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Judas Priest – Desert Plains Lyrics 2 years ago
Desert plains

The title has two components; both are places. This is the central meaning of the song: there are two places, earth and the afterlife.

Full moon is rising // Illumination during the night; in other words, knowledge about death.
The sky is black // I'm dead.
I heed your call I'm coming back // I love you, but you are alive.
The road is straight cast // The situation is clear. We are separated by death.
Wind's in my eyes // All difficulties are comparatively minor. Death can be conquered by love.
The engine roars between my thighs // Whatever the tools, I will return to you.

From desert plains I bring you love // From the afterlife I bring you knowledge (about death).
From desert plains I bring you love

Wild mountain thunder // Something greater than me.
Echoes my quest // Reverberates my life.
My body aches but I'll not rest
Quartz light to guide me
Till sunrise leads // I have purpose and will follow my path, really or spiritually.
My passion screams, my heart it bleeds // In both spirit and body.

From desert plains I bring you love
From desert plains I bring you love

Then in the distance // Across the chasm of me being dead and you alive.
I see you stand
On the horizon you raise your hand // I know you hope to be with me again.
In burning rubber
I end my quest // I have come back to you; I gave you hope.
You fall into my arms at last // We're not separated.

From desert plains I bring you love
From desert plains I bring you love

This song is about a dead lover who longs to be with his (or hers) living lover. The song is the message it sends the living to make it known there is an afterlife. With this knowledge, the lovers are no longer apart: knowing they will be together in the future, is like being in each other's arms already.

Metallica – Harvester Of Sorrow Lyrics 2 years ago
Harvester of sorrow

The title has two components: the idea of the profession of harvester and the feeling of sorrow. To be a professional feeling harvester is to very seriously collect such feeling. Notice that to harvest, one must kill the object being harvested.

My life suffocates // All seems to be against me; the meaning of my life is being hated by god.
Planting seeds of hate // As life is lived, god plants seeds of hate in me.
I’ve loved, turned to hate // The relentlessness of the external hate makes one reinterpret love as hate.
Trapped far beyond my fate // I might have wanted another life for myself, but god hating me condemned me to a specific fate.

I give, you take // I try to counter this external hate with love.
This life that I forsake // Tried suicide, but reincarnated into the same hateful world.
Been cheated of my youth // Being forced to Awaken by hate.
You turned this lie to truth // A hateful reality shaped me into a hateful person.

You’ll suffer unto me // Now hate is interiorized. I hate you (god).

Harvester of sorrow // I will inflict pain, and suffer the consequences.
Language of the mad // Language of the Awakened.
Harvester of sorrow

Pure black, looking clear // By accepting hate, at least I'm swimming with the current. There is no more doubt.
My work is done soon here
Try getting back to me
Get back which used to be // Inflict evil - and cultivate sensibility to feelings.

Drink up
Shoot in
Let the beatings begin
Distributor of pain
Your loss becomes my gain // As an awakened evildoer, your revenge unto me is sin.

You’ll suffer unto me

Harvester of sorrow
Language of the mad
Harvester of sorrow

All have said their prayers // We all have our arrangements with the deities.
Invade their nightmares
To see into my eyes
You’ll find where murder lies // (A hateful god made me) evil incarnate.


Harvester of sorrow
Language of the mad
Harvester of sorrow
Language of the mad
Harvester of sorrow

I think this song is about a person who interprets the world as being against him; perhaps a schizophrenic who sees signs of a hateful god everywhere. Living in such condition eventually makes him accept the perceived evil without as a sign that he must be evil himself, and he starts to see himself as an instrument of a deity in realizing this evil on this world - be it by being evil to others, or by being seen as evil to others.

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