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Ghostland Observatory – The Band Marches On Lyrics 5 months ago
My opinion songs about moving on and dealing with death.

Everything But the Girl – We Walk The Same Line Lyrics 1 year ago
I love this song, 1st and foremost! I'm sure I'm off on why this song was really wrote. For me this song is about, A parent dealing with a child leaving wether its off to college, wedding, and (god forbid) an illness. Its beautiful wrote, "we walk the same line".

Social Distortion – I Was Wrong Lyrics 1 year ago
I heard this song in 96'. My cousin sent me a cassette tape this was the song on it (Cuz re orded it ocf the radio). That day started my love for Social D, cuz thank you! I think this song has alot going on with it... addiction, false ideas, wrong doings, anger/hate, selfishness, bull headed, and the list goes on. Whether its about Mike Ness or someone he knew it about thinking you and only are right and no one else can tell you other wise. Then something happens (as it usually does) and you, " GET IT" it wasn't everyone else it was you. For many years this song was anthem. Im happy and healthy this days and I can finally hear love ones tell me, "I Was Wro g" and actually hear them out.

Three Dog Night – The Show Must Go On Lyrics 1 year ago
"Scifiboy2002" I get what your saying... I believe it's got woman involved. He cause fame, fortune, & "the good life" over a good woman. Years have done by and he realized what he has lost... He is singing this song to the woman and telling her, "The Show Must Go On".

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