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Hieroglyphics – You Never Know Lyrics 19 years ago
hiphop at it's finest. hieroglyphics is definetly one of the best crews ever.

Eminem – White America Lyrics 19 years ago
what a relevant song. eminem is one of the most clever emcees ever, he definetly has the pop appeal to say what needs to be said and get the message across. i just worry that most of the kids who listen to his music just to get laughs or hear vulgarity, i suppose he's good for that...but his music is smart. and it's too bad most people can't get that past their thick little skulls. this shit is important. so pay attention, you might learn something.

The Faint – Agenda Suicide Lyrics 19 years ago
what does this song mean to me? it means that we're doing exactly what we shouldn't by posting here. the faint find there escape from daily human doing by making music...and we're sitting here talkign about it? why can't we just try to create our own little piece of escape. that's the first step to getting rid of this terrible cultural trap we're sucked into.

Weezer – Hash Pipe Lyrics 19 years ago
why hate on this song just because it's popular? it's got a strong beat...and the lyrics are just what they are.

Atmosphere – Clay Lyrics 19 years ago
an almost asian beat with this one...what a great song. slug weaves an intricate web when he rhymes, and this is one of his better weavings. what a sick emcee

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