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Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit Lyrics 18 years ago
marilyn manson's "suttle" (although, this one's just plain fuckin' obvious) lyrics directed towards his less intellectual fans makes him pretty fuckin cool++ in my books.

do you even realise he's mocking people like you in this song? it's great.

i can just imagine him and skold trying to make this song; 'poppy' (ie 'hit' style song) catchy tune, along with lyrics that the average listener would have no clue, here words like 'motherfucker', 'new shit', 'sex', and think its rad.

i'd kill to be at some stupid 'goth' party (generalising 'goths', some are elite cool) where they're all singing this to be 'cool'. i think i'd probably piss my pants.

COG – 1010011010 Lyrics 18 years ago
i wuv you all

Snog – Hooray!! Lyrics 19 years ago

Nine Inch Nails – I'm Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally Lyrics 19 years ago
Heh, this song is one of my favourites on The Fragile - it just seems to hit a certain part of you deep inside. (LOLZ DEEP INSIDE). I always seem to listen to it when I get depressed; which makes me worse, but then I listen to the entire album and it seems to make me really fucking happy again. Whee. Trent is my god.

Linkin Park – Forgotten Lyrics 19 years ago
You know what this thread has proven to me? Linkin Park fans are f***ing stupid. MEYBE UR FRINDZ HAV FOUND BETTAR MUZIK DEN LINKYN PARK AND UR A FAG LoL

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