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Jay Brannan – The Freshman (The Verve Pipe cover) Lyrics 2 years ago
I watched a lyric video and instead of "and a shoe full of rice, now" it said it was "and a shoot full of rye snow" so my first thought was drugs, and that makes the most sense to me.

Ghost – Kiss the Go-Goat Lyrics 3 years ago
I think it's safe to say that this song is about the temptation of the Devil. Goats are often used to depict the devil, and as I've previously posted, Osculum Obscenum refers to the act of kissing the devil's butt as part of an initiation ritual. In the video, young Papa Nihil/Zero is singing it to a crowd as a young Sister Imperator watches from afar. Papa is encouraging the audience to succumb to their lust for the devil, or for Papa himself, or perhaps just the music. The lyrics also seem to reference the classic Faustian Bargain where someone's deal with the devil somehow always backfires.
"It ain't always what it seems
When you cling onto a dream
It ain't always there to please you
But he's the guy you wanna do
And you know that it takes two
Luckily he wants to do you too"

At the end of the song, Papa kisses a woman in the crowd, angering Sister. This is ironic in the fact that Papa is representing the devil and how powerful and tempting Satan is, yet, Papa is the one to give into temptation. Perhaps this hints that the band Ghost came to fame by making a deal with the devil, and what Papa sacrificed was his potential relationship with Sister Imperator. It could also reference how she sees him as her sexy devil, but he betrays her by kissing a fan.

Another interpretation is that in present time, Papa Zero is old, and "goat" can be a term that refers to an old person. He's still attracted to Sister though she resists him in the Chapters. This song seems to be about his lust for her while Mary On A Cross is about his love for her.

As for the "Go-Goat?" I guess it's a pun on "go-go," a popular music genre in the 60s and 70s, which seems to be when Papa was singing the song in the video.

Ghost – Kiss the Go-Goat Lyrics 3 years ago
Sorry, I'm new. Let me try this again.
It seems that searching the meaning for "Osculum Obscenum" will direct you to the Wiki page of "Osculum infame," which is what supposed witches were accused of doing during witch hunts. It means Kiss of Shame, and it is performed as an initiation ritual where they would literally kiss the Devil's ass.

Ghost – Kiss the Go-Goat Lyrics 3 years ago

Ghost – Mary on a Cross Lyrics 3 years ago
Seems like this a confession from Papa Zero about how he still loves Sister Imperator despite her keeping him at a distance. I'm assuming due to the event in the Kiss the Go-Goat video where Papa kissed the fan while Sister watched from the balcony, they were either in a relationship and split, Papa wasn't ready to commit, or Sister was just a very jealous business partner who had a crush on him.

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