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Leonard Cohen – Tonight Will Be Fine Lyrics 7 days ago
@[sun_giant:43563] thanks for sharing these verses , they add to the bitter sweet of the song.

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows Lyrics 7 days ago
Leonard Cohens songs have so many layers , he was from the same school as Bob Dylan and Lou Reed he was a gifted Poet . His songs are poems put to music , he would rewrite and polish them so many times it took ages for a song to come out hence the meanings in meanings.
What i get from this song is a lament from a person who worked so hard during the sixes trying to promote Peace , Love and a better way of living for People.
A lot of this song highlights the lament of " INACTION OF EACH OF US" , we all have the nagging gut feeling things need to get better but we are afraid to do the ongoing hard work to make it happen or what people might think of us or even the consequences that might happen to us. We are waiting for another person to take the fall , do the hard work then we can step in and enjoy the positives and pat them on the back. Leonard is criticizing the situation , us and the political environment in the world still today but at the same time , Through shining a light on the situation through his song he is highlighting hey the world has cracks - Knowing it has is the first step in solving the situation , look at yourselves wake up to youselves - REACT !

Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker Lyrics 7 days ago
@[Rambam:43560] , thanks for the share I found it good soul food. I have have a close friend that is very ill and was on a web journey that led to here - cheers !

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