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Green Day – In the End Lyrics 4 months ago
Out of Billie Joe Armstrong's perspective of this song, "In The End," is about his mother's sexual life and the ugly, terrifying men she brought home with her. Billie has even said his mom would be viewed like a prostitute by these fakes and shitbags. The first line of the song, "All brawn and no brains," represents her naive love life. The rest of the song explains this, such as the chorus,

"I figured out what you're all about
And I don't think I like what I see
So I hope I won't be there in the end
If you come around"

that Billie really thinks his mom has been fucked up since Billie's dad died, when he was ten with his other six siblings.

Green Day – Scattered Lyrics 4 months ago


But I believe in peace, and this is just Billie's perspective. It could be anything you want. But...

If you're a devoted Green Day fan (such as I and a lot of you guys and women) you know that this song is about Billie's dad, Andrew Armstrong, and the very few but heartfelt photos and memories the two has in their photos. For the rest of this comment just relate it to the lyrics.

"Makes me wish that you were here.
Now it seems I've forgotten my purpose in this life.
All the songs have been erased.
Guess I've learned from my mistakes.
Open the past and present.
Now and we are there.
Story to tell and I am listening.
Open the past and present.
And the future too.
It's all I've got and I'm giving it up to you."

Green Day – Stuart and the Ave. Lyrics 4 months ago
This song goes along with, "Westbound Sign," three songs later, and shows the breakup and problems with the protagonist, Billie Joe. Apparently, Billie has just realized that his lover or girlfriend is rotten and a bitch, stating, "Ripping up my transfer, and a photograph of you. You're a blur of my dead past and rotting existence, as I stand laughing on the corner of insignificance." Throughout the rest of the song, he states that the relationship from the start has been fucked up, and destiny is not a place for them. Since Green Day, Tre, Mike, and Billie, lived in Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley Bay around this time, and Stuart and the Avenue is located in Berkeley near Alta Bates National Hospital.

Billie's relationships and the girl is pretty fucked up, like he repeats redundantly, but pass all of this is "Westbound Sign," also on Green Day's fourth stdio album. Westbound sign is the aftermath of this relationship. Both songs are streets that Billie reflects off of in this album.

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