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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Goodbye Angels Lyrics 5 days ago
Definitively this song is about ManBearPig. “In the sun I see you with your guard down” represents a bear during hunting season scavenging for berries, unaware there are recreational hunters who want to “suicide” the poor creature. “Number one you’re moving to a hard time” means that man has invaded bear country and that bears will have a harder time surviving in its natural environment. “Kicking hard looking for a rescue...” is a metaphor for a pig about to get slaughtered and meat harvested. “Watch me starve was never to impress you” is about him trying to convert to being a vegan but his significant other is a full blown meat eater. “Somehow you made your way to my decade” represents the fact that wildlife is becoming more endangered by “the decade” so he’s so bewildered that he saw a ManBearPig. “Sticky fingers find a way to take her” means his fingers are sticky after eating said ManBearPig. “Your flickering is more than just a small flame, Welcome to the party it’s a ball game...Well this this self explanatory. Who doesn’t like a roast pig luau??? Thank you RHCP for this beautiful metaphorically saturated masterpiece!

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