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Radiohead – Videotape Lyrics 2 months ago
This song is very special to me. I have listened to Radiohead since the 90s. I place Radiohead alongside Pink Floyd because both bands are not afraid to be unique and reinvent themselves quite often. A song's meaning might not be the same for someone else.

To me personally this song reminds me of my late father's love of vintage videotape machine repair and restoration. He did it for a living back in the late 80's and early 90's. before passing away in 1996.

As of 2016 i have started doing what my father did but i do it as a hobby. I consider myself as part of Generation X so i did in fact use videotape as a child, teenager and adult.

The rythmic continual background sound in this song makes me think of the sounds that the old videotape machines made. They did in fact contain switches, relays, actuators, motors and bearings which all make sounds.

The machine making the particular sounds in this song is up to the listener to decide. In my oppinion it is definately not a projector because they did not work on the basis of a few things mantioned in this song.

It is definately not a newer digital machine like MicroMV, MiniDV or Digital 8. It is also not an analog VHS, Beta, V-Cord or Quasar VX machine. It must be something older and more rare.

The song mentions "Red Blue Green" which is interesting because there were in fact video output connections that worked on the basis of "Red Blue Green."

Yet there may be a contradiction because such connections were used on newer machines like computer based capture cards, DVD recorders and high end 90s era prosumer videotape broadcast grade cameras.

"When i spin away" reminds me of the need to rewind videotapes. It also makes me think of when someone leaves and is no longer around us.

"This is my way of saying goodbye" reminds me of the fact that it is easier to express or say something via any other medium (songmeanings website comments section, phone call, recorded audio, recorded video, written letter, e-mail, text message...etc.) besides "face to face."

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