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Rammstein – Hilf Mir Lyrics 2 months ago
The song uses the old German cautionary tale The Very Sad Tale with the Matches as a metaphor for suicide and depression.

The chorus doesn't translate well, but it more or less says:

"Whenever I'm lonely
I'm drawn to fire
Why is the sun round
Why can't I get healthy"

The illness he's referring to in the last line is depression. It's implied that he's suffered for a long time and just can't get better. The German word for lonely, "einsam," also weighs a little heavier, a more profound loneliness, and anytime he feels that way, he's drawn to the matches, until he finally sets himself on fire.

"Es greift nach mir, ich wehr mich nicht" means "It claws at me, I don't resist," meaning it isn't an accident, he wants it to happen. He's committing suicide.

When he's dead, he ascends towards the sunshine, an image of warmth and peace and happiness. His death isn't the tragic result of an accident to him, it's a release and relief. His struggle is finally over.

And so, "help me" does not refer to being on fire, it's a literal call for help from a suicidal person at the end of their rope.

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