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Post Malone – Sunflower Lyrics 1 year ago
These lyrics resonate strongly with me personally with a tragedy I experienced through 2017, when my ex partner disappeared with our 7 year Daughter.

After she wasn't returned to my care and I was unable to locate her or her Father, I entered a state of distress beyond fathomable. I was unable to get assistance through all the usual measures, couldn't return to work and was left isolated and very vulnerable. In addition to this, I began making poor & destructive choices and which included substance abuse to try and cope with the pain and trauma.

A close friend of mine (well what I believed was close), let me down and hurt me incredibly over this time, which I hold no blame against as my mental state was severely impaired over that period. I am forever remorseful for the consequences experienced by everyone effected, especially those I care deeply for.

The lyrics "Needless to say I keep her in check" - His bluntless in trying to make me aware of of my behavior & reminding me of our mutual connection.
"She was a bad bad never less" - My circumstances at time.
"Then your left in the dust, unless I stuck by ya" - Acknowledgment of his lack of help and support when he was all I had and where that ultimately left me. The things that happened as a result.
"Your a sunflower, I think your love would be too much" - Naturally I am very bright and happy person, perceived as possibly too full on for him.

Very sad but beautiful song which reminds me of these dark days. <3

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