Big Lyric guy. Spotify told me that I listened to a quater of years worth of music in 2020.
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Tragedy Machine – Shadows Lyrics 2 months ago
This song needed more traction. I just found this absolute gem. This is a AMAZING song. I'm honored to be the first comment after 10 years of its release. Great beat, even better lyrics, deep meaning. This song is a banger.

3 Pill Morning – I Want That for You Lyrics 4 months ago
I think the song is talking about a failing relationship. It seems like she really wanted him, but it just never really felt the same way. He wants her to be happy, but he also knows he isn't the one that can deliver that happiness. He thinks or see that he is doing more harm than good. He wants the best for her, but there current situation isn't working for either of them.

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