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Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic – Cut Me Some Slack Lyrics 1 year ago
The guy is asking his mother to cut him some slack, in other words, to give him some personal space. But, the parts where he says, "Mama, watch me run, Mama, I wanna have some fun", seem to show that his mother is still controlling and unrelenting to his request.

Also, the part where he says, "I want to hear the woman yet never come back", shows that he has decided to not go back to the same situation his mom has created for him, that of a controlling environment, once he runs away. It is a typical rebel song.

Johnnie Taylor – Who's Making Love? Lyrics 1 year ago
The song is about staying loyal to your wives. The singer starts by saying that he has some good advice for men. He asks them if they have ever realized that while they were out cheating on their wife with some other woman, the same could come to happen to them. Someone would be treating their wife the same way that they have been with other men's wives.

Furthermore, he says that he has seen many men mistreat their wives because all that they think of them is that they are there to be oppressed, even beaten, and openly mistreated. The singers says that he was the same way; neglectful of his wife and mistreated her, but had that happened to him where his wife was being treated well by some other man. But, by the time he realized his mistake, it was too late to do anything.

Peggy Scott – Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries Lyrics 1 year ago
The song is about two lovers who always make up the same excuse to others that they went for picking wild mountain berries. But, the girl says that she can't be sure anymore to keep their relationship a secret from others. She asks him what is their plan since people are now suspecting them. However, the song ends without suggesting what plan they came up with.

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