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Alkaline Trio – Private Eye Lyrics 2 months ago
i find it quite ironic that this PI is trying to find meaning in his depressing life (from the narrator's perspective) to discover what/who it was that ended someone else's

it may even go one step further and be completely metaphorical by simply saying this man who is dying inside is trying to spend his life trying to prevent/understand how someone else got in his same position; possibly even trying to fix himself by trying to avenge or protect someone else

that's just my two theories but it definitely could mean many different things to different people

Against Me! – True Trans Soul Rebel Lyrics 2 months ago
@[Tig45:39428] couldnt have said it better myself!!????????

The Interrupters – She's Kerosene Lyrics 4 months ago
the guy loves her and she's toxic for him but he can't stop going back. he is addicted to her and he can't leave. she is the victim to him even when he knows she's wrong. he loves him and she has basically become his puppeteer. it's important to note "this landscape used to be so scenic." she wasn't always like this. at one point what they had was purely love and passion but it's turn into something far different.

AFI – Today's Lesson (Filth cover) Lyrics 5 months ago
@[Anti:37936]-Hero *considerate

The Vandals – Euro-Barge Lyrics 5 months ago
the vandals made this song to bash americans for thinking they're better than everyone else... maybe we should look in the mirror instead.
great fuckin song????????

The Circle Jerks – When The Shit Hits The Fans Lyrics 6 months ago
i am a bit confused with the lyrics because it seems to be mocking people from leeching off the government that legit put them in the position they are in. morris has said he is "fairly conservative" before... so is this song bashing the lower class or telling a story from the perspective of a conservative that sees them as leeches???

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