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The Cult – Love Removal Machine Lyrics 2 months ago
I'm inclined to go with charming man & ultimate. Lyric says "scarlet woman" , "red room", in lyric & lore, 'scarlet' is often referred to pro, or woman of the night. This woman relieved him of his tension built up in his nutsack. In doing so, there was no "love" associated with the act. Also, afterwards, he was satisfied, & had no more desire for any more sex, she becoming the " Love Removal Machine ".
But that's my take. I speak from experience. My balls ready to explode, I checked onto a massage parlor, way back in 1979, at the age of 19. Laid down my $$$, & had a nice tall blonde (young) woman relieve me of my load. No love involved at all. She was also my love removal machine. I have never looked at females the same since. Kinda sad, but done already.

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