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Breaking Benjamin – Topless Lyrics 1 year ago
@[shallow_bay:35394] No the right line is I love your face

Breaking Benjamin – Topless Lyrics 1 year ago
One of the things I love about Breaking Benjamin is the fact that Benjamin Burnley intentionally keeps his lyrics vague so that other people can have their own interpretations of a song. This is song is the absolute best example of this. The lyrics are a lot more vague than many people have let on

"Fruit on the vine.
You've got yours,
And I've got mine.
Meat on your bones.
They won't know, they won't know."

This first line reminds me of how some people associate food with body parts. the part where he says you got yours I got mine could mean they are getting their genitals ready. the Meat on your bones part also reminds me of the fact humans are meat. The they in the they won't know part is everyone they associate with. Sex is meant to be very private and intimate. The narrator is assuring that he won't tell anyone about what he and his partner are going to do

"I love your face, just get away.
I'm on my knees, fuck you, fuck me."

Both I love your face and just get away could refer to the need that this person needs that the person needs to satisfy. He loves looking at his partner and is on his knees to get sexual satisfaction. The just get away part make not make sense in the in the interpretation I am giving until you watch porn. To me it means the partner does not want him to cum inside her and telling him to pull is cock when he is going to cum. the fuck you, fuck me part could refer to the fact he is fucking her and she is fucking him. After sex often involves more than one person.

"I'm on my way to feel you dislocate.
Safe in your space.
I'm open, wide open."

The "I'm on my way to feel you dislocate" part could mean the fact how sex can violent but the parties involved never really hurt each other. Which actually supports the next line "Safe in you space." The I'm open part means he is fine with any way to stimulate him. Or at least it could mean that.

the like me and me part many have considered really deep and important. But I honestly don't think it is either of those. Especially the me part it is just repeating the end of the chorus which is something a lot of songs do. Like me could mean is asking if his partner likes they way he does it.

I think you could look at this song as another hard rock sex anthem along with "You Shook Me All Night Long" and it could seriously work!

Five Finger Death Punch – No One Gets Left Behind Lyrics 1 year ago
@[ghosthawk09:35393] Good point.

Five Finger Death Punch – No One Gets Left Behind Lyrics 1 year ago
@[Armadio2:35392] I think you have a good point there. But I don't think supporting the troops but not the war is a contradiction. Maybe you don't believe that the cause is worth fighting for. You said yourself that idiots in Washington use it for all the fucking wrong reasons. I will admit though it can be confusing but there is some nuance to it.

Breaking Benjamin – Evil Angel Lyrics 2 years ago
This is my interpretation of this song.

"Hold it together, birds of a feather
Nothing but lies and crooked wings"

This first part could mean he is trying to stay normal when he is meeting this "evil angel." but the second part could mean when he met her he has found people have just made up lies about her and degraded her.

"I have the answer, spreading the cancer
You are the faith inside me"

This whole part could mean he knows what she is really like deep down.The spreading the cancer could mean either he is indulging in her deviant ways or the cancer could represent the lies people are making about her.

"No, don't
Leave me to die here
Help me survive here
Alone, don't remember, remember"

This part could mean he is pleading for her to protect him from all the hate people are spreading or even another enemy lurking around. But the most significant point I would like to make is the don't remember. This part could mean he's telling her don't remember what they have told have said about her and let it bother her.

"I'm a believer
Nothing could be worse
All these imaginary friends
Hiding betrayal
Driving the nail
Hoping to find a savior"

Now this could mean he believes in her and these people who degrade her are the worst. They act like friends but then turn against you as soon as you say something that they don't like. The "hoping to find a savior" part could mean they are looking for some God that will liberate the people who support this "evil angel."

Surrender, surrender"

Once again this could mean he is telling her not believe what they have been telling her.

"Put me to sleep, evil angel
Open your wings, evil angel
Fly over me, evil angel
Why can't I breathe, evil angel?"

This could be what he is telling her when she makes love to him. I was wondering how the "Why can't I breath" part fits into this but now I think I know. He is asking why she is so breathtaking and amazing at how she does it.

I hope this interpretation will give you a totally different way of looking at this song!

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