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Sea Wolf – Priscilla Lyrics 5 days ago
This song is about lovers that long to be with each other. He seems to long for her strongly. They have been together before...on and off. It's seems as though one of them is not free (you are out there while I'm stuck here). He hides his feelings but he observes her closely.

He picks a fight when she comes to visit because he is unhappy with something...(cold misty evening). Perhaps not getting as much love and attention or jealousy (I wonder if you will ever turn around) . It looks like they had been on and off and they are always starting again.

She is hot or fire (But when I watched you coming
and I saw you brush up against the ferns
All i could think was
if they're wet will they ever burn?")

He picks a fight to test her love...

So, Priscilla this is a warning
trying to tell us this is a war
No goodbyes and no time for mourning
Now we'll see what see what this love is for

He wants to understand why they both met each other and fell for each other. How strong is that love. What is the purpose... "What this love is for".

At the end she gets upset about the war or the warning and go away. He hears her leaving and knows she won't be back anytime soon. The longing for her starts again. He is always longing for her. "He believes in spring". Ending is the best place to begin".

Sea Wolf – Priscilla Lyrics 5 days ago
@[daniero:36484] I believe that the meaning of if they are wet will they ever burn is to say she is hot, fire...

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