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Quarterflash – Find Another Fool Lyrics 2 years ago
The lyrics are straightforward in the song from Portland Oregon's Quarterflash. This woman feels totally burned by this man and she is *sooo* over it.

The Bolshoi – Happy Boy Lyrics 3 years ago
So is "a friend called Jimmy" is a condom ?

Suzanne Vega – Left Of Center Lyrics 3 years ago
If I take this song out of the Pretty In Pink soundtrack and treat it as an album cut from her excellent CD Solitude Standing, I feel this song is not about love. It is along the lines of previous posters here. It is about not being in the center but just a little off. The singer is not crazy, but just observing from a shorts distance away.

When they ask me
"What are you looking at?"
I always answer
"Nothing much" (not much)
I think they know that
I'm looking at them
I think they think
I must be out of touch

She denies she is looking at them, but they know she is looking at them. She hasn't disclosed if she is wanting to be involved with their activity or social situation.

Personally I've always been an observer of people instead of participating in whatever is going on around me. This song could be hinting at social anxiety a little, but the singer seems content on where she is. I would think that if the singer is asked if she wanted to come into the "center" and participate, she may say "no".

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