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Justin Timberlake – Better Days Lyrics 1 year ago
Justin Timberlake paired with Ant Clemons to release the new song, "Better Days." "Better Days" offers a glimmer of hope during a trying time this holiday season. Timberlake hopes the song helps people to end 2020 on a better note and for everyone to continue working toward a better future. While the song was written during the lockdown, the song touches on the challenges that have occurred in 2020 while maintaining the hope we need with the lyric, "better days are comin'." So, when listening to "Better Days," remember, "There's a light at the end of the tunnel/Keep your eyes on the road ahead." The song serves as a reminder that while 2020 has been trying, good things can still come into our lives and inspires us all to continue moving ahead. The slow, somber beat of Timberlake's new song is a nod to the hardships we have all endured, but the vocalization in the back helps to maintain the hope we need during this time.

Gwen Stefani – Let Me Reintroduce Myself Lyrics 1 year ago
Gwen Stefani has once again released a new hit song, "Let Me Reintroduce Myself." While the song does not feature her beau, Blake Shelton, the song's energy is lively and features Andy Warhol in the music video. The song is Stefani's way of saying that she is back with new music and incorporating a feel of some of her previous hits. "Let Me Reintroduce Myself" is a feel-good reggae-inspired song that is easy to dance to and remember all the lyrics to belt out in the car. The song focuses on her being "the original me [Stefani]" and being more than the "records on your shelf." Stefani's new song is a nod to her previous musicality and hits and brings Stefani into the modern music spotlight once again.

Beyoncé – Otherside Lyrics 1 year ago
The “Otherside” starts out with Nigerian producer Bankulli chanting in Yoruba, with Beyonce swiftly joining in in Swahili. The refrain “Mababu Katika Mawingu” means grandfathers in the clouds. This is a nod to Beyonce’s work as the voice of Nala in Disney’s live action, The Lion King. The shared heritage between one of her most iconic scenes in the movie and her life draw together to produce powerful elements. With the lyrics, “You will see me/ On the other side”, we are reminded of how powerful an artist Beyonce is and how iconic her music continues to be. Her music continues to define the time we live in and is a reflection of the world we live in. Beyonce released “Otherside” on her visual album, The Lion King: The Gift on July 31st on Disney+.

Beyoncé – Already Lyrics 1 year ago
Beyonce is known as the Queen of pop and her Beyhive has been thirsty for a new hit like “Lemonade”. Her new song “Already” dropped hours before her visual album, Black is King, on Disney+. This gave fans a sneak preview for the album that dropped July 31st. “Already” features Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale and Jamaican-American EDM master Major Lazer. The song originally appeared on her The Lion King: The Gift album, where she starred as the voice of Nala. In this song, Beyonce focuses on emphasizing diverse beats from around Africa. The purpose of the song is to highlight the rich elements of Black history and African tradition, while bringing it to the 21st century. The song is best summed up with the lyrics, “Long live the king/you a king/ you know it”.

Tim McGraw – I Called Mama Lyrics 1 year ago
Tim McGraw’s new song, “I Called Mama” focuses on how healing the voice of a loved one can be. “I Called Mama” was released on May 8, 2020. The song was not intentioned to be a single, but after recording it McGraw and his team found that it was the perfect song to release during the pandemic. “I Called Mama” is a personal song for Tim McGraw that he wanted to release as a standalone single. It is meant to show how it feels to call your mom and the weight that it carries. McGraw wants the song to invoke a sense of nostalgia and touches people’s humanity in a way to make them feel connected. In the song, McGraw sings about when something bad happened and the first thing he did was call his mama. With the lyrics, “I got to really thinkin’ this mornin’/ ‘Bout what’s important”, McGraw conveys that when bad things happen, we turn to our family for support. While we may not be able to see our family in person, we can always pick up our phone and call each other.

Kid Cudi – The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady Lyrics 1 year ago
Kid Cudi and Eminem have joined together for a new song, “The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady”. The song dropped on Thursday, July 10th at midnight. This is the first time the rappers have come together to collaborate, and their fans were definitely excited. Both Cudi and Eminem rap about current events, some in the world going on around us, and other more personal material. The intro to the song includes Kid Cudi saying, “Yeah it’s been a minute, but I’m back in it”. This is a reference to Cudi’s journey through rehab and coming out through the “dark and the light”. Eminem focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic and police brutality with the verses, “Half of us walking around like a zombie apocalypse” and “Prayers for George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery”, respectively. The song serves as a reference point both for events going on in the rappers’ personal lives, and the world they are currently living in.

Juice WRLD – Life's a Mess Lyrics 1 year ago
The new Juice WRLD song, “Life’s a Mess” features Halsey and is on the rapper’s first posthumous album, Legends Never Die, that will be released on July 10th. The track is a tribute to Juice WRLD’s passing last December due to an accidental overdose. “Life’s a Mess” features uplifting vocals from Juice WRLD and harmonies from Halsey. This duo creates a riveting song that guides the chorus. With the pair ultimately singing, “I get high when I’m upset/ I remember when me and love ain’t click/ Looking for something real, then I found it”. The song is a balance of synth and vocals that shows even posthumously, Juice WRLD’s voice is still being heard. “Life’s a Mess” is leaving fans and first-time listeners mourning over the loss of Juice WRLD and his unique voice and message.

Jason Derulo – Savage Love Lyrics 1 year ago
This is a love song but not your regular everyday song. Jason fell in love and was happy about it even though it was not a healthy relationship. When one finds love, he/she should keep it, do everything possible to make it last forever, fight if you have to. “You do not know what you have till you lose it”. Now I want to love, love like never before, treat my partner like and angel, get him/her everything they need and want just to make them happy. I will give this song a rating of 9/10

Factual research
This song became United Kingdom’s number 1 song in only a few weeks. Savage- it was a vicious relationship up to the fact that he spent quite a lot. Could have been karma - he probably has done something like this to someone else in the past.

What Jason Derulo means
He never wanted to love but then he met someone who made him change his mind; he fell in love so fast, then realized she didn’t love him but only wanted to use him to get back at her ex-lover. This did not trouble him because he had the “love of his” life with him. It was kind of a toxic relationship, but he did not mind anyway and he was okay with her using him to have fun. He tried everything humanly possible to please her and keep her happy.

Kanye West – Wash Us in the Blood Lyrics 1 year ago
What the song means to me and my opinion
Kanye was talking about all that is wrong with the world, America in particular-the thug life, selling of drugs, gang fights and that they all had no choice. He’s asking God to come down and solve all our problems, he wants God to was us in his blood. This song is deep- touched my soul, makes me remember the vices I have been involved in and now I want to turn to God. I will rate this song 8/10.

Factual research
Mass incarceration, United States still locks people in a large population in both federal and state prisons (Kanye tried his best to stay away from such places) for example, the story of the five boys in “When They See Us”. In about 28-30 states in United States, penalty for some vices is death murder, genocide.

What Kanye West means
Kanye West wants God to cleanse the earth, wants non-stop rain to wash away our sins, wants the sun to shine on us anew. He grew up on the street but left that all behind, he found God who made him whole again. He wants the Holy Spirit to come down and help us. Now the street does not want him to say all these, they want him to be quite and calm about it all. The news does not say the truth, all tey say is fake. It was not easy for him at first but God saved him.

Beyoncé – Black Parade Lyrics 1 year ago
Beyoncé’s new single, “Black Parade” surprise-dropped on Juneteenth weekend. This fitting anthem serves as an empowering anthem for Juneteenth celebrations around the United States. The track is about empowerment and resilience and focuses on the Black Lives Matter protests. With her lyrics, “Rubber bullets bouncin’ off me/ Made a picket sign off your picket fence”, the power and support for the BLM movement rings throughout the song. The song opens with the line, “I’m goin’ back to the South”, a nod to Beyoncé’s roots in Texas. “Black Parade” will be the song of a powerful movement that has received clout throughout the nation. Beyoncé has outdone herself with a powerful song that highlights the impact music has on our lives and uses her music as a way to connect with people across all walks of life to make a track that everyone can sing along to.

Justin Bieber – At Least for Now Lyrics 1 year ago
Featured from Justin Biebers new album Changes, his track “At Least for Now” draws from Bieber’s younger days with a song that draws on the heart strings and a couple looking for love. The lyrics of this song show Bieber singing his soul out with a simple instrumental background, focusing on piano chords that build up. Bieber’s lyrics remind us that even one partner is still in love, the other one can continue to drift away. His song title “At Least for Now” foreshadows the eventual breakup of the couple as the lyrics focus on him taking things one step at a time, enjoying the time they have together. He eventually knows that their relationship will end with disappoint, but he wants to remember things as they were. This is a song that shows a man hoping for the best in his relationship but straining to stay because he does not want to get hurt again. He will stay for now, but in the future who knows. It is not fair to him for her to continue stringing him along, and he is doing his best to shield his heart. Bieber’s song is sure to ring true with many people around the world. This is a song that you will listen to when you need reassurance, but also a song that will make you think about your own relationship and what you want. With a tenderer side than many of the other songs on the album, “At Least for Now” is a piano ballad that we can also listen to with our hearts on our sleeves.

Lady GaGa – Sour Candy Lyrics 1 year ago
Sour Candy is a pop song by Lady Gaga and K-Pop group Blackpink released on May 28, 2020. While being straight-forward lyrically, the song presents a useful metaphor on the type of person the subject is: hard to crack open, but sweet on the inside once you figure them out. Overall, the song gives a glimpse into what it might feel like to be someone who wants to be loved, but feels two conflicting parts of themselves trying to come out at once. I believe that this is a very useful comparison to make, as everyone has differing aspects of their personality and everyone deserves to be their honest self.

In the second verse, Gaga sings, “You want a real taste / at least I’m not a fake / come, come unwrap me / come, come unwrap me / I’ll show you what’s me . . . Now I’m undressing / unwrap sour candy”. The phrase “unwrap me” is a request for someone to get to know them. By being asked to unwrap them, the subject is giving an invitation for someone to get to know their authentic self and learn about the deeper parts of them. In the chorus, Rose and Lisa of Blackpink sing “So sweet ‘til I get a little angry. . . I’m super psycho / make you crazy when I turn the lights low”. This shows a little more about how the subject might not be exactly how they appear on the outside. Much like a sour candy, they could be easy to love while simultaneously being difficult to love.

Although Sour Candy is not particularly deep lyrically, the metaphor presented in this song is very helpful in explaining how difficult it can be to open up to new people that may not know you very well. The lyrics are relatable and easy to understand while being presented in a catchy way musically While the lyrics have a racy tone, the metaphor is not lost, as the sensual nature of the song helps drive the point that they will not change themselves for someone else, even if they may be imperfect. In the first verse, they sing, “Ask me to be nice, and then I’ll do it extra mean. . . / If you wanna fix me, then let’s break up here and now”. The speaker is honest about who they are and is unwilling to be fixed. They need someone that will accept their authentic self and will not be with someone who disagrees with that. This is a powerful statement, as many people are afraid to be themselves around others and empowers the listener to be shamelessly them. By being unwilling to change themselves for another, the song empowers the listener to be secure in who they are and to need someone who will accept every part of them, sourness and all.

Halsey – Alanis’ Interlude Lyrics 2 years ago
Featuring Alanis Morissette, the song “Alanis’ Interlude” by Halsey unabashedly speaks to supporting men and women with sexual orientations outside the norm. Honest and vaguely explicit lyrics from Halsey and Alanis describe the way they feel about sexuality, celebrating the eschewing of traditional labels in favor of embracing love.

The song itself keeps itself short and sweet, never overstaying its welcome, nor leaving you begging for very much more. A simple verse/chorus structure helps to keep the listener invested, as both Halsey and Alanis describe sexual experiences they’ve had outside the norm. The chorus again reinforces this, decaring “'Cause he and she is her / And her and he are love / And I have never felt the difference”, suggesting that the feeling of love that they share becomes more important than the traditional values of that person’s gender identity. In a world where the lines between gender are becoming ever more transparent, this song seeks to capture that movement and present it in a fun, pop-fueled package that delivers in under 3 minutes.

The music itself is driven by a well-worn drum beat, carefully placed around a subtle organ track laying the foundation. One can also hear dulcet guitar tones carrying the organ, with the occasional plucked synthesizer indicating transitions in the song. Most of the instrumentation, however, is mixed way down to make room for the voices of these two powerful women. The two join in on the chorus, giving it a meaningful, evocative vibe. It becomes clear that these women truly believe in the message conveyed with their song, and hearing the pair in tandem makes for a wonderful listening experience.

Pearl Jam – Dance of the Clairvoyants Lyrics 2 years ago
The newest lead single off of PearlJam’s 11th studio album, Gigaton, Dance of the Clairvoyants seems to entice youth beyond any sense of time and leads them to give in to their instincts....of sex.

How can music drive us to feel an emotion if we think too much? The lyrics address this paradox when they state,

“Expecting perfection
Leaves a lot to ignore
When the past is the present
And the future's no more
When every tomorrow
Is the same as before”

But if there is no need to expect perfection, what is left? The song is called “Dance of the Clairvoyants” and at first pass, the listener might expect future tellers. But, the repetition of “Stand back when the spirit comes” seems to imply that the youth listening to the music has a sort of power to tap into a more essential way of living, free from the ills of the past and the pressures of the future and so deliciously seductive that they can escape this feeling that permeates making them feel that “...every tomorrow is the same as before”.

So, the music plays, the girls give in to their baser nature to “dance” and “fall away from their circumstance” while the boys are just want to “grow their dicks”. In the end, Clairvoyants dancing is another way of saying that there is power in letting go and listening to music with your body and soul. Otherwise, “The looser things get/ The tighter you become”, a warning to let go once in a while and feel yourself.

Eminem – Darkness Lyrics 2 years ago
Since Monday will mark a momentous day in world and U.S. history as we honor MLK Day, I contend that Eminem's “Darkness” lyrics and song contain major social justice themes as well. Like MLK sought to achieve in his iconic writings and speeches, I feel that Eminem’s lyrics are also advocacy-based for us to vote. His song definitely epitomizes the harsh reality of mass shootings, mental health struggles, addictions, and other major themes that we must battle more proactively.

As divisive as politics themselves, many critics feel that his lyrics in this song actually glorify or condone gun violence, but I infer that his allusions to the Vegas shooting show us that there is a major problem to address when he summons,

“Feels like I'm loathing in Las Vegas
Haven't got the vaguest why I'm so lost
But I'd make you this small wager
If I bet you I'll be in tomorrow's paper
Who would the odds favor?”

As MLK recalled with his own personal experiences with racism in America and the world, it also seems like Eminem is further depicting some of his own personal demons with mental health struggles, alcohol, and addiction when he admits,

“I'm so much like my father, you would think that I knew him
I keep pacin' this room, Valium, then chase it with booze…”

As we move toward MLK Day next week, let’s agree to disagree on political candidates but pause to understand the brutal picture of American and global “darkness” to allow music to be the wakeup call that we all need ensure that MLK’s dream doesn’t become a recurrent nightmare.

Justin Bieber – Yummy Lyrics 2 years ago
Yummy has such a light, summery vibe, which I really like. Even if none of us can afford to fly around in a private jet, we can live vicariously through Justin and his wife Hailey, who was definitely his muse for this song. The song paints a picture of an extravagant life, with lyrics like “jet set, watch the sunset” making us all painfully aware of how cool Justin Bieber is. He sings “yeah you got that yummy yum” repeatedly throughout the song, as an ode to his wife Hailey. It’s a cute, fun song about enjoying life and enjoying the person you love, which I think a lot of people can resonate with.

Camila Cabello – Consequences Lyrics 3 years ago
While we're used to having sensual, sexy songs from Camila, this time, she's delivering a soulful and deep hit about a failed relationship. At the beginning of the song, she starts out with all of the consequences of her breakup, all of the pain that she's living through and how the relationship made her feel so good. You're listening and thinking that she definitely needs to get back together with this person, right? As soon as you're sure that they were meant to be, Camila dives into all of the negative consequences that the relationship had on her. She repeats all of the good things about the relationship, but continues to list her negative feelings about it, too. In this beautiful ballad, we are not only reminded that Camila Cabello has some major pipes, but also that most things in life are not all good or all bad, and it is up to us to decide if the good outweighs the bad.

Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next Lyrics 3 years ago
Ariana is bringing us another one of her famous move on and love yourself breakup songs. As in her previous songs, Ariana reminds us that loving ourselves is the most important and that no matter how many failed relationships we have, there will always be a next one. The part of this song that really stands out is the first verse where she takes a moment to thank all of her exes individually for the lessons they taught her. She shows us that having animosity isn't necessary after a breakup, because each relationship teaches us something, even if that person wasn't "the one." The entire second verse is dedicated to the reflection inward and how much can be learned from being on our own, too. Ariana continues to cement herself as a queen in the music scene, not only with her female empowerment jams, but also with messages of love and gratitude.

Calvin Harris – Promises Lyrics 3 years ago
This dance song maybe a bit simplistic, but the music video is really where it shines. With a bumping back beat, the singers repeat many of the words several times, repeating the same message as many hits and even more drunken men: I want to give you everything tonight, but I can't promise more. While this message is a bit predictable, the music video is anything but. Calvin Harris and Sam Smith dive into New York's drag queen scene as we see several men dancing in a dance club, going in and out of drag. We see the two singers in different locales as images of male and female dancers flash across the screen. You really feel like you're in a drag club in the city, and you just want to get up and move!

Ella Mai – Boo'd Up Lyrics 3 years ago
As summer is coming to a close and fall is finally here, it's great to find little bits of summer left, and this song is a pretty perfect summer anthem. A catchy tune about being in a relationship with someone you really care about, this song just makes you want to go on a mini-golfing date under the stars...much like the couple does in this video! While just listening to this song makes me happy, watching the video adds to the experience as we see a couple who is very much in love participating in several date night activities like go-karting and skee ball. The lyrics are pretty amazing too. At first glance, "Boo'd Up" looks like it would mean the feeling of being someone's boo, but Ella Mai also uses this phrase to describe the sound that her heart makes in her chest when in the presence of her special someone. Between the awesome and bubbly lyrics and the fun video, Ella Mai effectively transports you back to being young and carefree, going on dates in high school.

DJ Tiesto – Jackie Chan Lyrics 3 years ago
What a catchy song and fun video! I loved this song when I initially heard it on the radio, Post Malone just has a way of making the songs he sings get stuck in your head! But the video is infinitely more charming. The entire video is done as if the singers are Minecraft characters driving around completing different challenges. From stuffing sushi in their faces to fleeing from a giant head with a Santa hat, the two characters drive around in their limo eating coins and leveling up. I'm not going to lie, I had to go back and read the lyrics separately because the video was so captivating that I didn't hear much but the chorus. And I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that after watching the video and reading the lyrics several times, that I still have no idea what "kicking it Jackie Chan" means, but you can bet that as I was typing that, I was hearing Post Malone sing it in my head.

Halsey – Without Me Lyrics 3 years ago
This song addresses one of the most common relationship pitfalls from both sides. The singer has fallen into the trap of finding someone to date who she needed to "fix." Whether or not she was happy in the relationship, she stayed because she did not believe that the other person would be okay without her. While it wasn't her responsibility to take care of them, she took this task upon herself anyway, and now seems to feel a little resentment. The singer's partner, on the other hand, is clearly taking her for granted. Now that her partner has a great life and a lot of confidence, they think that they don't need the singer anymore to complete their life. The singer laments that her partner is sitting so high that they're "too far to hold her," implying that they think they're so much better than her now and that they only look down on her. Halsey seems to be on a roll addressing these common relationship problems. Hopefully the more that we talk about them, the fewer people will fall into them.

Camila Cabello – Beautiful Lyrics 3 years ago
I think we've found the newest song that teens will be slow dancing to at school dances! This song is all-too-perfect for the typical school dance fantasy: man sees beautiful woman across the room and tells her how beautiful she is. In fact, that is exactly what happens in the video -- a man sees a beautiful, masked woman walk into a party and follows her around all night. The video may be simplistic and a bit overdone, but it truly reflects the theme of the song. While the man singing the song talks a lot about the woman's looks, he doesn't seem to know much more about her. Even though he knows so little about her, he feels that he really needs to be with her anyway. Sounds like every prom movie ever made, doesn't it?

Drake – Nonstop Lyrics 3 years ago
This song and video are so real. Rappers often like to sing about how being famous impacts them for better and for worse, but in this song, Drake really takes this to the next level. This song is all about how he can never truly be "off," he always has to be the big star that he has become. The video really drives this home by showing fans a snippet of his life as a star. It begins with a show in London, but it's not the usual amped-up concert scene. Not only do we see the excited fans in the crowd and hear them sing along with him, but we also see people jumping the barrier and being escorted out of the concert space. It was filmed and cut in such a way that the film is moving very fast and it jumps around frequently, driving home the idea of always being "on" and things moving quickly. After the initial scene, we see Drake at an after party where he has to be part of the life of the party. Then breakfast and a ride around England the next day, where he waves to the people on the streets and they chase his bus. Drake can't seem to be able to get a chance to really be the Drake that started in the music industry, with how big he's gotten, he unfortunately always needs to be his brand.

Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams Lyrics 3 years ago
This song is a sad recount from a heartbroken man set to a video that is like a combination of Beetlejuice and an 80s music video. With several half-baked visual effects like Juice Wrld's head coming out of a hole on the floor with an inhumanly long neck and the word "dead" floating across the screen, the video transports you into your own lucid dream where you watch Juice Wrld's pain. This is all set to a dark backdrop, reflecting the both the dream and the reality that the singer keeps living. He believed that he would one day marry his ex, yet she has broken up with him and moved on to be with someone else. Like most people who have experienced young love, the singer is heartbroken, claiming that he would be better off dead. While this may not be the happiest song, it is a really good song for people going through a breakup who just want to have a good cry.

Benny Blanco – Eastside Lyrics 3 years ago
I love how vulnerable benny blanco and Halsey were in this song and video. Not only do we get to hear them be nostalgic about growing up, but we also get to see it. And I mean really get a glimpse into their lives. The video has pictures of them living their lives and where they grew up, and they feel so real. If you were looking for some nostalgia for your past, I highly recommend inviting your friends from high school over and play this song on repeat. You can travel all the way from your first crush to your first serious relationship to your first real job and your first financial stress. They sing about meeting their crushes on the Eastside, in the city where the sun don't set, and even if your city doesn't have an "Eastside" you can imagine that one place where you always used to meet up with your crush or your friends where it felt like the sun never set and anything was possible. They talk a lot about running away from the place that they once called home, but from the tone of the song and video, it sounds like now that they've escaped, they really miss it and appreciate their roots.

Bebe Rexha – I’m a Mess Lyrics 3 years ago
I'm not sure about anyone else, but when I hear the chorus to this song, I start singing the chorus to "B*tch" by Meredith Brooks. However, unlike that song about accepting all sides of yourself, this song is about hating the person you become in a relationship. Everyone knows that there are certain people that we just can't be with because the relationship will be unhealthy, and it looks like Bebe Rexha has found one of those people. This relationship seems to really drive her crazy, making her feel like a mess, a loser, a hater, and a user. It doesn't sound like a relationship I would want to be in either! Throughout the song, she keeps repeating that even if this relationship ends, she's going to be okay because she loves herself. A great quality to have, however, with the amount of time she repeats this line, it feels like she isn't just trying to convince us, but to also convince herself. At least she has a therapist who's telling her that life goes on and that she will be happy again. I sure hope so.

The Weeknd – Starboy Lyrics 3 years ago
While all of us talk about getting rid of the old and welcoming in the new during the fall time, the Weeknd is actually doing it. Like several other songs in his genre, the Weeknd sings about how fancy his house is and how much money he's making. But that doesn't seem to totally satisfy him -- he also sings about how empty his house feels and how "we don't pray for love, we just pray for cars." The Weeknd isn't just going to stand by and allow his life to feel this empty anymore. At the very beginning of the music video for this song, we see one version of the Weeknd suffocate the version of the Weeknd that we've known and loved for years. He wants you to know that he's reinventing himself, and he's taking no prisoners. He follows this by destroying everything in his house with a giant cross, making sure to smash all of his old records in the process. Finally, he drives away on an empty highway trying to escape from his old life...and taking a jaguar with him.

Marshmello – Happier Lyrics 3 years ago
This song paints a beautiful portrait about the pain of letting go and the sacrifices that we make for love. I am torn about the video, mostly because I have lost my own dog in the past, and reliving that pain is rough. However, the video has such beautiful imagery, that it was overall wonderful to watch. The video features a young girl (played by Miranda Cosgrove when the girl becomes a teenager) who, in the midst of feeling left out and abandoned by her friends, receives a puppy for her birthday. The dog makes her happier throughout her lifetime, but in the end, she needs to learn to be happy on her own. Her dog passes and she grows up to have her own daughter, who receives her own puppy for her birthday, and the cycle begins anew. The lyrics deal with reassessing relationships and making sure that they are still healthy for us and others before proceeding. The song and the video both recognize that while letting go is hard, it's a natural part of life, and once we get rid of things that no longer serve us, we can grow to be better than before.

Panic! at the Disco – High Hopes Lyrics 3 years ago
I'm sure that I'm not the only person who's angsty inner teenager is screaming at the fact that Panic! At The Disco is back with some new music. And with an inspirational banger, no less! I will always be drawn to inspirational songs that I can listen to at the gym and can make me feel like I can do anything, but this song really goes above and beyond and makes you feel even higher. Like most other inspirational songs, they lyrics are about someone that never stopped striving to do his best and be unique, and the song itself is very upbeat and good for singing loudly with the radio. The music video takes this message to the next level by depicting a man approaching a skyscraper in a suit, looking very determined. I assumed that he was going in for a job interview, but no, he was doing something even greater and fearless -- he begins walking up the side of the building to join the rest of the band on the roof. And I'll be darned if this song and video did not make me want to "burn my biographies" and "rewrite my history" as well.

OneRepublic – Connection Lyrics 3 years ago
As per usual, OneRepublic has found a way to give us a soulful message while still giving us a fun song to fist pump to. In the song as well as in the video, the singer is distressed that he can't find people who are looking for a real and genuine connection. While singing about being surrounded by people and still feeling lonely, we see a man wandering around in a busy train station in black and white, looking for something extraordinary, only finding the ordinary...while there is an amazing dancer dancing through the station, being ignored in all of her unique beauty. While the entire music video takes place in the train station, the scene alternates between the busy train station during the day and a OneRepublic concert full of colors. Even with all of those people around, the singer still feels alone. At the end of the video, the train station returns to full color, and we see that everyone is still dressed in black and white, lacking personality. Except for our amazing dancer, in her bright yellow dress.

Ariana Grande – Step on Up Lyrics 3 years ago
Ariana Grande wants you to know that there’s nothing wrong with expressing your sexuality in this song, a message that I really vibe with. No slut shaming here! Like many of her songs, Ariana is embracing her sexuality and inviting others to enjoy it with her. Similar to “God is a Woman” in particular, this female sexuality empowerment song wants every woman out there to remember the goddess she is and refuse to let anyone treat her like any less. Between calling herself “a number one” and “a work of art,” Ariana is making sure that you know that she deserves appreciation and encourages her audience to “step on up” to her level.

Carrie Underwood – Spinning Bottles Lyrics 3 years ago
Well, if Carrie Underwood wanted to tug at my heartstrings, she surely succeeded with this song. With the repetition of the word spinning, this song gives any listener the understanding that the lives of the people in the song are careening out of control -- I'm sure I'm not the only listener who literally started to also feel her head spin! The painfully real spinning bottles theme really shows us a glimpse into the life of someone who is suffering alcohol addiction, and the suffering that those around them go through. This, in addition to her very vivid imagery, made the story line real, tangible, and heartbreaking. The ending of this song, however, is definitely more ambiguous than the rest of the song. Carrie Underwood repeats that they're both in this experience together, going around in circles, but finishes the thought with "can't live like this anymore." Without any pronoun, there are a few things this could mean, but to me the main two are: the woman leaves the man or the man kills himself to stop the pain. My optimistic heart personally wants to believe the former, but from the heart-wrenching tone of the song, how can we be sure?

Lady GaGa – Shallow Lyrics 3 years ago
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper really explore the idea of the "deep and troubled" artist in this song. They sing about how ill content they are with average, everyday life and can't settle for living "in the shallow" (as a young millennial who just entered the workforce and has fallen into a steady routine, I can relate). While everyone else is meandering around "on the surface" they lament about their own personal depth and how it makes them crave to have so much more from this life. They have to put on a brave face and "keep it so hardcore" in order to even deal with living a normal, humdrum life. They've dived deeply into this life, and now they cannot go back since they have experienced all of the richness that life has to offer.

As someone who has been a fan of Mama Monster since day 1, I can't wait to see "A Star Is Born" an introvert who avoids crowds, I will be waiting to see it until it comes onto DVD. But you can bet that I'll be listening to this soundtrack on repeat in the meantime!

Ariana Grande – God Is a Woman Lyrics 3 years ago
Out of all of the sexy female empowerment hits that have come from Ariana Grande's album "Sweetener," this song might be the sexiest and most empowering. I mean, it doesn't get much more empowering than calling yourself a deity. This song goes above and beyond glorifying female sexuality, as the singer tells her partner that she is going to rock their world so hard that they will believe that she must be a god. Then she incorporated religious imagery like prayer and blessings, really driving home the contrast between sex and religion. Beyond the lyrics, Ariana really plays up her slow, sensual singing style to make this song a fun and sexy hit that you might want to play while you're...well, replicating the lyrics.

Backstreet Boys – Don't Go Breaking My Heart Lyrics 3 years ago
Backstreet's back, alright! The Backstreet Boys are FINALLY back to make the teenager inside you swoon, and they are not bringing any surprises. In their first hit in over ten years, they're bringing back those boy band soulful dance hits about being super vulnerable and in love. They plead with their partner to keep from breaking their hearts because they are the type of person that falls deeply in love and stays there, which is what every woman wants, right? The video is also reminiscent of their old music videos, with the various different shots alternating between the entire group dancing and then individual shots where the men are singing to the camera. With some fancy light effects and a bit more of a techno sound, our beloved Backstreet Boys do an excellent job of adapting to the ten years of music evolution that has occurred, while still being true to their old vibe and themes.

NF – Let You Down Lyrics 3 years ago
2018 is the year of songs about teen angst. In this song, the son just keeps repeating how sorry he is to have disappointed and let his parents down. They clearly have a rocky relationship, as the singer talks about how his parents are always lecturing him and yelling at him, but the fights are never resolved -- they only end in his parents wanting an apology, an experience that I find personally to be all too real. As is usual for many children raised in abusive households, even after he moves out of his house, there's still no reprieve. The song doesn't get any lighter or happier, the singer is still tormented by the shadows of his past. His parents have forever ruined the chance to have a relationship with him, because he is still too haunted by his memories of how they used to treat him to stand to be around them. But that doesn't matter, because no matter what, he is still riddled with guilt about all of the times they told him that he let them down.

Drake – God's Plan Lyrics 3 years ago
Everything happens for a reason. That's Drake's message as he talks about his life and his fame. While Drake keeps referencing God and his plan as the reason for his success, he keeps coming back to talking about the ill-will wished on him. He even begins and ends the song with this sentiment, letting his haters know that he sees them and what they're doing, but that they're nothing compared to God's plan. This is where he basically defines the word "humblebrag" by giving credit to God for all of his success, while also claiming that God really wants him to be successful, specifically.

Anne-Marie – 2002 Lyrics 3 years ago
Holy nostalgia! This song is all about remembering the "good ole days" that happened 16 years ago. With all of the specific song references in the song like "Bye, Bye, Bye" and "Hit Me Baby One More Time", the listener is really drawn into the song and feels like they're going back in time with Anne-Marie. We're taken from the age of 11, where Anne-Marie (and us) are singing and drinking with our friends, dancing on the hood of a car. Then fast forward to 18 where we're with our teenage love and obviously we feel like we're so much more than lovers! If this song doesn't make you drunk dial your high school crush, I don't know what will.

Alessia Cara – Growing Pains Lyrics 3 years ago
As with any of her songs, in "Growing Pains" Alessia Cara proves yet again that she is my spirit animal. I mean, she literally says "I cry more than I want to admit." Has she been watching me or something? Or watching every directionless millennial for that matter? Alessia Cara takes on the task of narrating the pains that all of us face from transitioning from childhood into adulthood, and she hits the nail on the head. As we go about our lives coining fun terms like "adulting" to ease the those growing pains and the difficulties we're suddenly going through, we're made to face the fact that we, like everything around us, are changing, and that can be a tough pill to swallow. Alessia talks about how we, like every generation before us, have parents and others who have been adulting for much longer than us, telling us that it'll all get better and that we just need to relax. But I think anyone can admit that just because there's a light at the end of the tunnel, that doesn't make the darkness feel any less dark. Like Alessia says, there are "no band-aids for the growing pains."

5 Seconds of Summer – Youngblood Lyrics 3 years ago
"Youngblood" is another teen summer relationship anthem for 2018. We all can relate to the back and forth that 5 Seconds of Summer goes through in this young relationship. A very self-aware song, they even recognize that this is a problem that mainly plagues young people by putting it right in the title. I can just remember being that aloof teen over summer vacation stringing my crush along and giving them whiplash by going back and forth. In this song, the on-and-off relationship is ended and then started again during every chorus. Talk about indecisive! The song ends with the relationship being off again, and while my present-day self hopes that they're not going to try again on this obvious train wreck of a relationship, my teen self who loves drama just knows that the singer is going to end up going back and forth with his (now ex-) partner again throughout the fall semester.

Imagine Dragons – Natural Lyrics 3 years ago
The thing that I love most about Imagine Dragons is that all of their songs sound like a battle cry. Sure they're not always angry battle cries, but they're always songs that make you want to yell them at the top of your lungs, and "Natural" is no different. Maintaining intensity throughout the entire song, it begins slow, but you can tell that something is going down. It suddenly turns into a battle cry about being strong in a world that's hard and cold. You listen and it makes you feel like you can run through a wall and throw that knockout punch. This song does an excellent job of making you feel exactly how the Imagine Dragons intended you to feel -- strong and hard and ready to take on the world.

Taylor Swift – Delicate Lyrics 3 years ago
Taylor Swift's newest relationship-centric hit asks the age old question, "Do I care too much?" Classic T. Swift! It can be daunting to be the one in the relationship that cares more for the other person than they do for you because of how delicate new relationships are.

Did this song give your ninth-grade self anxiety? Yeah, mine too. Taylor keeps repeating that they can't make any promises to each other, so her and her long distance lover must be in that weird phase between friends and lovers. Not the best time for her to catch all the feels. She's very apologetic throughout the song, begging her lover to validate the emotions she feels that shes not supposed to have. It's hard to be a delicate person in a delicate relationship.

Cash Cash – Finest Hour Lyrics 3 years ago
Can you say angsty teen ballad? This song just screams teenager-who's-angry-at-the-world-and-feels-perpetually-misunderstood. We open to a dramatic storm out by a woman repeating that she "never said [she] was perfect." She finally feels pushed to her limit and decides to start to drinking to solve whatever she is feeling inside, a bad habit that many teenagers pick up, unfortunately. She starts "bottling her emotions" by literally drinking her problems away out of a bottle, insisting that she will continue to drink until her pockets are empty. Continuing in this very dramatic fashion, she continues to repeat that this isn't her finest hour and she's on her knees begging the listener not to give up on her. While her pleas may be over the top, any listener would empathize with the singer, after all, we're only human, and everyone has been in her shoes before.

Camila Cabello – OMG Lyrics 3 years ago
Another amazing, sexy hit by Camila Cabello. Between the slow melody and Camila's sensual voice, this song was made to set the mood anytime. With the detailed lyrics about her hips as she dances, and the image of an aloof and unattainable woman, this song makes you want to move your hips in a not-so-PG way. I always enjoy a song about woman power, and let me tell you that Camila Cabello is feeling herself in this one. The only thing that could make this hit better? Quavo in the background saying "Oh my god" about Camila and her body, making you want to sing along. It seems like Camila is only capable of putting out super sexy music. And I'm okay with that.

Post Malone – Better Now Lyrics 3 years ago
Damn, I love the imagery in this song -- "used to keep my picture posted by your bedside, now it's in your dresser with the socks you don't like"? Amazing. And relatable too, I mean, who doesn't have that annoying drawer of mismatched socks that you've just given up on? As mucha as I detest the idea of "winning" a breakup, I think Post Malone describes it excellently here. Talking about how the two people that have broken up aren't actually better off, but need to make the other person think that they're better off. It's also a commentary on fickle teenage love -- Post Malone goes on to call his ex "the love of his life" while she is only 20 years old ("20 candles, blow 'em and open your eyes" again with the imagery. I love it!). Overall, an awesome breakup song if you're looking to sulk and be mad for a while after you've been dumped.

Bazzi – Mine Lyrics 3 years ago
Bazzi really isn't looking to waste any time with this short but sweet love song. Although short, the song really packs a lot of adoration into 2 minutes. Bazzi spends this entire time letting his partner know how lucky he feels that his partner is his and that he'll do anything to make them feel alright. I find it interesting how throughout the verses, the words he is singing are really broken up and abrupt, like he's trying to choose his words carefully and make sure you injest. Every. Single. One. If this is what new age love songs sound like, I'm not complaining. Brb, just imaging Bazzi standing outside my window with a boombox.

Ariana Grande – No Tears Left to Cry Lyrics 3 years ago
I always love a song that allows me to sassily shout “shut your mouth” on my commute home from work.

That’s right, Ariana Grande is back to narrate your post-breakup feels and she. Is. Over. It. By the time we find Ariana, she is done grieving her old relationship…she doesn’t have any more energy to put into being sad and she’s ready to start feeling herself again. She talks about being on another plane of existence...she’s transcended normal breakup grieving and has found her own enlightenment. In a song that mixes pop with some one-off techno, in combination with Ariana’s naturally breathy singing voice, this song really does give you the feeling that you're in another world. You and Ariana are together on this breakup healing journey and she’s letting you know that you both have a bright and happy future.

Bebe Rexha – Meant to Be Lyrics 3 years ago
We’ve all been there – that date where we didn’t know what would come out of it, but we just knew that we wanted to stay there in the moment. Like “Cool for the Summer” in 2015. This summer’s “let’s just take things slow and see where they end up” song is “Meant to Be”. The song’s laid-back tune and non-committal lyrics make you feel like you’re going for a drive but you don’t yet know where. The repetition in the song makes you feel like you can shrug into it without really thinking, an homage to the relationship this couple is attempting to have. As the couple in the song admits all of their past baggage that is keeping them from engaging in a serious relationship, they promise each other that if it’s meant to be, then it will!

Jason Mraz – Have It All Lyrics 3 years ago
This is the perfect song for if you feel like you’re losing your young, care-free spirit. Like the song itself, the video is full of upbeat visuals. As Jason Mraz goes through the town, he picks up various young artists to play with him (and segue with him?), singing about all of the great things that they have ahead of them. Jason is bringing the message that he wants young people to have the lives that they’re optimistically dreaming about – he wants them (us) to have it all. He takes these youngsters to inspire even younger youngsters at an elementary school. Soon, we see everyone joining in on the dance party of the decade, proving that this message isn’t just for the young, but everyone should be allowed to have it all!

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