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The Clash – Rudie Can't Fail Lyrics 7 days ago
It's from the point of view of older ppl who see the younger, punkier generations as rude and lazy, (to quote the other comment) always slacking off.

The Clash – Safe European Home Lyrics 10 days ago

The Clash – Police on My Back Lyrics 24 days ago
The 'siren' sounding guitar cycle is just D....G and the CHORUS is Am.....G that all there is too it on guitar.
The Levellers cover of this song is equally as good!!

Levellers – Is This Art? Lyrics 2 months ago
@[Kelly76:30356] it was written by Simon Friend in 84

Levellers – Beautiful Day Lyrics 2 months ago
In the second Verse the line "and when the BARMAN said that crazy"
I wrong, the word is Geuvara (che) leading to marks political view behind the song

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