was the most hypnotic song I had ever heard and went on a search to find out who sang it. A month or two later I found out that it was by Rasputina, and bought the Thanks for the Ether soundtrack. After that it's all cello music and roses!

Mercyful Fate – The Bell Witch Lyrics 20 years ago
It's very clear cut: It's about the Bell Witch legend that originated in Tennesse. You can find more information here:

Rasputina – Clipped Lyrics 20 years ago
I agree with antiques black heart, but I think there's also a theme of learning to stand up for yourself and think for yourself in there.

Rasputina – Christian Soldiers Lyrics 20 years ago
It's a look at how bad medicine and methods were back then. But the guy does seem to get off on it... eww...

Rasputina – Brand New Key (Melanie Safka cover) Lyrics 20 years ago
This is a cover of Melanie Safka's 1971 hit. This is what she has to say about it:
"'Brand New Key' I wrote in about fifteen minutes one night. I thought it was cute; a kind of old thirties tune. I guess a key and a lock have always been Freudian symbols, and pretty obvious ones at that. There was no deep serious expression behind the song, but people read things into it. They made up incredible stories as to what the lyrics said and what the song meant. In some places, it was even banned from the radio."

"Brand New Key" broke on American radio in October 1971 and reached the top of the charts in December. For nearly four months, confused record buyers flooded the stores asking for "The Roller Skate Song," "I've Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates," and even "The Bicycle Song." Fortunately, all finally were steered to the right record.

"I used to love singing 'Brand New Key,'" said Melanie, "at first. It had great shock value, dropped in the middle of one of my concerts. I'd be singing along about Suffering and the Trials of Man, and then suddenly, 'I've got a brand-new pair of roller skates...' It had a great effect. After it became a hit, though, the fun kind of wore off, at least for me. Some things, I think, are better left a surprise."

Rasputina – Any Old Actress Lyrics 20 years ago
Like they said, it's about wanting to see the bottom after you're at the top. But two things I ponder: Is it possibly Judy Garland (Only her black rainbow meant something.)? And also, did the person commit suicide and this whole scene is the viewed by an outsider? The following lines make me think that: (talking with the cops...walking with the cops.... First comes the nurse...What's meant by intentional falls can never be known...Don't cry for her now. Oh yeah. Don't cry for her.)

Rasputina – AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes Lyrics 20 years ago
I love that line, "Aren't I your baby-cakes?" Hmm.. to me this song brings up the image of someone dancing in the middle of a club, wanting someone to pick them up, and relying on that one piece of clothing (antique high heel red doll shoes) that will attract someone to them. They're thinking about all the things they have to offer (Dantier, smarter, better dressed!) and wanting someone to take notice.

Rasputina – A Quitter Lyrics 20 years ago
Does anyone know what the hidden track in this song is?

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